She is responsible.

Children are the hope of tomorrow.

What is so funny?

He has a drug allergy.

The teacher accused one of his students of being noisy in class.

Science is still not capable of solving all of life's problems.

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Darin really should be doing this on his own.


The school has a dress code.


The application deadline is October 20th.

Dan found one.

I forgot my own birthday!

That isn't allowed.

She won't live much longer.

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Many typographical errors were found.

Brenda settled down to his work.

You shouldn't do too much.


A Baiano is someone who was born or who lives in the Brazilian state of Bahia, whose capital is Salvador.

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My mother made a sweater for me.

We were upset.

The land became a village.

I have to take a bath, because I'm all sweaty.

Do you think you're mature?

I don't see how that could be possible.

What were you thinking?

Let me give you a hand with that.

How do you do business with 300 yuan?

I have a job interview I need to get ready for.

I need to borrow some money so I can buy some medicine for Gretchen.

Windy this morning, isn't it?

I have to feed my cat.

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I want to give him a present for his birthday.

Jwahar did not bleed in her first sexual intercourse with Craig.

He gave me not less than five thousand yen.

To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

My guess is that it will be fine tomorrow.

We just need more time.

Thank you for carding the wool.

I have not seen you in a while.

Jaime turned off his desk lamp and sat in the dark thinking about what he should do.

Our party will resist to the bitter end.

That sounds exciting.

I've known him for one year.

She knows ten times more English words than me.

How do you feel about the issue?

Nora really is upset with us, isn't he?

Elisabeth asked Patrice to give a speech at his school.

Well, I'd say it depends.

I was confused by the expression on her face.

Cliff wasn't paying attention in class today.

Elijah is exactly the same height as Noemi.

I have been anxious about my son's safety.


Contributions are encouraged.

Angela is busy with his homework now.

The students entered the classroom two by two.


Erwin is very competent.

Have a lovely Christmas!

What's up, Mike?

Avery was a teacher.

I take my tea without sugar.


I'm too poor to marry her.

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent country.

Because of the heat, I slept with a window open.

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I am a cat person.

Why did they hire you?

Meanwhile, I want to draw your attention to a point.


His words delivered her from her anxiety.

At the moment, I'm a cashier at a car wash but I think I will resume my studies later on because my job isn't enough for me to live on for now.

I was stupid to trust her.


She gave her oath that she would not drink.

Why don't you get into the water?

How is she today?

After a certain point, everything became a little more difficult.

The rising sun dispelled the mist.

I wish you weren't always so rude to Rich.

He got a position as a clerk.


I don't know who'll be here tomorrow.

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Takeo is engrossed in solving mathematical problems.

French isn't difficult to learn.

His room is always a tip.

It wouldn't have mattered.

Cook the soup in the house.


Jason offered to help.

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Let me introduce my sister to you.


He sells cars in France.

I don't really know Melinda very well.

What's everyone staring at?

I hope I'll never have that problem again.

This dictionary puts a special emphasis on usage.

Things have to change.

I joined the list.

He can die from overwork.

I don't know if she has a brother.

I could've done that better.

Get off my back!

It will do you good to have a holiday.

Although he may be clever, he is not wise.


Fortunately, the law had anticipated and made a provision for that case.

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

They offered their sincere apologies.


It would be dangerous to do that.


Shouldn't Johann be doing this, too?

I'm trying to find the person who owns this guitar.

Selling newspapers isn't easy.

I don't think you'd like that.

The U.S. is deep in the red.

It is the end that counts.

It was rather uncomfortable.

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The women stopped working.

Robin's house is haunted.

If he's still alive, he'd be very old by now.

Jose has a ring.

Could you sharpen my knife for me?


I shouldn't have believed him.

The stock prices are on the low side today.

Did you really go to Boston last weekend?

Your plan must fit in with mine.

Gastroenteritis is often caused by the norovirus.

I can't leave work until five.

I ought to be scared, but I'm not.


Maybe I should rephrase that.


He appeared on television last night.

Can you please correct my translation?

I would like to ask a favour of you.

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I think it was quite impressive.

It's a problem any way you look at it.

I wish I could see him again.


Dan encouraged Linda to report the rape.


Please give your mother my best regards.

Claude showed the drawing to Serdar.

Part has forgotten his umbrella again.

The women went to the celebration dressed to the nines.

Roundabouts are both safer and more efficient than four-way intersections.

Sports keep us in good shape.

She is eighteen at most.

I hope I'm not boring you.

He doesn't speak English.

His songs were very popular with young people.

I'm perfectly OK with that.


His house is a tumbledown affair.

Take this gentleman to my office.

They're waiting outside.

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The world is a place of seemingly infinite complexity.

A responsible student knows his or her responsibilities.

I thought you wanted the truth.


You should talk to a specialist.


Is it not love that builds, connects, and creates in the same manner as hate destroys?

I still had the pain in my neck.

They made him do the work again.


Maybe I don't need him.

What is your type exactly?

I want to make a complaint to the management.

You will be famous.

He can speak and write French.

The reason both brothers gave for remaining bachelors was that they couldn't support both airplanes and a wife.

Misfortunes pile up.

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I like to spend my holidays in Germany.

You must set off at once.

Shall we begin?

Let's play truth or dare.

Ritchey kept his father's notes.


Kirsten doesn't know Barry at all.

Nothing could please us more.

He plays baseball after school.


How late am I?