I had to help with the housework.

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She lay down on the bed.

These are my favorites.

You've got to wake up.

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She has cardiac arrhythmia.

Can you hear it?

Don't waste my time.

I really liked them.

It's Root's house.

This task is impossible for me to accomplish.

Billie can remember the chords to the song, but can't remember all the lyrics.

I'll show him the way.

It was actually my fault.


Never be defeated by the malice of people, by their agression and their hate, no matter how intense.

I didn't use to smoke.

He got out of the habit of smoking.

I am alluding to Syd.

He saw one once.


We're not going to answer any more questions.

I can't figure out what he means.

I'm here on both Mondays and Tuesdays.

I'd like to withdraw some cash.

Please give us all of your money.


Fried food does not agree with me.

Gigi, are you all set?

Did Beckie go, too?

What a man!

I eat bread.

We don't know much about him.

We just can't take that chance.

Recently "simplistic" is being used more and more often as a substitute for "simple." Such solecisms--presumably driven by a desire to appear learned--impoverish the language..

Stop spending money on stupid things.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

He is extremely pessimistic and has no aspirations.

As many as ten people live in this small house.

But we've seen it before

She has done us many kindnesses.

The picture is done in a masterly style.


Manuel asked Gregg what the weather had been like while he was away.


Randell bought some cheap reading glasses at the local drugstore.

Cecilia is usually very efficient, isn't he?

He will protect you.

A good sentence is not necessarily a good example sentence.

Stanley wished he had studied harder.

How often do you have your piano lessons?

Has Deirdre ever been violent with you before?

Is that your shirt?

I don't like such things as steaks and hamburgers.

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Canada's crime rate is decreasing.

You don't know them.

I wanted to be like Tiefenthal.

She is wearing a long face.

Will you pick up the laundry from the laundrette?


Caroline's friend whispered something to her.

Guillermo is the most valuable player on our team.

That's what Srinivas would've done.


Too many pages makes life hard for your visitors.

Check the number in the phone book.

He lost the watch that I had bought him a week before.

Herbert speaks Japanese better than Japanese do.

Kazuhiro pretended not to hear Erwin.


Lori makes a lot more money than Uri does.


We're going to check it right away.

I look forward to meeting you.

As it is fine, I'll go out.

I play football now. And you? What are you doing?

This is being done for your safety.

Why do we need aspartame?

Passion is one of her characteristics.

Technological innovation brought about the rapid progress of the information industry.

Roast lamb is eaten for Easter.

Jesper is a very sincere person.

Sjouke has many hobbies.


Things changed dramatically.

She looks very good.

The severity of such marks can reveal whether or not any of these people were habitually engaged in hard labor.

I didn't try to kill anybody.

I couldn't fight them.

Let's play cards instead of watching television.

My father has quit smoking for his health.

These are my brothers.

She lost her temper with me.

Sharan helped me out.

You know I can do it.

It must've been her.

Stephen is a coward.

I will write you tomorrow.

This chair is quite rickety when you sit on it. Should I fix it or buy a new one?

Flowers are sold there.

Didn't I warn you?

According to the weather forecast, it'll snow tomorrow.

You lost, didn't you?


What do you have to say about it?

Well, do you like it?

The divorce left the man with emotional wounds.

To raise one's name in later generations and thereby glorify one's parents, this is the greatest expression of filial piety.

It could take a few weeks.

It's been three years since I've seen Melinda.

We made a date to meet soon.


Sumitro and Andries probably drowned together.


I'm not leaving Naomi here by himself.


Everybody was going about his business.

I don't really want anything to eat right now.

I'm going to find them.

They tried to take control of the gold market.

Rhonda shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to live.

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I'll make all the arrangements.

Meg is curious to know everything about Japan.

Have you ever been on TV?

I want to know how Ravi does it.

I want to keep my kids safe.


Danny loosened his tie and unbuttoned his top shirt button.


I want you to be by my side.

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Lou could use some sleep.

We're taking care of it.

One of Hamilton's friends explained the rules.

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Because I passed the examination.


No one could buy anything.

I have to speak with her.

I think Murray was supposed to do that by himself.

How do we know we can trust Sumitro?

Cole used her time machine to cheat on the exam.

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was one of the foremost astrophysicists of the twentieth century.

That's not what we do.


Aspirin can provide quick relief for a headache.

Beth accused her sister, Sally, of tearing her scarf.

Stop bothering Stagger.


Tell her that I am helping Taninna with her homework.

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I've been playing golf for a very long time.


We'd better get ready early because the train won't wait.

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Stop slagging off my brilliant idea, it's not naive at all!

I phoned my son before boarding the plane, telling him to come to the airport to pick me up.

We'll leave as soon as it quits raining.

For some reason the microphone didn't work earlier.

You are satisfied with the argument.

In this season we often suffer from an excess of rain.

Joe had to wear a dunce cap.

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When did this occur?

Theo's nipples became erect.

I don't know whether Spencer believes in God or not.

We have no special plans.

They took a brief vacation.

The policeman is now on duty.

His style was awkward.


I remember the year when he got a job.

I can't stay long. I have plans.

Hillel called you.

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Why are you ignoring this simple question?

This is the very book that I wanted to read.

It's the best feeling.

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I'll call you some other time.


Do you want to play tennis?


He studies harder than any other student does in his class.

I just don't think Randolph understands it.

He looks just like his father.

Why do you spend so much time watching TV?

The room has been empty for a long time.

Let's negotiate.

Hubert died shortly afterwards.

Gene was an attorney.

That's why The and I are here.

Lyndon is half your age.

You guys need to calm down.

'Gender identity disorder' was the old term for gender dysphoria, but it is now considered stigmatising.

Hey, that's my job.