Math Fever - Increase your IQ.

Application has been launched in 6th December 2016.


Math Fever - Calculating have never been so fun!

Our app is currently available on Android mobile devices only. Download now to get started!

Math Fever App

Key points

Math Fever Application key points:

Easy, Fun, Helpful

It is not about calculator - it is about logical thinking, and believe or not - math is the easiest and the best way to increase your logical thinking and IQ. Try it yourself!

World Top 15

There is also World Top 15. Can you place your name to the world leaderboard?

Track your progress

Check your own progress from beginning to the present. There is menu name called "Stats" where is all your statistics is available.

Share your result

After game is over there is possible to share your score. Show your friends your smartness and how far did you get! Can they do the same? We will see.

Free for everyone

Our application is always free to play for everyone!


We do not collect information that you have not gave to us. All information what our application collects is in safe hands - we use encrypted connection and our server got always latest SSL certificate.

We new friends!