The deeper we dived, the colder the water got.

The U.S. thinks it is getting the short end of the stick.


It seems that the store is closed today.

Under the circumstances I cannot allow the request.

She is not such a girl as you imagine.

The shards of thought were scattered on the ground.

You seem perfect.


Lindsay didn't know Gideon could sing so well.

We heard her.

Stan hasn't got the chance to poison the atmosphere or undermine the love between Florian and her new lover.

Nowadays she is lost in tennis.

That should never have happened.

Liber's mother's very impressed with Dick's new boyfriend, Hy.

Knock on the door.

He gave me a piece of advice.

Gene will know where to go.

Danny dreamed of becoming a successful businessman.

Where should we go?

I'm looking for the post office.

Please read my reply carefully.

My parents raised me.

She has a lot of perfumes.


Lorraine can't forgive Suu for behaving like that.

She went into the bathroom.

She treated her kids equally.

I have complete faith in her.

Teeth whitening is expensive.


More information on the system structure is available in the Features section.

I'm not certain Hans is the one we should send to Boston.

I should've told her.

Moran bought two chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and gave one of them to Skeeter.

It's safe to say they don't much care.


Where did you put my coat?

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He has no right to interfere in our family affairs.

Svante nodded immediately.

I had a terrible accident riding this bike.

The old man had a noble countenance.

What are you going to give him?

Shakil was the last one to show up.

I asked Sharada not to post my picture on his website.

I often played truant.

Naresh chose to ignore Spyros's remarks.

The colors of Italian flag are white, red and green.

In those days, he was a student.

She's Lester's sister.

He is my friend whose name is John.

I am interested in swimming.

Hans Christian Andersen's stories made him the most famous Dane in the world.

What exactly do you want from us?

Holly is going crazy.

I had a bad day today.

The bridge is being repaired.

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Is this your purse?

"Nate, is that you?" "Hi mom, it's me."

Gerard likes to relax in her garden by a quiet lake.

Dawson will come tomorrow.

Now don't start crying, Page.

Couldn't you go someplace else?

I felt like I was intruding.


Is the boss there?

If Janice and Miek work on it together, there shouldn't be any problems.

There is a one-year guarantee on this toaster.

Why not just stay?

I think Lorraine has calmed down.

The crew can enter the underwater vehicle using a plug-in module.

It was not at all funny.

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Siping started singing a song.

Jan asked No to repeat what she had just said.

The police uncovered a major drug operation.

If you don't want to come, you don't have to.

Motivation is one of the factors that affects the learning process.

I am very afraid.

I'm getting annoyed by your behavior.

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Petr always wants to do everything by himself.

The old lady is still counting her change.

You'd better hold your tongue.


I have less than fifteen.


I think you're being a little hard on him.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

You had better stay away from work today.

Dorothy and Dawn are engaged.

They need to eat double that amount.

Narendra came to the party dressed as a pirate.

Dan placed his daughter, Linda, under the care of a psychiatrist.

Jim set out to write something in his notebook.

Some animals are endowed with special gifts.

Do you know me?

Antonella came in first in the competition.


Vassos finally did something right.


We know Manavendra is in there.

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Let's try to be sensible about this.

His talent was of a high order.

He was injured in a car accident.

He noticed that this drug seemed to inhibit bacterial growth.

Each of us must be careful when driving a car.

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Wouldn't it be better if we went and got a coffee?

Uillean Pipes - translated they'd be called elbow pipes - are irish bagpipes that are blown up using bellows, in order to be able to drink while playing.

She died of thirst during the drought.

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I should've said something earlier.

Milk nourishes a baby.

Louiqa is wearing a very expensive watch.

Orville didn't want to be found.

Anthony asked Jwahar to get him a cup of coffee.

Children are dying.

This wasn't my question. I wanted to know something else.

This is the first time I've ever assembled an engine.

The police found out the thief.

I am looking for the cheeses.

We're great together.

Susan thought the film was hilarious, but one time was enough.

Trevor stood silently.

Randal found a job as a gardener.

It goes on forever.

My older brother made all the preparations for us.

Vijay solved all the problems.


She's a nymphomaniac.

Stay away from my girlfriend.

You owe her the truth.

The freight on the ship got soaked.

Disneyland was established in 1955.


Please send us more details.


Earnie doesn't know why Morton called him.

I don't see that as a problem.

Can't you tell me what Suzanne said?


Morgan just glared.

I have three daughters.

Suu did a great job tonight.

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To all appearances, he is a man of learning.


You owe her the truth.


I think that's an unreasonable demand.


John has been painting the door.

He did me the honor of saying that I was right.

I haven't yet met the family Christopher lived with in Boston.

We've been fortunate.

Only vodka from Russia is genuine Russian vodka!

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The voices calling for Wulff to resign are getting louder and louder.

I've been calling Justin all morning, but I can't get a hold of him.

I don't have sugar with my coffee.

The Canadian governement has closed the Experimental Lakes Area research site.

So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

What are your terms?

Be careful not to step in the mud puddle.

I'm finished with the mission.

Were the earth to stop revolving, what do you suppose would happen?

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Lum is a danger to society.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now landed at Tokyo International Airport.

The main point of Dennett's book, in short, is to deny the existence of inner mental states.

Matt is being very unfriendly, isn't he?

I don't have money to buy a dictionary.

It rained so hard that the shrine was washed away.

I can't find the printer.

I got this book from Seenu.

Amarth and Amir sat side by side.

Did you love me?


Ramiro is a father now.

I'll get him a present.

He had to leave his cat at home.

I speak English daily.

It was bizarre.

I expect much of him.

What is your problem?

He looked me in the face.

Finland supports Greece with a heavy heart.

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She is responsible.


Marge works for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

I get paid a lot.

Joanne isn't dependent on his parents.


Straka flew in from Boston this morning.