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SSTE (SmarteStudio Test Engine) is an advanced software test engine which is the foundation for commercial test tools such as SmarteStudio and Rapise. It can easily and rapidly be extended by the user via development and enhancement of library modules. Source code for the library modules is available for this purpose. SSTE and all its library modules are free for personal use, and for educational institutions, non-profits, and charities. For commercial use, please contact (619) 629-8210 (SmarteStudio) or 2698305860 (Rapise).

QAForge is a community-driven site dedicated to enabling users of SSTE to learn how to use SSTE and to share and distribute extension libraries, add-ins, test sets and code snippets for all SSTE based tools. QAforge is a platform for the community of contributors to collaborate on developing solutions for common, or uncommon, challenges in the automated testing workspace.

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Firefox library 1.6 is ready

SmarteSoft Support - 2013-03-26 09:06 - Mozilla Firefox Browser Support

Cross-site frame support is added.

acetyl value

SmarteSoft Support - 2013-03-26 09:05 - Chrome Browser Support

It supports cross-site multi-frame recording.

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