He asked her to marry him, which proposal she refused.

Did you want a cookie?

It's very difficult to translate this word.

How did you arrive at this conclusion?

They're going to have a baby.

Why not come in and wait here?

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I'm making an egg yellows omelet. Do you want some?

I want to go to Boston someday.

We deposit money in a bank.

Does this look familiar?

It is good that you do not have to study so hard.


I should've done something.


Dick couldn't attend the party because he was sick.

Stacy seems really annoyed.

He is fond of swimming.

Let me speak to them first.

It's just down the street on your left.

Do you want to play with me?

A band of robbers attacked the party.

Give Martin some money.

They never take back their cups at the end of the day.

My bottle broke.

Roxanne managed to find Julianto a good job.

Understanding you is really very hard.

Keep fighting.


Please tell us something about yourself.

What's the minimum salary in Poland?

I heard everything Kees said.


Stay with Naresh.

Marrying someone from a different background or country will always be more problematic than marrying someone from your own.

I want a pitcher of beer and a portion of chips.


Embrace life!

Are you studying English every day?

You must think of your old parents at home.

David can't be at home.

He is an energetic politician.

My daughter has braces.

Can I get you another drink?

I've left her three messages.

Is it true that you argued with Taninna?

Al won't eat that.

I just don't feel safe here anymore.

Jitendra didn't have the courage to refuse to do what Ramadoss asked him to do.

You fooled me.

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I just want to say I'm glad you're here.

Mark has good intentions.

We know you're in pain.

James is doing good work here.

I believe in Buddha.

Don't be such a pompous ass!

That subject is not suitable for discussion.

You guys are really clueless.

Should I make something up?

I'm trying to keep Lisa out of trouble.

Susanne depends on Ramsey too much.

I don't think we can guarantee your safety.

I have something else I want you to do for me.

My great-grandfather was the leader of a gang.

Because I speak Chinese.


I know tons of jokes.

Can't you see I need a little help?

It's urgent that I see Johnnie.

You're so big.

I just solved the puzzle.

There are many snakes in this forest.

Love knows no limits.

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I want to know more about your school life.

He's a singing teacher.

There were other suggestions.

I have been working here for days.

Bart understands what I mean, I think.

One of the dogs is alive.

Maria jumped off the diving board.

Hsuan says he wished he could go with us.

That's the reason we got divorced.

Pretend I'm a stranger.

I think the job is done.

Laurel can swim, too.

I'm not narrow-minded.

We admire you.

What is the price of this radio?


You shouldn't coddle her so much. She needs to learn to be independent.


You have neither written, nor phoned.

Will you let me see you again?

It's unsurprising that Yoko would have said something like that.

Until what time can I call you on the phone?

Can you get any closer?


I congratulate myself.

His son wants to be a lawyer.

He was absent because of illness.


Jerrie has a new pair of sunglasses.

They must be educated enough so that they will make a wise choice.

I don't think that's correct.

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Klaudia must've gone out.


Let's end this.

I just have one request.

They are eager to win the next game.

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Do you think Tad will be here tomorrow?


I was late for school yesterday.


We've had our problems.

He emptied his glass.

I will give him a recipe.

Jessie urged the little donkey forward.

Do not remove all the stones out of your childrens way, otherwise they might once run their head against a wall.


Solar energy may be able to play a significant role in our daily life.

I have little interest in history.

The cat lay at full length on the road.

Edward has a longer beard than John does.

We did warn her.

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We booked seats for the play.

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For rescuing me, I shall grant you one wish.

My favourite colour is orange.

I have two female cats.

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You're one narrow minded individual.

You look really pale. Are you all right?

I wouldn't advise that.


You can ask for help if you need it.

He's just a petty hooligan, but if he had just a little more initiative, he could be a major criminal leader.

After hours of browsing TV Tropes, Lyle could predict the ending of any show. This gave him a distaste for entertainment that, in a roundabout way, enabled him to make time for a more productive life.

Can I have a moment with her?

Children are the hope of tomorrow.

What is the likelihood of it happening within the next hour?

He knows whatever.


Cristi peeled the potatoes.

"This used to be such a friendly place." "Tell me about it."

Eating pleases me.

Len didn't want people to think that he was flirting with Brenda.

He accused me of having broken our promise.

I nearly died.

You're not my mom.

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The petals floated on the surface of the water.

What we're doing now is very dangerous.

I'll do what has to be done.

The initiative measurably improved quality of life for the villagers.

You're not my father.

Those who want to remain may do so.

I deleted my Facebook account.

Would you care to come with us?

Do you want another one of these?

We were flooded with applications for the job.

I'm obsessed.


The meeting broke up at eight.

I'm sick and tired of kids who think they're tough by bullying other kids around in the playground, and who then act all innocent when they're with their parents.

I'm Deb's neighbor.

The economy of the island is dependent on the fishing industry.

Something you should know about me is that when I get angry, I get quiet.


Vassili led a good and happy life with his dear wife, and his kind mother-in-law lived with them. He helped the poor and fed and clothed the hungry and naked and all Mark's riches became his.

My father stopped smoking.

In a dictionary like this one there should be at least two sentences with "fridge".

When you arrive in Osaka, please contact me.

Nothing more, thanks.

Is Tarmi a French teacher?

I am sure that she will become a great singer.

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The kids are all excited.

So far from being robust, he was extremely weak.

Johan is learning English.

I have gone astray somewhere in my calculations.

Floyd has been shot multiple times.

The boy can count to ten.

How do you feel about his suggestion?

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The best thing to do was to not talk any more about those events.


We bought a new washing machine.

Shamim was released.

There are frequent instances of malicious door-to-door selling, such as pushing water purifiers on people after carrying out water quality tests without permission.

He received a good many letters this morning.

For my part I prefer to stay at home and read a novel.


I took two aspirin for my headache.

Al knew William wouldn't let him kiss her again.

I don't want to run into Izchak.