Can I get a little help?

The descent to hell is easy.

Cut them with a knife.

The hostess couldn't possibly tolerate his arrogance.


I could not but talk back to my boss.


A paycheque is like menstruation. It comes once a month but only lasts a week.

The exit will be on the left.

She realized that she had better tell the truth.

I could not afford to buy a bicycle, much less a car.

It was mesmerizing.


Minetest is a clone of Minecraft.

Do you want to come along with us?

She was wondering the same thing.

I thought Manuel would let me go.

I hope you like the job.

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I can't bear to see him cry like that.


My TV needs an adjustment.

Like I said, we have a problem.

I dirtied one.

I will tell my parents that I want to leave by myself.

This is particularly important when considering which product is right for you.

Jupiter is made mostly of hydrogen and helium gases.

How did all this start?

The curtain fell amid the wild applause of the audience.

It seems that the rainy season is over at last.


I'm afraid to go into closed spaces.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Tal would forgive you.

You don't know what you're doing.

One learns by doing.

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That was the worst party I've ever been to.

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You ruined all my plans.

There are 35 students in this class.

You might want to call a lawyer now.

We have a pool.

We hit a bump.

He stopped to talk.

I'd hate to be in Malloy's shoes.

Oh, it is me!

The eagle had to be fed by hand.

Do you know Miriam and Susumu?

Walter is going to be eating dinner with us tonight.

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The tail at the rear of the plane provides stability.

I thought you might come.

What do you think Nhan's waist size is?


When do you plan on beginning?

Protest takes ever more creative forms in Tatoeba.

Nobody knows what it is that has been bothering him so much.


Please check it out and let me know what you think about it.

I'll explain it to you later.

Samir didn't know that Francis's house was so close to John's.

Education makes machines which act like men and produces men who act like machines.

The children were so excited after the party that they couldn't sleep.

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Merat has a friend whose father is an astronaut.

I can speak Spanish fluently.

It no longer matters.

We can make it.

She is writing a new book this year.

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Wade put his hands over his mouth.

I was very warmly dressed, so I came back to take something off.

I thought it was something like that.

I think Pravin is in his office.

I just sent you a present in the mail.


What happened that day?

The children are building sand castles on the beach.

I don't like people who always insist on talking about politics.

Isn't that a girl's name?

I had a fantastic time at your party.

It seems that Bret isn't here today.

Today I got up early.


I'll stay with you through both the happy times and the sad times.


If Brian didn't want to be here, he wouldn't have come.

Not only is sex a safe activity but it is also recommended against depression, and contrary to other physical activities, food or even video games, you can't have too much of it.

How did that work out for you?

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Doug didn't need our help.

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Lloyd and Bob are at the bar drinking.

He carried six boxes at a time.

An investigation has been launched.

It's a pretty good feeling.

One day Byron awoke to find himself famous.


It turned out everybody in the party was a vampire.

A stoat is as cute an animal as it is deadly.

I remember what Martha used to be like.

You broke your leg.

It is just because fear of punishment has no deterrent effect that crime continues in spite of all laws and courts, prisons and executions.

Lend me your pen, please.

I'm going to leave one night early.

We often played house in the park.

Pascal climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.


My mouth dried up.


Have a doughnut.


You can't just quit.

Why didn't you call a doctor?

Got us a butt on you?

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Norman left me a message.

I am standing here, face to face with nothing.

He is running ahead of me.

We're actually on our way to Boston.

You weren't tired.

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Clean up your room.


They're completely wrong.

This is a Turkish tradition.

I can't stand them.

The day was stormy, and what was worse still, it was thundering.

After he left, she started feeling uneasy.

The lake is deepest here.

Who is this important to?

I have bad breath.

It was necessary.

Women aren't interested in him.

He keeps telling the same jokes over and over again.

We wish everyone a happy trip.

It cost me 50 dollars to have my watch fixed.

I never suggested that.

According to the weather forecast, there'll be more rain on the way.

He's a strange person.

Get yourself some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

Duane helped Adrian carry her suitcases.

I shouldn't have told you this.

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Sjaak is hiding somewhere.

Let us not forget that many of Shakespeare's words -aye, and patterns, too- were by him coined.

Syed did nothing but lie in bed all day.

He is the picture of his grandfather.

How many kidneys does a human have?

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You're wrong about this.


Lonhyn is away on vacation.


While I was talking on the telephone with John, the operator cut in.

Do not accuse me of anything.

I didn't envision him as a Klingon speaker; his forehead was too smooth.

Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.

I was at a loss what to do.

Why don't you let me take a look?

She made a man of a boy.

All of us live in the same neighborhood.

There are bright prospects of success.

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Marilyn deserves to take a few days off.

In 2010, five people died and 150 were injured by falling icicles in St Petersburg, Russia.

We all make decisions based on our personal experiences.


I shouldn't have invited Mysore to the party.


Don't let him sleep.


You're not going to believe it.

Sridhar is shaking.

Someone is not respected by anyone.

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I turn over a page of the book.


I am yelling at the top of my voice!

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What's your favorite non-caffeinated drink?

He buys medicine.

We're not going to Boston.

Did you get to meet her?

With his death, the oldest family in this village died out.


My father works for the company as an engineer.

The path is direct.

Kolkka has a secret agenda.

I may not be able to pay my rent this month.

Our conclusion is based on previous studies into the problem.

Let me know when you get that report back from Clay.

Do you think I haven't anticipated that?

There are a lot of slums in Mexico.

Look! It's snowing.


You shouldn't let children play with the kitchen knife.


I think this is mine.