Old homes, especially traditional Japanese ones, can be damp and unfriendly to modern life.

Dirk only eats white meat.

Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in your class?

Rain is wonderful.

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We're introverted.

Leads is on the heavy side.

The heavy snow prevented me from going out.

I bought a hat in the shop.

One hunts wild boar at night.

We must be ready for anything.

Going for a walk with you would make me happy.

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Saumya wondered what had made Kerry do what she did.

We're a great big happy family.

How much is this pullover, please?

It's always the same.

The poor girl regularly had bouts of fever, and her headaches became unbearable.

That shouldn't be too hard.

Knapper turned down the radio.

He loves her dearly.

Gunter told Sandip that he'd help her, but he didn't.

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Guido asked me to wake him at six-thirty.

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Please remain perfectly still.


Izumi tried in vain to hide his pain.

Can I have a private opinion?

Everything went well with him.

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Stop smoking. You're addicted.


I'm bored with my life.

It's getting late, so we'd better get going.

How did you know we were here?

I feel seasick.

When I got off the train, I saw a friend of mine.


You have to let me talk to him.

We reported him missing.

We get together once a year.

We stayed at a three-star hotel.

I just wanted to play poker.


I asked him the same thing.

In general my friends call me Freddy.

This book deals with the new theory of linguistics.


I walked here and there on the street.

Christophe lost his hearing.

In him was life, and that life was the light of man.

Thank you for the article.

Gregge has been flirting with Kaj all night.

I know the problem.

Let's get away from here.


What took so long?

Over in Paris they speak French.

Christian lived right next door to me when I was a kid.

There are 16 characters named Ragnar in this novel.

Ginny ate a piece of toast.



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You know I can't wait any longer.


The number of students in the class is limited to fifteen.

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You're not the only one who feels that way.

I spent a week in Florence last year. I'm sure you'll like it.

He's the tallest one in the class.


It's in the air that they may get married.

That's exactly what I needed.

I never seem to want to watch the same TV programs as Vickie does.


Where was the black cat?

He has very bad handwriting.

Yumi speaks English very well.


Cathryn has lost sight in his left eye.

I can't stand kids.

Go do something else.

How many eggs does this hen lay each week?

It appears that Jesse agrees.

I had a dream about you last night.

You'll need a special tool to do it.


It's not my fault. My brain made me do it.


Rahul loves baseball.

It doesn't matter.

We've seen worse.


Night came on, and what was worse, it began to rain.

Well, that was a stupid thing to say.

The woman Argyle hoped to marry was the woman the man she hoped to marry hoped to marry.

Dan was attacked by a wolf.

Live free or die.

Maybe that's the problem.

This is a genius.

We were very lucky.

That's easy for you to say.


We met at the church.

You can't disguise sad eyes.

I am not to blame any more than you are.

Can you make sure that Tuna is OK?

Technically hiragana is a syllabary, not an alphabet.

We're making good time.

I will take this tie, as it seems to be the best.

Please shuffle the cards carefully.

Many years went by.

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Sean and I seem to be the only people here.


Engineers are crazy about solar energy.

I'm actually a very good driver.

A bad workman blames his tools.


Authenticity is the greatest virtue.

Don't worry. He doesn't understand German.

I don't want to turn myself in.

She is going into the second year of pre-school.

This house isn't big enough for our family.

You don't need to come to work Saturday.

I hope you're right.

Marriage is the tomb of life.

One of the buttons on my raincoat got torn off.

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Toft heard a noise and went outside to see what it was.


Randolph reluctantly went.

Rand is disagreeable, isn't he?

That's not even funny.

In the fight to abolish slavery Lincoln knew that he occupied the moral high ground.

I think I've seen enough.

Where is the gate?

Why do you believe others' words?

She can't be ill.

Do you think Harv will go skiing with us next weekend?

Vincent hates being told to hurry.

I'm so vain.

Those boys are sixteen-years-old.

Talking of Mr Tanaka, have you seen him lately?


A savage tribe lived there in those days.

I cannot wet my hair. It's cold.

How do I get to your office from Tokyo Station?

Melinda does have some new ideas.

Barrett lives in a small town in the Bavarian Alps.


I want to go to the sea one more time.

I try to avoid eating too much for my health.

This problem is too hard for me to solve.

He gave up smoking two years ago.

We all agree in liking the teacher.


It is a matter of principle with him to answer your questions honestly.


I entered the room and shook hands with him.


Do you like sports?

Let's hit the slopes!

I entered someone else's room by mistake.

He tried to buy into the club.

We can't just stand here.

You look very charming today.

That isn't the case in Japan.

She has lost all hope.

The authorities managed to stabilize the currency.


I'm going to go clean up.

Their way of thinking is old-fashioned.

Do you like San Fran?

The object is that which in Japanese would generally be indicated with "ni" or "o".

I know you miss your friends.

From then he hasn't talked to me any more.

No one's been here.

He is from Egypt.

You all were very good before, and now you're even better.

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Right now, I'm more worried what may happen to you than what may happen to me.

I wonder if Raja's parents will allow him to go with us.

Tal is in desperate need of medical care.

How did you find out where Daniele was?

Marguerite called me almost every day while he was in Boston.

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It's for you that I came.

The rent can be a bit expensive, but something nearby would be best.

"I care very deeply for you," she confessed.

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I have a meeting today.


When Milo was spoken to by a stranger, she was at a loss for words.

You have to have confidence.

They live in a house over there through the woods.

You're ruining my whole plan.

I don't have to listen to this.