She practices English conversation by listening to the radio.

We'll what?

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Mr Briggs is not a doctor, he is a vet.


I advised him to start earlier.

We're well ahead of schedule.

When we go to a restaurant, I never order the same thing Kolkka does.

The frog and I took turns guessing what the secret recipe was.

You arrived there before they did.

I am against the war, of course.

He had a very strong impact on the history of art.


This building was named in his honor.

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I'm tired. I just want to go on the teacup ride and take it easy.


Do you have change for a dollar?

I'll keep doing it.

I canceled my hotel reservations and stayed with friends.

They have not learnt that they must obey their superiors and respect them.

No one expected Elvis to arrive on time.

Then you must be Argentinian.

Is this made in Switzerland?

This may not solve our problem.

The arresting officer was Kitty Jackson.

We must decide when to start.

Does Kris have a job?

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I can come if you want.

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With the help of loanwords and Esperanto word elements you can create many new words which may not exist in the source language.


It's important to have courage.

It is said that her new novel is based on her own experiences.

She is senior to me by two years.

Study harder from now on.

How much are we going to get paid?

I'm very sorry to have troubled you.

Can you pay attention, please?

My best friend was Maureen when I was a little kid.

The website is down.

I think we should call the police.

I saw a bright red Ferrari parked at the campus gates and my jaw just dropped.


If you want to kiss me, then kiss me.

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You can take single words or expressions from the text, but not complete sentences.

It happened that her husband was a dentist.

Tao thought Debi knew John.

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I know you like me.

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The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep abyss.


Gary doesn't like it when people invade his personal space by standing too close to him.

One's view is determined by his education, sex, class and age.

He went to school, but didn't study much.

I'm very happy to make your acquaintance.

When you contact me, please do so by phone.

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Jeans can cause infertility for men.

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Pierre can't figure out how to fill out this application form.

I'll do what I need to do.

I heard that he passed the exam.

Aimee is very tired at the moment.

It's very near. Its a five minute walk.


I want to see her now.


The exit flowrate is proportional to the pressure difference around the exit valve.

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Avoiding the appearance of evil.

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I'm not concerned with the plan.

Claire didn't answer all the questions.

It's hard not to like her.

Only 40 percent of students go on to university.

A dog is barking now.


It is, moreover, very difficult to explain in any other way why there should be so much helium in the universe.

Something's wrong with that.

Jarvis likes this place better than where he used to live.


He couldn't think where to hide it.

Julia is working.

Sofia has a thing for you.

Presley is seldom late for school.

I want to give Juliane the benefit of the doubt.

Do you have deep sea phobia?

Where is the apple?


Sabrina should've asked Knut for help.

I can't tell you how sad that makes me.

I'm going back to bed now.


He stood up and reached for his hat.

We're looking out for them.

Which one is more expensive?

The village people had to pump water from the well by hand.

Go the extra mile; it's not crowded.

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Carrie Morrill of the National Climatic Data Center explains, "You'd have to go back to the last interglacial about 125,000 years ago to find temperatures significantly higher than temperatures of today."

Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.

His words struck terror into her.

It's a matter of taste.

The ballboys and ballgirls all come from local schools.

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It is said that Peng Zu was the grandson of a celestial emperor.


We will hurry home after the rain.

She can express her feelings when she feels happy or sad.

How do you do it?

The water supply was turned off.

Marcel sorrowfully buried her son.

I don't like it when he does that.

He deserves it.

The bus was empty except for one elderly woman.

You do a lot of your work at home, don't you?

Do you know how to program?

She's weak, powerless. A mere human.

I didn't know her last year.

I wish that was true.

Let's have breakfast.

I thought you might want to watch this.


The water of this well is good to drink.

Tides are caused by the influence of the moon.

You're very different from us.


I just don't agree with you.


I can't account for his absence.

He said better times were ahead for the country.

The hole looked huge.

I want to tell Spencer good night.

We need fire.

You know what you should do, don't you?

I don't think that's such a good idea.


I'd like to see the latest movie with Brad Pitt.


I'm standing right here.

Management wants you gone by the end of the day.

They weren't bluffing.

She has a ring worth more than she can imagine.

Do other people like me?


We found out that the house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere.

Dorothy isn't in the office.

Takeshi did come, but didn't stay long.

I will be through with my homework before supper.

Why are we celebrating?

Why are you miming Shankar?

I besought him to help me.

He is running around like a headless chicken.

She's not my grandma; she's my mom.

She was wearing long boots.

My brother is a member of the rescue squad.


This is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

You're a waste of oxygen.

Someone's going to hurt him.

May I call around 2:30?

Where exactly did you find that?

I am brushing my hair.

I want to ask what his phone number is.

Venkata found out that Glynn was wealthy.

You said that you were happy.

Is it true that the French are masters at flirting?

Are you keeping busy?

Don't you have to work?

Zaragoza is a Spanish town.

That's all we know about you.

Where was the princess?

You are required to wear a suit and tie to work, aren't you?

You don't need to answer this question.

We are agreed that we start early.

So you're a man after all.


It's all so sad.


I'm going to come back for you.

Darryl thanked Philip again.

I'm here to protect her.

Wade writes poetry.

Today is the last day of our vacation.

When was the last time you attended a conference?

You should not sit up late just because it has charm.

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If the lion is the king of beasts, the eagle is the king of birds.

Under no circumstances can we accept checks.

Ozan shouldn't tell Mehrdad anything about his ex-girlfriends.

Felix's stomach growled.

Eli was talking about me when I entered the room.

Before the city council could select a contractor and begin construction on a new recreation centre, eligible voters had to approve, by referendum, a $2 million bond issue to pay for its expected capital cost.

Do you get enough exercise?

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They're reluctant to accept anything new.