The doctor emphasized that the patient only had a few days to live.

Why do you lie for them?

My promotion hangs on his decision.

I'll see if Earl's here.

They sat on a bench in the park.

I'm sure Ginny understands why we weren't there.

You've been very quiet.

His sad story touched my heart.


Hubert refused to pay the ransom.

You don't need to thank me. I'm here to serve you.

Would you please stand up?

I'm never gonna intentionally get drunk.

Olivia and Emma are friends.

His concert was very good.

Lady Catherine, I have nothing further to say.


Thank you for your purchase!

Piotr suddenly looked concerned.

Why can't you be more like your older sister?

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My explanation may be absolutely wrong. I still think it is the most plausible one.

Reread the article.

She plays the violin well.

I require advice.

Pablo wants to keep things the way they are.

This is a blue movie.

He dumped me over the phone.

Your friend Rabin is here.

On condition you are back by ten o'clock, you may go to the dance.

I'm not pulling out their teeth.

Panos is a troll.

Please sit still.

That's the worst.

It may take longer than we expected.

He did it all out of kindness.

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Kid, don't touch the mirror!

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Did Rudy not know how to do that?

George Eliot is subtly subversive: there are have-nots on every fringe, and her women collaborate in exquisitely detailed mutual oppression.

I'm losing here.

That book is outdated.

What more could a man want?

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"Dostoyevsky is dead." "I object! Dostoyevsky's immortal!"

Treat a decayed tooth.

Some journalists claim that Russia and the U.S. are in confrontation as competitors in the battle for influence on the development of Ukraine.

When the band took the stage, the crowd went wild.

I still expect Walter to help me solve the problems he created.


How do I get to the post office?


The medicine didn't help at all.


He echoes his wife in everything.


Public opinion began to change.


Do you enjoy Julianto's company?

Was that so bad?

It's too dark to play tennis now.

He carried his grandfather on his back.

Were you at home all morning?

Brent died before the ambulance arrived.

Just tell Kristi what you want him to do.

You'd better get Perry ready to go to school.

She said she would be sixteen next month.

The girl was trembling with fear.

Famine weakens. Debt causes suffering.


You have soft hands.


How do parents do it?


They all looked at her.

She is progressing in Chinese.

Look at the man crossing the street.


Our teacher lives at the extreme end of the street.

Break the eggs and remove the yolks.

Where is Laurie from?

You haven't quoted the paper correctly.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

I consulted him.

You know English?


In her job, she supervises 30 employees.

His abilities were not appreciated in that school.

Pam seems to like Japanese food.

Terrence is very good at poker.

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.

Phillip should have known better than to call Walt after midnight.

Emily is learning some Turkish.

He asked about the others.

And then I heard that they eat blue cheese on thin ginger cookies in Sweden. Can that be right?

You always were a fast reader.

Choose a song and transcribe the words.

Joseph can say 'I love you' in five languages.

Parks are to the city what lungs are to the animal.

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I have complete faith in Sergei.

Can I leave a message, please?

Many strange animals live in Australia.

I'm going to give Henry one last chance.

We agree, you will come to dinner at our house.

She has a new man in her life.

Isn't it neat?

Herbert killed Donnie and then killed himself.

She stared at him with hatred.


No one is saved from death.


Robin can speak French almost like a native.

While in London, she studied English.

I have to tell you something.


Chet will assist Bruno.

Think about your brother!

I love the taste of mushrooms.

We know you're one of us.

It's going to break her heart.

If you pass this test, you could graduate next month.

The new year will begin.

The policeman was off duty.

Urbanization is encroaching on rural life.

We grouped ourselves round our teacher.

Can I call "Chargeit" and reserve?

Curtis said no one could help him.

I thought I heard the doorbell.

I think you've done something wrong.

He's like a brother to me: the uncle's cousin's nephew of a friend of mine.

His debts amount to more than he can pay.

Now move on.

Two out of five children are shy.

I will not blame him for the accident.

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Inge was taken to the house of some rich people, who lived at a distance, and who treated her as their own child, and dressed her so fine that her pride and arrogance increased.


Ro's phone started ringing.

Sheila demanded his money back.

Busy as usual?

Masanao managed to find Randy a good job.

Ray has abandoned me.


I don't like the way he talks.

Stop it this minute!

I was lying on my back.

He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

Tell me where you've been hiding.

He was almost petrified with terror.

This campaign cannot forestall new Zika virus outbreaks.

Don't lie, Honey.

How many times are you going to bring that up?


This is all very confusing.

But perhaps you mean that your learning will be not like that.

I'm the last one who saw him.

I've just signed the divorce papers; I'm free at last!

Antonio read this novel in five languages.

Connie is powerful.

Is Cynthia in the bathroom?


Hospitals request that the patients provide important details about family history, allergies, and their present condition.

Which is faster, a taxi or a subway?

No arrests were ever made.

Queen Victoria was married in 1840.

Just go for it.

Mehrdad was the only one in the room that didn't notice Stevan leave.

The council agreed on it.


This handle will not turn.


What's this thing used for?

Tolerant winked back.

Perhaps if you told us what you need, we could help.

Insects are arthropods.

I located the town on the map.

Gerard is diligent.

She can't get about much. She is in her eighties.

Wilson has made some mistakes.

I didn't agree to pay Christian that much.

But life is hard.

Isamu Kobayashi received the patronage of Rohan Koda.

Rainer put the money Charleen gave him in the bank.

I feel very strongly about that.

Doesn't that remind you of anything?

If you won't talk to me, I'll talk to Hunter.

I don't go to the movies as often as I'd like.

I just want to come home.

Oh, it's very kind of you to say so.

Had it not been for his help, I should have failed.

Where does the truth end and the lies begin?

Let's hope Jin doesn't try to do that.

We are becoming very aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

This kind of plant grows only in the tropical regions.


I just can't help you right now.

His doctor ordered him to rest.

Kristi was stranded when his car conked out in the middle of nowhere.