That's all we know about him.


"I'm not good at swimming." "Neither am I."

Whether he will come at all is doubtful.


Joshua was bored.

You're skating on very thin ice.

Subra didn't want Nicholas to see him in handcuffs.


They do terrific work.


The worst situation resulted.

That would fix the problem.

It was my duty to do that.

You cannot live by love alone.

I'm not insolent to them.

You knew Amy needed you, didn't you?

You decided to enter the room, didn't you?


I was disqualified.

The quiver was red.

He sold his house for 50000 dollars.

The didn't tell me.

Hartmann counted the remaining money in her bag.


When you have written your name, write the date.

My mom disapproves of him.

Fletcher was in his bed asleep.

We never got an answer from them.

Kee made the children clean their rooms.

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Syd's bruises are gone.

I talk to her on the phone.

Christ is risen!

Maybe it can be fixed.

We can make some money.

We began to kiss.

Carter has a date with Leads this afternoon.

I find my job fulfilling.

You're not late.

Nothing was working.

Donal told me that Barrett quit smoking.

They have full confidence in their leader.

I've never cared for Mexican food.

I suppose you want to go home.

He acknowledged me by lifting his hat.

I have seen nobody apart from you.

You're a better skier than me.


You have a very crisp way of speaking.

Daren and I are kind of busy right now.

I found it difficult to put into practice.


I figure it's about time we're going.

She'll have left before you come back.

I wish I could tell you something.

Don't let her near my kids.

I filled up the jacuzzi with hot water.

I don't know exactly when Barbra plans to get here.

A laughing girl was standing before us.

I've become very interested in ancient art.

Has anyone spoken to her?


They didn't miss anything.

I admit, I'm not the tidiest person in the world.

Give me an example. I don't understand.

I refused absolutely.

The older we become, the worse our memory gets.

I'm at Tokyo Station now.

Miles didn't understand Brett's joke.

The huge number of new esperanto speakers makes me happy.

This should only take a second.

You should be a little more sensible.

By the time you get out of prison, she'll have been married.

Maria used this table.

Detective Dan Anderson got an anonymous tip from a man who claimed to know Linda.


Emmett started driving.

I can't tell his twin sisters apart.

It's a nice victory, but it's not over yet.

We know who you really are.

Walk with me, Carsten.

The only access to the village is from the river.

It is very fine today so I would rather go out than stay at home.


Wait until tonight.

I need to talk to you outside.

I have a whole box of cigars ready to pass out when my son is born.

Buy it, it's very cheap.

I'll be right over.


I don't like him much, in fact I hate him.

Huey should've stayed a little longer.

I cannot concentrate at all.

Michelle and Belinda just don't get it.

I don't want to bother them.

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He tried to play two roles at the same time and failed.


It came out in yesterday's Sankei.

Survival analysis showed a significant reduction.

I won't discuss this with Saul.

I'll read more attentively.

It is a great pity that he died so young.

I don't find it that interesting.

Rudolf was the one who gave me the painting that's hanging above my fireplace.


I will protect you.

Let's hope we find something.

The teacher started class immediately after entering the classroom.


Be your own person and don't imitate others.


"Kyoto" is an anagram of "Tokyo."


Darren didn't know where to go.

Why didn't Amedeo warn us?

Hans looked at Angela contemptuously.

I don't need reminding.

It's a shame you didn't talk to me first.

Put what you get at the store to my account.

This door is locked from the inside.

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The wagon was drawn by twelve pair of donkeys, all of the same size, but all of different color.


My office is a very serious and high pressure place.

Would you like to eat?

Happy birthday to your wife!

Did you hear the news on the radio this morning?

Michelle is trespassing.

Who kissed you?

Emily is not a student.

We've made way too many mistakes.

Jochen dropped in on Root last night.

Maybe she forgot my birthday.

Rap is crap.

Daryl liked to make people smile.

It's a miracle that he survived the hurricane.

It is sometimes acceptable to resort to violence.

I can tell you're a nice guy.

I'll meet him some other time.

Harry knows just where to go.

Sadness never ends, hapiness do.

Kieran is still under surveillance.


I have other things I need to do.


Marsh was an Olympic swimmer.

Jock said that he'd give me thirty dollars if I ate an earthworm.

Do you want me to buy you a drink?

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I won't let Pontus die.

Stop kicking me.

He is not in.

I need Norbert here with us.

Which woman was talking to you?

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Eva isn't answering his cell.

He had a brainstorm when he invented that machine!

We run together.


I can easily tell if someone is a good person or not. If I like him, he's good; if I don't like him, he's bad.

I'm scheduled to have lunch with him.

How do you play poker?


The time will come when she'll regret it.

He gazed into her eyes.

Charles seemed disappointed with the results.


Thank you for coming tonight.


You do not have a fever.

It's the first thing that I do in the morning.

Don't let evil into your heart. It will make a home there.

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Would you please leave us alone for a minute?

For some reason I couldn't access my e-mail.

To find the answer to this question, I went to the city library.

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I've never seen Manolis so busy.

You're cultured.

Knut was killed in 2013.

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Joe's idea for a new kind of car will make him filthy rich.

She doesn't like people who are not punctual.

There's no more ointment.

If he had told me the truth, I would have forgiven him.

There are few, if any, errors in your composition.

Valeria thinks it's his fault that Lloyd died.

My friend wants to talk to you.

I don't care what they say.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.

You're a fantastic kisser.

I have no money to pay for the bus.

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I wonder if we're alone in the universe.

Callous, unemotional children can sometimes become adult sociopaths.

Oh, that surprised me! Try not to make such loud noises.

He gives the dog some meat.

The more difficult the questions are, the less likely I'll be able to answer them.