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The first blow is half the battle.

I don't want to throw that away.

I am not kidding.


There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.


At what time is dinner served?


We shouldn't ignore that possibility.

The unpopular politician was frequently given the razz by the crowd during his speech.

There's no right answer.

I should've tried harder to get along with everyone in the class.

Jin noticed Elsa staring at him.

Why don't the police arrest Jakob?

I told Vance I'd help him reinstall Windows.

Are we gonna get some wine, dude?

How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to work with you!

It takes time to master any skill.

Hector couldn't go with us.

Nothing lasts forever, not for a long time, anyone can find an excuse to go ahead.

Dan expressed his racist beliefs in public.

My garden is filled with sweet-smelling blooms.

People are crying out against the new tax.

I wish I could tell you the reason, but I can't.

Brandy backed away.


I drink when I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion.


I feel bad.

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My English is not good.


You've told me that before.


I'm a novice at programming, but I learn quickly.


How does this affect you?

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First cousins have one set of grandparents in common.


We are certainly the best.

They're not standing.

We knew something had to be done.


They said he was still weak from a recent sickness.


I convinced Raman to help us tomorrow.

It seemed that she had already received the money.

I want to eat a good yakisoba bread.

There was an air of mystery about the whole affair.

Is that all you ever think about?

Sylvan's acknowledgement that he stole the ring cleared the maid of suspicion.

Sanjeev pushed the door closed.

Tyler knows what he's doing.

He is supposed to have been a great statesman.


The whole world is my home.

I don't think I should do that.

The play was presented by a group of young actors.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be."

I'd like to have some time alone with Bobbie.

He ate a quarter of the cake.

Proverbs are full of wisdom.

The audience was exposed to the devastation.

Yesterday Janice stayed home all day.

Marshall doesn't have to convince me of that.

If it had not been for your advice, I could not have succeeded.

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I am leaving next week.


He married his daughter to a bank clerk.

Cathrin and Keith are John's children.

What's the big deal?

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I'm not making changes.

Dan didn't even negotiate the price.

I know that it's the truth.

He got ideas into his head.

I'm not teaching them languages.

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Are we talking about professionalism?

Everyone escaped injury.

Don was too fat for Heinrich.

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Quickly Sadako tried to fold the paper before she fell asleep.

Indra poured Brodie a glass of water.

Add lots of ice.

Her explanation is a little convincing.

A flying saucer came and took my cows away.


Jan is one of the most interesting guys I've ever met.

They survived, even though the building was destroyed.

I have my own problems.

The climate of Japan is milder than that of England.

The rain waters the flowers.

Louis left without even telling me.

It was clear that Hawking would live longer than was first thought.


Do you have a sister, Lucia?

We have made an effort to quote our most competitive price.

His letter enclosed a picture.

They will never accept; it's too far.

There is no room for doubt.

I don't have the strength to keep trying.

My behaviour was very strange.


I think it is certain that there is intelligent life in this universe, but the likelihood of that life coming to Earth is practically nil.

They're still in there.

I've been here for three days.

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No sweet without sweat.

This one's a tough one.

This flashlight needs two batteries.

I've located Andre.

The tribe wasn't delighted about the advent of the peacemaker.

Why is it my fault?

David talks about Hohn all the time.

I don't trust anyone here.

I doubt there's anyone following me.


Pat does know that.


Did Theodore arrive on time?


Give me a chance to prove it.


Why don't you help her out?

What did they replace?

This isn't what was supposed to happen.


I'm going out for some fresh air.

I'll take Jayant to Patricia.

He kicked his shoes off without untying them first.

The text is deemed as fluent in the target language.

Nguyen told the police that Lila had eaten at the restaurant in question before she died.


I wish I had time to do that.

I love art and quiet evenings at home.

Let's cross that bridge when we get there.

What time is your Basque class?

I wanted to see you.

If I could have understood what Hal meant, I wouldn't have made this mistake.

Helen doesn't know whether Louis is younger or older than he is.

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I like cats more than dogs.

I'll keep it a secret. Don't worry.

My dog is shedding its coat.

I was surprised by the news that Ramneek had won the first prize.

Hillel called my name.

Oh, I'm late. I should be going now.

I awoke to find myself completely refreshed.


You've got no authority to do that.

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Anyway, somehow you succeeded.

What browser are you using?

The police came.

I gave you my word.

Get out and leave me alone!


These glasses do not fit me well. They are too large.

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Can one of you help me?

How are you going to manage?

I see her quite often.


The instant the girl saw her mother, she burst out crying.


Let's make love!

This room can hold three hundred people.

We were landed on a lonely island.


He should get to your house in an hour.

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I would never go there.

The spokesman explained the contents of the treaty to the press.

Doyle wouldn't mind eating meat and potatoes every day of the week.

Evelyn is sitting on the ground.

Why don't you hire Sanford to do the job?


It went viral.

They kept moving.

How often do you eat food you don't like?

The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.

I won't be quiet.

We want to make it affordable.

Can't you just stay a little bit longer?

Are you willing to help her?

Some of the luggage has not arrived yet.

He is seeking a job.

Have a look at the girls.

I'm a good sailor.

Let's not talk about school.


I felt something crawling up my arm.

I thought you were a doctor.

What would've happened if Piercarlo had seen us?


Do you need a ride, babe?