20180808_110115“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Jung

This has been my deep meditation for the past few months.

More revelations to come.


20170810_073657What makes your heart sing? Traditionally resonance has to do with deep sound. For me it is a subtle vibration that enlivens me from the inside out. It moves me.

Perhaps a flower makes your heart happy. A bunny or a bird. A good friend. A discovery that was right in front of you all the time. A new idea, inspiration, revelation. A penny from heaven.

Resonance is a lesson in listening. And allowing the heart to run the show. Sometimes it may seem to be the right thing, the logical choice, according to all of our old patterns of doing and being.

Wait a moment. Stop and breathe deeply through the heart. Is it telling you something different? Do you feel the strings of the heart vibrating to a new tune? Is there another choice?

This is where resonance is found. It is sometimes very quiet. It is sometimes deeply hidden. It is new truth. It is the voice of the real you. It is understanding unfolding like a soft blossom. I am learning to listen.


20180513_155928The other side of Acceptance. Sometimes the only way we truly learn our lessons is through struggle and conflict. Gliding along on a magic carpet is enthralling and even inspirational but can be distracting if we are skimming over a real in-depth change that has become necessary for our soul’s progress.

When the carpet hits the ground, we encounter reality head-on and we are required to learn and grow. Progress can require battling through adversity or taking a step back and observing just how stuck we are.

Our resistance to stepping up and standing in our own authority can actually be the motivating force to breaking through. Suddenly we discover a new awareness and find creative ways to integrate the lesson and overcome.

This little tree had to plow through big rocks but it is proof that no matter how hard the challenge, our fierce resistance followed by determination can turn us into overcomers.


20180517_192218It has become increasingly clear to me that in order to co-create with God, we must do our part. Sometimes that means taking action. Sometimes it means that no action is an action.

What’s most vital is to accept what God gives us. It can be fragrant spring blossoms or it can be grief. It can be loving support or it can be illness and heartache. It can be a flailing start-up business or too many clients. It can be the best of times or even the worst of times.

Blossoms are easy to accept and delight in but “bad” things, difficult things, troublesome painful things, are not so easy. If we continue to fight the situation, resist the truth of what is and say no this is not what I wanted, this is not what I deserve, this is not what I asked for, we are prolonging the problem. What we resist persists.

If we fully accept what is delivered to us by what I believe is a friendly universe, then that divine source will also assist us if it’s a problem that is seeking a solution, a disease which needs a cure, a relationship in need of authenticity. If we work with God saying okay I accept this, then God can work with us to change, alter or even better that reality.

If we dare to go a little further and actually embrace what comes our way, it is a boon to the co-creation process. We become friends with the situation, we reside with it, we face it head on and we know for sure that in heaven’s good time, all things will change. Or come to their inspired conclusion. Or transform into something we haven’t even thought of.  Often we don’t completely understand and often we do not need to.

We only need to believe in ourselves and that magnificent creative divine source within.



20170527_160233I found this quote somewhere on Facebook:  Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness. 

Ah… the cycles of life. Sometimes we are envisioning, planning, creating and determining our futures. I firmly believe that this is a worthy way of living and that we have the power to make all of our dreams come true.

And yet there are times when we need to stop and listen. It’s the yin and yang, the Alpha and Omega, the returning current. Sometimes it is not up to us. Many of us are relentless givers. Sometimes we need to learn to receive.

Rather than resisting the signs and signals that are coming our way, we need to discern their messages. It can be surprising – decisions are reversed, plans are scrapped and ideas are set aside. We are obliged to let God/Spirit/the Universe lead the way.

Often the reality of it all is the last thing we could imagine. Perhaps that’s the point. We are not meant to think or plan or question. We are meant to listen, open our hearts, receive, meditate and pray. Hope and faith become more tangible.

The answers will emerge when we are fully ready to receive and understand.

PS It wasn’t clear to me where this quote came from. I am happy to give credit where credit is due.

When the going gets tough…

20170910_083531And then there are days where dreams seems illusory, goals seem out of reach and the news washes over you until you are rendered silent.

It is in that quiet that peace will be found. Even the warrior takes a few moments to breathe in deeply. It is in that receiving of all things unwanted that we are asked to listen, question, find the spirit that abides within no matter what.

Sometimes there is nothing to do. Sometimes there is only a heartfelt prayer. Sometimes the only answers arise from our own deep receiving of all that comes our way. This is where faith comes in.

Faith in the divine order of things, even when the earthly scenario makes no sense. This is when we are called to stand tall, like the sunflower, in the face of it all.

