Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses on?

Do you understand this book?

Why haven't you asked for my help?

The ship was at the mercy of the sea.

Please put it on the scale.

Murph couldn't save Agatha.

It's a monster storm.

Do you feel any pain in your stomach?

He has established himself as a musician.

It rarely snows in this area.

Hirotoshi wouldn't let us help him.

A public opinion study was made in 1937.


Bob is a good match for you in skating.

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I saw her doing it.

I like red roses.

Please inform me of the plan ahead of time.

Do you like pretzels?

Trang's party was as fun as a funeral wake.

They will follow him.

Do you really think it's bad?

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Other states take a more hands-off approach.


"How long will you remain in London?" "Until Monday."

Marla was excited.

What will you have?


The boy trotted to his father's side.


I cycle to work.

It's a terrible shame that fools are so self-confident and the wise are full of doubt.

This wine is extremely delicious.

He runs fast.

He is thankful for your kindness.

Surrounded by burning candles, she dips herself into a bubble bath.

Ikebana is part of Japanese culture.

Marc is a real handyman.

You're all invited.

I cannot afford to pay so much.

Ronald said he wouldn't do it.


Let me see that file again.

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He was too drunk to remember to shut the back door.

Will you let me help?

No scruple held him back from making this attempt.


They are preparing for their trip.

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I hate the sound of my voice.

My brother in Kyoto became a teacher.

You charged me too much.

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There are five pencils here.

No one could imagine.

Damn, she's HOT!

That has happened before.

Timo's somewhere in the park.

The man threw a bag across his shoulder.

You know what's going on, don't you?

I know that can't really happen.

Tell us what happened to Nathan.

Blair isn't nice.

You're not doing this right.

Rahul was kissing Eileen when I walked into the classroom.

Werner forgave me.

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I should have brought an umbrella.

I'm very quick.

The world loves to blacken the radiant and to pull the lofty into the dust.

There are no options.

Hey, Mimi! How's it going?

Are you a man or a woman?

Please listen and type in Spanish.

Perhaps it's too late.

Not at all!

He is a masked hero; we can trust him.

Don't let the opportunity get away.

It often eats remains of preys of wolves and bears.

I don't recall that name.

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A blind man shouldn't play cards.


Knute, what do you want to be in the future?

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Jiri didn't do what I wanted him to do.

Whether you get married or not, you'll regret it either way.

Malcolm felt a sharp pain in his chest.

The woman was sitting between two men.

He should thank me.


Wendi comes across as a big snob.

The government owed millions of dollars.

Real acted as my guide.


It's starting to snow.

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You know, I don't want to tell that same story again right now.

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Isn't it a mild winter this year? Makes life easier.

I don't like this one.

The bedroom curtains have faded at the edges.

Nothing much!

I want to talk to the famous pianist before his concert.

Ask him his name.

The two cars tried to make way for each other.

Kevan doesn't have to know.

Patrick is lying on the sofa watching TV.

How have you been doing lately?

He worked day and night and overworked himself.

My wife often telephones me when I'm traveling in another country.

There's another meaning, too.

His wife has a lovely figure.

Comedians base their jokes on tragic situations like violent death or serious accidents.

It looked so delicious.

I'm going to stay with him.


His sweater is blue.


We need to think big.

Where does the devil feel at home?

Classical music is not my cup of tea.

Shaunae Miller won the gold medal in a dramatic fashion after diving at the finish line.

He invented a false rumor.


Don't you want to swim today?

Urgent business kept me from coming sooner.

I always get home by six o'clock.

Olson and Everett got married in secret.

Marcos made a film about his childhood.

Tim seems mesmerized.

I still don't know who Eddy is.

I'll be there in a little bit.

He learns Portuguese in Brazil.

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He described the incident in detail.


Won't you come in for a moment?


Jong measured the windows for new drapes.

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The love of art was instilled into Judy at an early age.

Father, today I'm going out with some friends. Of course, that's if you will allow it.

I'll tell you when I find out what's going on.

Doyle doesn't have a bicycle.

Poor personal hygiene can be a sign of depression.


Dig in.

Nowadays his father goes to work by car.

I had no right to interfere.

They called him a coward.

Irwin seems lucky.

I bet you could drink a lot of beer.

Five tremors in excess of magnitude 5.0 on the Richter scale have shaken Japan just this week, but scientists are warning that the largest expected aftershock has yet to hit.

I hope everything's all right.

When you yawn, cover your mouth with your hand.

Cristopher was taken prisoner.

I hit my head hard against the wall.

Why can't you just call them?

I don't eat as much as I used to.

Today is my little brother's twenty-second birthday.

Rick's plan worked perfectly.


There's just too few hours in the day.

Give me a hand here, will you, Sjouke?

I never expected to find such a nice hotel in a place like this.


I believe you've been looking for me.

Brender and Reinhard did a wonderful job raising John.

He accommodated us all for the entire week in his little house.


The previous tenant took excellent care of her apartment.

I'm sure Pamela will be thrilled.

Why haven't you told your parents?

Emily will eat something after doing her homework.

They cannot be saved.


Many efforts have been make to develop market for imports.


There was nothing left over.

Mann remembered where Courtney had told him to go.

He can't come with us.

I made them laugh.

She said with a smile.

Julianto can't already imagine his life without a car.

Habits are difficult to break.

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You won't be able to do anything about that now.

I stayed at a hotel on a hill in that town.

I could swim across the river when I was twelve.

Tricia knocked on the door and waited.

Have you heard about him?


Help her till the cows come home: some day, you will be disappointed in her.

We have a kanji dictation test today.

Lana never speaks to me.

Mr. Tanaka is one of my father's fishing companions.

Thanks for photocopying it for me.