Preview: 1:3 Experiment

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Here’s a preview to a short Snap post I have coming. Recently been fascinated with the Hasselblad Xpan format with its 1:3 aspect ratio. I’m replicating its framing digitally with a 18mm lens and cropping.


814-296-8670Concrete Canopy

Urban Village, aka “Handshake Buildings”, is a typical view of Southern China due to its wild and rapid urbanization process.

These were taken on the streets of Shenzhen. The skyscapes here is constantly evolving. Each month something new dawns on the horizon: an ambitious project of a national conglomerate, an new international finance center, or yet another rooftop amidst the concrete canopy of the urban villages.

Snaps is a series of short photoessay, comprised of around 8-12 images, some introductory words and a focus on photos. I shy from directly titling it “photoessay” because “essays” just remind me too much of deadlines and professors scrutinizing every bit of the thesis.

226-909-0044Construction I


What is the chief characteristic of the tall office building? It is lofty. It must be tall. The force and power of altitude must be in it, the glory and pride of exaltation must be in it. It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing, rising in sheer exaltation that from bottom to top it is a unit without a single dissenting line.

—Louis Sullivan‘s The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered (1896)


DSC03466Midnight Meat Man.

DSC03798Street Cinematic Shot.

(308) 275-6974Street Cinematic Shot.

9186423152Street Ensemble.



DSC03522Everyone gets a seat.

A beginning

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Welcome to my new blog. This place is primarily going to be about images. Photography, to be more precise. However, if I’m being brave, I’ll post some of graphic or interaction design work for all to see.

I have eccentric tastes, so please beware when browsing at work. I’m particularly fascinated by the Mondrian-esque facades of toiletries in modern, civilized restrooms. Or maybe it’s just for the sake of being provocative and Dadaist.


If by now you haven’t been alarmed by my liberal usage of pretentious big words and clichéd art jargons, you can safely know this will be the maximum limit of bull on this blog. The rest of the ride will just feature some peaceful photographic tropes and my personal rants. Pretty healthy stuff:


Oh. And this blog is bilingual. Be prepared for me dropping some ancient oriental wisdom.


好像用中文写上面的句子有些多余。Alas, 懒得改了。