Dreams in action

20170910_172422Little did I know that when I created my Dreambook, the book itself would start teaching me things. Perhaps I should have known based on my impatient motivation to complete the book. As you can see in the picture, time is ticking.

My first realization is that much of what I dream for is already taking place in my life. It’s a matter of deleting the mental models or long-outdated thoughts about how I view myself. For example, on one of the pages in the Relationship section, I jotted the names of just the people I feel closest to, and the page got so full! I was jolted awake to see that even though I am basically an introvert and sometimes think of myself as a hermit, albeit an artistic one, this is really not the truth of the matter. Relationships that have rhythms of their own keep me inspired, uplifted and comforted.

And secondly, now that the book is completed for the time being, I don’t have to think about it anymore. I look at it once in awhile or share it with a friend and elucidate the dream. But in terms of desire, or working towards the goals, I’ve turned it over to Spirit. My order is in with the Universe, and I can be at peace. It’s actually brought me right back to the present, living life daily and often asking, “What’s next?” rather than feeling an obligation to work on those dreams. They are already being worked on! And my assignment is to live as authentically as possible, only guided occasionally by a word or image that has been part of this process. It reminds me of a Tibetan sand painting – create it and then let it go, sending the message to Heaven.

Keep dreaming my friends!

PS Thank you to all of you who have brought me such positive feedback on my Blog, even if I haven’t thanked you here or elsewhere. It encourages me to keep writing!



20170904_135726Even though the eclipse is over, September has begun and the air is often filled with wildfire smoke, this was the scene across the street from me on Labor Day – reminding me to lift my spirits.

When everything is going well and all seems in equilibrium, it is easy to have faith and be grateful. When health or wealth or dreams are suffering the realities of life, it is necessary to stretch, to chase away disappointment, to change gears. To launch ourselves upwards, to celebrate small victories, to know that this too shall pass.

Sometimes it is very small actions that make the difference. A phone call to a friend, a stop-and-think moment, a meditation on all that is holy, a long shower. Whatever moves us to a point of distanced and creative observation.

Look for the hidden blessing and soar above it all. Go deep and allow your spirit to soar.

The sun and the moon

20170709_074649As circumstances would have it, I watched the solar eclipse from a lawn chair in a cemetery where my brother is the groundskeeper. Anynegative thoughts about cemeteries evaporated very quickly, because it was where I was meant to be.

We were surrounded by deer and bunny rabbits and tall pine trees, all representing peacefulness to me. As we watched the predicted movement of the moon, the light became a beautiful dusky blue. We didn’t witness 100% totality so it really didn’t get dark. It reminded me however of summer evenings when I was a child. My parents would be sitting outside in their own lawn chairs, and we would be chasing fireflies to catch in glass jars as the darkness approached.

And then there was the silence. A nearby highway, which had been packed with cars that morning, became perfectly still.The temperature went down and you could almost hear a pin drop, as if even the rotation of our planet had stopped for those brief minutes. The sense of quiet was all encompassing.

For just that short interval, all the division, hatred, violence, uncertainty and even the daily challenges of life were eclipsed. We all existed in harmony on this beloved planet earth, the sun and the moon overshadowing us. My brother and I said, “Cheers!” and celebrated the moment.

As I return to the ups and downs of living, I am striving to create an imprinted memory of that moment – the silent   space where my heart was at total peace.

What was your eclipse experience?

PS I took no pictures, choosing to just be present instead.

Dreams in Progress

20170808_120628I am creating something new – and I’m calling it a DreamBook. It’s an interactive version of a vision board, making space for progressive revelation.

I’ve started with heavy weight sketch/art paper and am creating pages in the categories of life, like the Circle of Life exercise I use in my coaching or perhaps like the Feng Shui Bagua. So it’s areas like Home, Health, Abundance and Love but then you take it from there to suit your needs. For example, I’m combining Work/Career with Creativity and including many emotional issues in the Health Department and calling it Wellbeing. The categories are flexible – they are your categories.

And because life is moving as fast as it is, and transforms in the blink of an eye, I’m putting it all together with a ring that opens and closes. You can expand the sections, insert or remove pages, change your mind, add and subtract. You can use magazine pictures and words, add drawings, stickers, your own photographs, quotes and comments. You can take out a category and hang it up to focus on or write a new chapter of your book anytime.

And you can include your wildest dreams, not just your current vision. Maybe it’s more like a 5 or 10-year plan. Or a forever future. It’s based on the belief that if we take action and create, we can move in the direction of making our dreams come true. There will surely be changes along the way – re-calculating as they say. It has much more to do with the process than the eventual outcome. Three cheers for creativity!