Dan shot Linda in the eye.

I wake up early in the morning.

I really enjoy your accurate questions.


I just wanted to wish you luck.

Most people see only what they want to see.

The novelist is interested in human beings.


If I were a boy, I think I could understand.

I have no matches because I don't smoke.

Your waiter will be right with you.


So, what do you think of her?

He has no scruples about lying.

Could you speak to her?


I'm 27 years old, and I haven't had a girlfriend in eight years.


We have a bit of time now.


A glass of white wine, please.

Except for the weather, it was a fun picnic.

He is walking very slowly.

You are a guide

In the United States, most goods still travel by railroad.

I make no excuses for that.

I'd like to live in a warmer climate.

You should have come yesterday.

Fifteen milliard euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.

She looks so grand.

We came fearfully close to the Sun's orbit because we launched from the wrong side of Mercury.

Louise is a troublemaker.

It is starting to rain.

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I've been very lucky in my life to have met many of my favorite actors.


This is rather foolish.


There were white clouds sailing in the sky.

Dad stretched after dinner.

Who would like to go first?


Is there a nonstop flight to New York?

Where did you get your hair done?

I'm not Catholic.


I always liked strange personalities.

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We talk about that all the time.

Have you even talked to him?

I had no idea what to expect.

What do you need so many cats for?

I wished him a good night.


At the tone it will be one hour, fifty eight minutes and forty seconds.

No tongue can tell of the wonders I saw.

I've had a show.


One way to find out is to ask Tracey.

Beth's hands are tied behind his back.

Orville decided to marry Rogue even though his parents didn't want him to.

Thomson found out that atoms are indivisible.

I don't pack your suitcases.

Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

Nobody writes in Russian more than you do.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her?

This law is applicable in every case.


Go home quickly.


It won't be possible.

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She watches the other kids playing, but she never joins in.

I don't want to lend or borrow.

I told you that I didn't know.

He won't bite.

He went to the bank and changed his money.


Do you have something to declare?

Careful! Your sleeve is in the soup.

Please don't let me interfere.

Trains were disrupted due to a thunderstorm.

Maybe you could enlighten me.


Dan is considering living in London forever.


Where is a nearby pharmacy?

Even if you wash it, the color won't come out.

Write her a note.

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I didn't know you got seasick.

John has been painting the door.

You've left me no choice.

The snowplow cleared the snow from the street.

What is she trying to hide?


Are you still working with them?

Colin is a used car salesman.

These rumors are probably true.


The plane bound for Beijing is going to take off soon.

Shannon forced Dory to do that.

Did Linley see you?

She doesn't know who she should ask.

Before working here, Willie was a police officer for thirteen years.


Are you frightened?

How much is a pack of cigarettes?

What would be the difference?

I shouldn't have run that red light.

Did you want to kill him?

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Andre and I are nonsmokers.


Is it free?

Rolf is a control freak.

Come what may!


The superior man bends his attention to what is radical. That being established, all practical courses naturally grow up.


The way that she spoke hurt me.

The dispute over the islands has led to some anti-Japanese protests in China.

I don't see what the problem is.

He asked if he could walk me home.

He repented having betrayed his country to the enemy.

Honzo was the one who made me eat it.

Grandfather has caught a cold.

You're a unicorn.

I think Jennie doesn't really like Gale very much.

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You've made Bucky angry.


The clouds are getting darker.


When does No.4 bus arrive?

He cheated in the exam when he copied his friend's work.

I didn't give Raja anything.

Laurie is going to the United Kingdom for vacation.

Let's get the work over with so we can relax.

I didn't know that Doug had a brother.

I didn't consult with Kevan.


Wolverine can kill a prey that is 5 times the size of it, but only in rather deep snow where large animals get stuck.

You forgot to let the dog in!

Maybe we're not supposed to be doing this.


I'm at the gym.

Black holes are very dense.

Samuel didn't sound worried.

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He is in the hospital at present.

You should've been a farmer.

I just needed a place to work out.

I'm not very good at this.

I made the deal.

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Geoffrey took advantage of me.

Why did you do that?

You will need much more money than you do now.


I make an honest living.

The audience enjoyed his lecture as it was rich in humor.

That's your own fault.


You're so kind-hearted.

I forgot to tell you where the party is.

He went there.

From the viewpoint of tissue culture, the environment for this experiment should be more rigidly defined.

Sjaak doesn't feel like working this morning.

The ATM swallowed the credit card.

Albert walks very slowly.


Ira always sleeps with his window open.

I'd like to get another opinion.

Sorry, I can't stay long.

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Be careful when you pass through the street's busy traffic.


Her eyes are blue.

Let's get a cab.

I don't give a damn.

Gold can conquer any fortress.

It's for you.


Why don't you make up for the lost time?


I think he is not so much a scholar as a novelist.

Ro hesitated for a moment before answering Shirley.

This pepperoni is spicy as hell.

You're soaking.

A syllabus is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course.

He studies economics at university.

A long time ago, most people lived in groups that moved around as the seasons changed.

We are Dutch.

I am sure I'll get along with him because we are from the same prefecture.


I'll eat lunch when I get home.

He had worked hard to keep Kansas peaceful.

I'm used to this kind of thing happening.