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Have you noticed the similarity in pronunciation between the Polish and Portuguese languages?


He has a robotic voice.


Roger and Toby seem to be enjoying each other's company.


Why people fall into these categories, however, is a mystery.

I have to get up quite early tomorrow.

For things that have had contents with volatile oil like thinners they should be left for a few days to completely evaporate it before being disposed of as non-flammable waste.

You should really think about it before telling him yes.

Do you have other CDs?

I'm in real trouble.

Are you from here?

The coccyx is a vestigial, that shows the common ancestry of mankind and apes.

I realized I was dreaming because a female voice coming from nowhere started demeaning me for not realizing I was dreaming, which led me to do a reality check.

You should throw this out.

At last, he solved the problem.


Hotta said he had to share a hotel room with a stranger.

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I came in view of the castle.

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Novorolsky was charged with attempted murder.

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Be quiet during the course.

You didn't tell me Dorian was so rich.

How long are you going to be in Boston?

I ran into a pole.

I'm going to help you do it.

I was already tired.

That's the spirit, Mr. Suzuki.

The students parted into three groups.

I want to live in Antarctica.

Surya will be looking after the children while I'm at work.

We need some tools.

Do you plan to go to Tokyo by bus?

Even though it's a bit cold, let's go swimming.

Yuki! It's great to see you again!

There was nothing for it but to wait till he came back.

We got really impatient.

She used to visit me regularly.


Don't worry, you'll get your voice back soon.


Does it bother you that Revised is doing that?

Your team is very good, but theirs is the best.

There was a lot to eat.

I thought for sure you'd left town already.

I know how to drive a car.

She was getting used to queer things happening.

Good water for Tibet is good water for the world.

Do you actually think that's true?

His handwriting slants forwards, whereas hers slants backwards.

He looks stern.

You think I'm wrong, don't you?

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It's a very sad story.

They're all grinning at Micky.

Ravi avoided the question.

Tanaka won't even know I'm there.

Donne is a good waitress.

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Neville and Dieter are not talking to one another.


None of us was able to answer the question.


She entered school at the age of five.


Tollefsen cannot swim.

That's weird, isn't it?

Have you fixed the thermostat?

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He does speak well.

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I was visited by a customer.

Please come here between two and three this afternoon.

When William Herschel discovered Uranus, he at first thought he had discovered a comet.


This is dreadful.

In order to be sure of the words I learnt today, I review them again.

I like the smell of tea. The taste, not so much.

This job will call for a lot of money.

Beside you, I'm only a beginner at this game.

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Open your mouth one more time and I will beat you up!

All the best everyone!

Try and do your homework by yourself.

Merril is making himself something to eat.

The girl drawing a picture in the first row is my niece.

He certainly is smart.

I do love you.


That's not my real name.

Which languages are spoken in Korea?

Rand thinks very highly of you.

I am fed up with your nonsense.

Have you ever donated blood?

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I've deposited the money in the bank.

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My battery is dead.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

That won't solve anything.


This play has a feminist point of view.

I'm against the war.

Every morning I ask myself why.


I haven't enough material to write a book yet.

Bertrand has written a very good paper on the production of rubber.

Perfumes are often made from the sweat of various male animals.

What do the oranges cost?

They were all there.

I know it's been a long trip.

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for your health.


May I introduce myself to you?

Though apparently healthy, he really has a delicate constitution.

Our mode of life has changed since the introduction of European civilization.


Will you go to Boston next week?

Higher gas prices cause inflation.

We went on board a ship.

Isn't Vance supposed to be good at this?

Do you like tea or coffee?


What we need now is something hot to drink.

Mariner 10 used the gravitational pull of Venus to swing it into a different orbit so it could continue on to Mercury.

I will turn in the report at twelve thirty.

I'll blame it all on you.

He's the most fantastic person of my life.

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Until now, opinions differed over the question of whether birds could sleep while aloft.

I can feel it.

You're way too good for her.


We need to find a solution soon.

It's quite possible that there are times I am half awake, and thus the day feels shorter.

I've received an invitation to dinner with him and his family.


Please throw the ball.

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Do you really enjoy doing that kind of thing?

What does Jimmy want us to do?

The bird flew up into the blue sky.

It's beyond my comprehension.

Sanford continued walking.

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I might be wrong.

Why can't you help me?

I've been digging into his background.

Bring everything to ruin.

He was very affectionate with his parents.

I can deliver that to Nhan.

He saw a small Band-Aid on her left knee.

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You should come to class on time.

Where are we going after?

Liber and Tobias want to know what's going on.


She pushed her needle in and out.

No animals are to be found on the island.

Soon I will be very rich.

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I can wait for him no longer.

Bret took a long warm bath.

A man was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

Just start talking.

He thought he was up to the challenge but in the end he just couldn't cut the mustard.


He is a golfer.


Jef wasn't the most popular kid in school, but he had a lot of friends.


"You will never guess who I met in the city today!" "Maria?" "What? How do you know that?"


Even though the alarm clock went off, I didn't wake up.

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I am dead tired.


He's dancing with another girl.

He was entrusted with the sales of computers.

I try not to think about it too much.

This national treasure can be seen by the public only once a year.

I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.

Oh, yeah, the CD player.

If you combine them in this way, you get a 14 port USB hub.

Where's the closest bus stop?

Where is the screwdriver?

Scientific knowledge has greatly advanced since the 16th century.

There are a lot of abandoned houses in the neighborhood.


The apartment consists of three small rooms and a bath.


I must go through the task by tomorrow.

I heard him scream.

Linley looked well.

Donnie still thinks Raj likes him.

The show is confirmed.