Tanya is trying very hard not to fail.

Give me the cheapest round trip flights from Indianapolis to Orlando around 25th December.

You should brush up on your Spanish.

Are you allergic to any medications?

They were going to shoot him.

I'm now very tired.

I know that wasn't him.

I want to do everything possible to help Edmund.

Jerald isn't what he seems.

Because of fighting in the region, the oil supply was temporarily cut off.

I'm always surprised at the way he talks to girls.

Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

I had a hard time getting to the airport.

We look forward to the challenge.


We were playing chess.

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Verdun had withstood a siege of ten weeks.

I lost my favorite pen.

My brother is very good at playing the guitar.

Who doesn't want to be happy in life?

I lost my insurance when I was laid off at the plant.

When are you going on vacation?

Your idea is a good one.

You should make good use of this opportunity.

I met a friend whom I had not seen for three years.


I think Jason is beating around the bush.


Having once tasted ink, she became thirsty in that regard, as tame tigers are said to be after tasting another sort of fluid, and wanted to sign everything, and put her name in all kinds of places.


Now go home.

Where would you like me to meet you?

She sat next him with her eyes closed.

Miek just told me something very disturbing.

Julianto is married to Masanao now, but at one time he was married to Alice.

Shane has arrived.

We have a lot of earthquakes in Japan.


He is a man of many talents.

He is fresh from college.

I think I'm not too overweight.

I'll be up all night working.

Maybe I should have a talk with Jitendra.

He mentioned the incident to his wife.

The best approach to Lisbon is by sea.

He won fame by the novel.

You're not treating me as an equal.

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Would you like some sugar?

They're going.

We sleep not to sleep, but to act.

I hate this store.

Why do I have to do it right now?

Please don't allow that to happen.

Are you going to vote in the upcoming election?


Hsi is very concerned about you.

Kyoto is worth visiting.

Would you mind if we spoke in French instead?

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I want you to follow me.

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If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.

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I hope that he will come.


This is rubbish.

Millions of men lost their jobs.

Is there a reason Sundar shouldn't be told?


Dale is a fitness expert.

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Seen from a distance, the rock looked like an old castle.


I'm going to go.

It took me two hours to memorize this sentence.

Then she took out a needle and thread, and began to darn her stockings.

We tried to restrain him from his reckless action.

Where's Eddy going to go?

If you concentrate, you'll be able to finish within a shorter time interval.

Ann is always secretive.

He's not my boyfriend.

The people came out of their houses to listen to his music.

She is no doubt pretty, but she isn't beautiful.

America is a large country and its people are mobile.


There is a big market for coffee.


Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.


I compared my car with his.


They made fun of him.

I want to know what we're here for.

I need time to prepare.

What's the trouble?

We enjoyed ourselves very much.

She doesn't like soccer.

I'm not your plaything.

Spike took a pen out of his shirt pocket.

I told you I didn't want any coffee.


There is no schedule.

She is going to wait for her sister here.

Manjeri's French is coming along pretty well.

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Rodent told me I could find you here.

Our surveys indicate that the public would support the proposed legislation.

The last mile is the longest.


She has decided to live in America for good.


I owe you a breakfast.

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Whatever happened to acid rain? You don't hear about it in the news anymore.

As time passes, wisdom increases.

But if a woman is partial to a man, and does not endeavour to conceal it, he must find it out.

He did everything to become happy.

That's impossible for me.

The coat does not fit properly across the shoulders.

I know that I can beat Hugh.


Miriamne doesn't have a lot to give.


Small children often like books about dragons and other monsters.

He who does not know how to remain silent, does not know how to speak either.

The crowd erupted into laughter.

You don't kick a man when he's down.

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world.

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Why are you wearing those handcuffs?

Nathan obviously loves you.

I think Tal had a great time.

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The road was clear.

We've just got to keep talking.

In future, be more careful with your money.

No one knew how much Terry loved Julie.

Claude doesn't like dark colors in his home.

He had left his country one year before.

Keep your chin up.

I feel like a million bucks.

I'd like to perform at Carnegie Hall someday.

Rain prevented us from taking a walk.

Isidore is very unreliable.

In other words, he's lazy.

Don't do to others that which you would not wish done to yourself.

You never told me you knew Scott.

I trusted you.

Roxane could tell by the way Sriram slammed the door that she was upset.

Lars doesn't need to know where Marci is going.

I know I'm early.

I know what it's like to be different.

Bertrand watched the plane disappear into the distance.

She has dishonored the family.

What's my book doing here?

Loukas pretended to understand Hugh's poem.

This is where it all happens.

I have several ideas.


A tuft of hair showed from underneath her cap.


Can I see you for a minute?


It's your terrible arrogance that makes you totally unbearable.

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Everyone knew that.

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You won't have a reason to not want to get on it.

Let's eat while the food is still warm.

We helped Ranjit weed the garden.

Why did you stop updating your blog? I always looked forward to reading it.

We just couldn't say no.

Nancy couldn't move the desk herself.

Guillermo certainly wasn't at home when we went to visit him.


I'm not willing to cook dinner for twenty people.

I think Gene will like this wine.

He works on the farm from morning till night.

Gardening is fun.

I'm no hero.


I hope you are hungry.


Shawn and Dawson have recently started dating.


You must tighten the knot.


We should be headed for world peace.

I've just learned a new song in a foreign language.

He was wearing a mask.

They are breaking down the wall.

We have more customers than we can count.

Surrender or die!

At least try to understand the concept, and not surrender right away in that it's over your head.

Lack of sleep is bad for your health.

I succeed to a fortune.


He awoke to find himself lying on the bench.