I probably won't watch this.

You shouldn't blame yourself.

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You rewrote it, didn't you?

I thought I could do it.

The sea is down.

How lucky I am to meet you here!

No one in their right mind would do this.

Boy, was I mistaken.

He plays bass guitar.

Even the mayor breathes dioxin.

That doesn't seem like the kind of thing Gabriel would do.


What is one and one?

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Zurich is considered to be a major financial hub.


Lila wanted three of them.


Forgive me for interrupting the other day.

The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false.

What's your favorite Paul Gilbert solo?

Cory offered to sell Kieran a stolen violin.

You weren't very nice.

Book the flight to go back home!

Ro sat down at the piano.

Everything that lives will die sometime.

It was pretty bad.

On hearing the news, she fainted.

Was it an explosion?

You got some white stuff on your boots.

It was Tait who taught me how to do this.

Barbra stabbed me in the back.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Let the children come!

Tor is a keeper.

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Jimmy jimmied the lock.

I'm really very busy.

Dan should be ashamed of what he told me.


I've got so much left to do.

Rhonda is used to driving a pickup truck, but he's never driven one of those really big trucks.

I won't be coming to school anymore.

Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.

What is it you want, Angus?

I have never heard her say no.

Follow him!


Do not push that button.

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I will not be busy tomorrow.


We are at war.

He had his socks on inside out.

Why would Sriram be doing this?

Jimmy asked us to help him move his piano.

I'm sure Jinchao will like Cathryn.

The shipment was damaged by the rain.

I have amnesia.

You're not going to do it, I hope.

You should invest in what you know.

Casey has received several prizes for her poetry.

This morning, my friend and I went to buy airline tickets.

I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to your city.

Nothing made sense.


What's causing the delay?

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Today we'll study Charles Dickens.

I was watching TV when the phone rang.

Allan is utterly disorientated.


I was pretty good, wasn't I?

This is designed especially for young people.

The airplane is ready for takeoff.

I should've cooked the pork longer.

The details of the agreement were worked out behind the scenes.

It's understandable that you should feel this way.

Jacques was too afraid to do anything.

Watch the prisoner.

Tattoos have tribal origins.


Whatever you say, I'll marry her.

The video went viral.

Nobody knows when the earthquake will occur.

Guido stared deep into her eyes.

Do you have much money with you?

Klaus's clothes are dirty.

I succeeded because of his advice.

He is said to have been weak when he was young.

I was forced to go.


Vinod said it was all perfectly normal, but it isn't.


We need to get there as soon as we can.

Carole doesn't care whether Marsha does her homework or not.

It won't cost you a dime.

My sister presses my trousers.

That was foolish of Holly.

Novorolsky can't have understood what you said.

I have nothing to do with the accident, and I know nothing.

John Rutledge disagreed strongly.

This result leaves much to be desired.

You aren't as short as I am.

We're all done.


It would be taking it too far to tell you everything.

We have something very important that we have to discuss.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Elisabeth doesn't regret that decision.

Who will pick the apples in the fall?

Is it possible to pass the tax accountant exam by self study?

I often played soccer when I was young.

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Do you know what kind of flower that is?

This temple is famous for its cherry blossoms.

There's no talking to him when he's angry.

He has a video.

She's wearing a light blue suit.

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Lo and behold.

I want to speak French.

Natraj drinks coffee every day.

I don't think Beth understood me.

He was forced to sign the document.

Do you really think Moran's wounds are self-inflicted?

We'll wait for you near the gate.

I swear it wasn't me.

Emily definitely was here last night.


What did you say to me?

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Individualism is the 21st century's epidemic.

It will probably snow tomorrow.

Pass me the salt cellar!

Not only did he give me advice, but also money.

These days everything had got too expensive.


I couldn't eat anything.

Oh, you are early this morning.

My daddy and mommy are getting a divorce.

A famous architect built this house.

You might want to lose the dinner jacket.

He considers him to be an honest man.

My father is free this afternoon.


Mac is filling out an application form.

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Division by zero is a big no-no in mathematics.

Are you always this quiet?

I'll see you all in a couple of hours.

They studied the map to find a short cut.

His plan is still in the air.

Their teacher got them together at the gate.

What do you think of that guy?

Thomas was leaning on the railing of the ship.

I think I've learned almost sixty new German words today.

Are we done yet?

Count from one to ten.

I cannot build a house. I don't have money.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.


I never drink alone.

I do apologize.

Let's see what else we can find out about Holly.

It sounds easy, but it's not.

They are looking for a house to live in.

I know I'll be happy when Vassos gets home.

Lenora shed tears.

Raul didn't sign his will.

Study takes a lot of energy, but it is worth the effort.

Nothing can't exist because if it did it would be something.

Lend me a pencil.

Please eat some cake.

Spass doesn't seem to be in a hurry.


The competition has become fierce.

It says on the label to take two tablets.

That's how I know you love him.

My answer is final.

Kazuhiro has been very nice to me.


I once knew somebody named Kenton, but that was a long time ago.


He was given up for dead.


We're just following orders.


When Rebecca works outside in the winter, he usually wears long johns.

I'll call them and apologize.

Have you ever worked with them?


Today's lesson was boring.

That's what I said to them.

Eat your soup while it's warm.

I was your age once.

Jam comes in a jar.

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Woof, this was a tough one.