Listen, we've got to talk.


Her flat is always clean.

There's a lot of tension in this room.

I bought this for my girlfriend.


It certainly looks like rain.

I gave him a ride on my hairy motor-scooter.

He is always a step or two ahead of the times.

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I don't know what that's all about.

Although old, he is still very much alive.

Don't think about leaving money for your kids, use it all up and enjoy yourself with flair.

Free man, always you will cherish the sea.

Gale and Stewart sat on the couch, flipping through a photo album.

Although she grew up in Japan, she still speaks fluent English.

Beavers must always wear down their teeth by chewing on trees.

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This has always been a problem.

His opinion is worthless.

She expected to have called on her mother in hospital.


I see the golden cross.

Why do people get fooled by such cheap schemes?

We heard screams.


We were taught that World War II broke out in 1939.


All at once, I heard a cry.

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Nobody noticed Trying leave the room.


It seems that he is very busy today.

Tracey isn't a speech therapist.

They climbed down the tree.

The first thing to do was call for the doctor.

Miltos will call me sometime before 2:30.


What is your greatest fear?

Is there a chance this will happen again?

Is that absolutely necessary?

Mysore has issues.

Dieter and Leonard enjoy each other's company.


The novelist is interested in human beings.

Brett has already finished his lunch.

Way to go!


I don't know all their names.

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Without science, there is no future.

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Lori has had a lot to drink.


It doesn't seem like Hector will go any time soon.

I'm supposed to wait for them.

Monday is Kenton's thirtieth birthday.

We do that all the time.

We had to make the best of our small house.

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Giles stared into Bruno's eyes.

White wine is the usual companion of fish.

It's now a habit.

It was snowing when I reached the station.

We play chess every evening.

I would like a less expensive double room.

Their manners and customs are different from those of this country.

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No one would want to hurt her.

Let's call Space.

Sridharan lit a candle and went down to the basement.

It's so beautiful out here.

I like these two.

A lady, whose husband is a famous scientist, came over from the other side.

She advised him to go to the police.

I have heard this proverb used.

Sleeping on a problem solves it as easily as pouring oil on troubled waters.

Form a line one meter away from the one in front of you.

The banks are closed today.


I'm starting to feel tired.

Why don't you go get him?

Think about that.

How boring this game is!

What did you think of the show?

It's about time we did away with this outdated law.

I'm sorry I dragged you into this.


He who sows the wind, shall reap the storm.


Just then the phone rang.

In 1996, the name of Victoria Terminus was changed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Let's keep it.

The pantomime is crowded with merry hearts.

To the airline office.

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She came in with tears in her eyes.

Presley went to school with me.

"How are you?" "I'm great, and you?" "I'm great also, thanks!"


I don't have the slightest clue.

She's much better today than yesterday.

It was easy for him to answer the quiz.

The lucky sod just won the lottery.

Do they get paid?


I keep thinking about you.

Don't listen to Nadeem. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Do you want me to go and have a word with him?


Can you please tell me how I can get to the beach?

Harmon was born a month premature.

It matters not how many books one reads, but which books.

Monica's interesting.

I think you ought to listen.

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Let's not talk about sports.


You only have to work hard.

The police had to retrieve the murder weapon to prove Dan's guilt.

He chose every word with care.


I cutting myself.

She always winds up a conversation with a wave of her hand.

Dwayne told me about it in private.

I wrote a love letter last night.

We've had our problems.

I'm not softening them.

Why do you have to stay in London in this heat?

I once saw a tennis game in which a line umpire ruled that the ball was in and the chair umpire reversed his decision.

She has never forgotten those rules.

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Germany is one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

When was the last time you went to an amusement park?

She looks better without makeup.

Is the road wide enough for two-way traffic?

There are still some savage tribes on that island.


She approached him with a smile on her face.


Nothing ever happens around here.

He wanted to become a farmer.

There is no sea in Armenia.

Sharan doesn't have to go to work today.

It is truly difficult to know the truth, and still more difficult to speak it.

The police are now checking on Ramon's alibi.

Our teacher is fresh out of college.

Good morning, doctor!

The train went off the rails.


Once a beggar, always a beggar.


Tell Mosur to stay where he is.

I forgot about that.

Tricia is really furious with the way things are going.


We were just talking about basketball.

Lucifer probably thought I was happy.

A big wave turned the ferry over.

Stay away from her!

He gave her a nice present.

I have to ask her something.

Sometimes what we don't do is every bit as powerful as what we do.


Wild animals roamed across the plains.

She is older than Jane by two years.

Something must be wrong with the camera.

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I'll go for a walk.

Tell us where they are.

Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

I won't be back any time soon.

Thanks to his experience, he had an edge over the rest.


You really know your stuff.

They haven't come back yet.

I'm sorry, I don't have time to help you today.

This dictionary is completely useless.

He has accumulated wealth.

God has blessed me with riches.

My son would never do that.

She ran to Shinjuku.

He wants to kill me.

They don't deserve my money.

What do you say to taking a rest?

She's a supermodel.

This room commands a fine view of the city.

I really don't know much about that.

I'm not trying to stir up trouble. I'm just telling you what I heard.

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Beth doesn't have long to live.

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Driving carefully, you'll be able to avoid accidents.

The American troops held their ground.

I hear from him once a month.

He searched his pockets for the key.

I want to visit Cuba before Castro dies.

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What's the average temperature here?