My grandparents were in good health the last time I saw them.

I just found Bradford. He's dead.

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest?

Tell him I had to leave.

I understand their feelings.

Acid acts on things which contain metal.

You're done working, aren't you?

That was the difference.


I looked at them.

Can't Pia get someone else to do it?

I heard that Irving doesn't swim anymore.

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Son of a bitch!

Today is Edmond's thirtieth birthday.

I'm going to sign up for a French class next semester.

She didn't return my calls.

I've explained that to Floria.

Lynnette runs three miles a day.

You are always fighting.

Let me see what's going on in the next room.

Axel started making fun of Win.

I think it is very important that the whole world helps these countries.

She's a drama queen.


Pedro has two children.

You'll be great.

There is a small teacup and an egg on the table.

This cycle of suspicion and discord must end.

We're about to have company.

The government official spoke to the reporter on condition of anonymity.

Why are you working for Stuart?

When are you going to ask her?

I checked the time on the clock.

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I can see you have done your research.


A lot of truck drivers eat here.

Don't forget to bring your student ID.

I had to tell her about us.


All you have to do is touch the button.

In fact, there is a joke about passport photos: If you really look like the picture in your passport, you certainly need a vacation!

This gold watch is the apple of my eye. Mother gave it to me as a keep-sake in her later years.

Your computer will restart several times during installation.

It's going to be fine.


I formulated it wrongly.

What do you want to see in Boston?

I can tell this has been difficult for you.

Jingbai wasn't asleep.

We're unemployed.

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This door will not open.

Yesterday I became a god, but found that a bit boring, so today I became a devil.

Basic to the argument is the assumption that the rules in question are present in the language.


"What are you doing?" "Nothing."


Stacy told me that you probably know where Juri lives.

Marsha was right next to me the whole time.

I don't know why we say it like that, we just do.


I don't want to bother him.

I'm all right.

Syd claimed to be a murderer.

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Tell me, why do you want to do something like this?


They followed him.

Jenine drowned in Lake Superior three years ago.

I've just washed the dishes.


The tickets are 20 yen each.


I'm the oldest.

Two bears can't live in one cave.

Let's see if I can fluff up your pillow.

I want to become a kinder person.

I'd like to think about it a little longer before I make a decision.

I won't be here tomorrow.

Milner finally contacted Suresh by phone.


She will follow Norm.

One of the kids broke the lock.

If I'm not mistaken, the problem is we are out of gas.

Ninja and Wade were fighting.

The torn dollar bill passed through several hands.

She was born in a small village.

This is not like her at all.

I wouldn't want to live here.

He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

Liisa came too late.

Did they say when?

Silicon is a semiconductor.

My friend just sent me this picture of his little cousin.

The scolded boy was sobbing.

What would you suggest that I get Seymour for his birthday?

I have made my decision.

Have you read today's paper?

Are you superstitious?

Dan didn't even plan to marry Linda.

He struggled to keep up with his classmates.

The main problem with Mitchell is that he has no sense of humor.

Sports help to develop our muscles.

They made him sign the contract.


I know more about computers than you do.

Be careful. This may be the last time in your life you make a mistake.

He had a narrow escape from being hit by the truck.


We had no other option.


I had never seen him cry.


This change will make your plan more interesting.

As great a scientist as he is, he lacks common sense.

I know Rakhal's not happy there.

Why is she your friend?

I'll go to Boston later this year.

Jamie asked Herb to throw the ball to him.

I guess it's possible.

Don't throw bones to the dog!

They didn't settle the bill.

I gave the money to the woman.

They all changed.


She is an avid reader.

Each state had just one vote.

You made her very happy.


I lost sight of Douglas.

When was the last time you voted?

I'm not good at posting stuff online.


Coffee is ready.

It kept raining for three days.

Roxanne is coming next week.

The big building was blazing with lights.

You may begin.

A responsible student knows his or her responsibilities.

He's taking a nap.


He who wants benediction shall make it with his own hands.

Where there is grass, there is no water. Where there is water, there is no grass.

Mr. Jones was born in the United States.

Would you like to go on a trip together?

Saqib is a real piece of work.


She is totally jealous of your youth.

I'm going to have dinner with my son.

Since you're a minor, you aren't allowed to enter.

She, covered only with a handtowel, came from the shower.

This is a photograph of my painting.

The doctor told us that what Barry has isn't contagious.

We all know that you're angry.

Someone attacked Cliff.

There are people in the park.

My friend is about to have a rude awakening.

We had not gone far before we saw the road blocked by a truck.

I have to ask him to help us.

He is an Irishman by origin.

Long time no see!

Why don't you do something useful and get me some coffee?

He's spent all afternoon rooting up last year's spinach plants.

What shoes fit well?

He shot an arrow at the soldier.

The television serial is getting more and more interesting.

I think I have a virus on my computer.

What's Bart's deal?


We felt good.


The train has already left.

What makes you happy, Monica?

Gunter wanted to be a lawyer.

Is there anything that I can do for you?

He always takes the lead when we play dominoes.

There are no students who can speak English well.

Bryan found a four-leaf clover.

All graduates are invited.

Television can dull our creative power.

Clarissa broke into a cold sweat.

Should we really be doing this now?

If you can digest them, raw vegetables are good for your health.

I'm a pretty busy person.

Is this your locker?

I went on foot only one way.

She's older than Travis.

Francois's parents locked him in the cellar.


We don't have a week.


Don't worry about Marvin. He can take care of himself.


I want to help you figure this out.


"I can't stand it any more!" "Calm down. I'll come over as soon as possible."

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Archie didn't even mention it.