She is unable to add that sentence.

You always were one of my best students.


How about the taste?

Where did you want to take Neal?

I'm waiting for a train.


The most infamous expression for the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

A treaty was signed.

He seemed to be lost in thought.

Sue ran into the woods.

Hein is sick in bed today.


Why are you so interested in what Jared thinks?


Americans, on the other hand, are more likely to take chances in the hope of achieving great success.


My brother is out of work.


A distant memory is all I have left of my grandparents.

I'm thinking of the plan.

Damone told Shahid not to eat too much.

Kent warned me you might do that.

Time: That which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.

It's a matter of vital importance.

I want to talk to Root privately.

Four boys are making their way along the street.

Gideon is apparently some kind of genius when it comes to music.

She remained single all her life.

Coincidences happen all the time.

I should've quit smoking a long time ago.

I'll just introduce myself.

Everett isn't crazy.

Are you sure you don't want me to help you with your homework?

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I could run quite a bit faster when I was young.

If you are one of those who love to translate, Tatoeba is the right place for you.

That works.

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I am going to need your help.

He often watches 10 to 20 porn videos per night.

Liber is no longer a student.

Bucky is sound asleep, but Adlai is awake.

We're unemployed.

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Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

Rajiv is on pain killers.

Why aren't you using it?

I'd like to know what I should be doing now.

When you listen to your recorded voice, you get the feeling that you're hearing the voice of a stranger.

She and I are in the same class.

Time for dinner.

We only kissed once.

I myself have, before becoming employed by this company, twice spoken bluntly to the people at the top.

Emil used to play basketball.

That picture does not do justice to him.

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I made up for lost time.

Please explain it to me later.

Would you like me to continue?

How's your boy doing?

He would not take back the remark.

Vince never suspected that Johnathan was the one who had stolen his wallet.

On a sheet of paper, talk about your routine.

Raanan named his squirrel Hazelnut, because it likes hazelnuts.

Chuck wished he hadn't mentioned that he knew Tanya.


Santa is working on a new novel.


I know it's crazy, but it's true.


The trial lasted five days.

Harmon was escorted out of the hospital.

I like your friends.

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I forgot to ask him.

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Keep going.


I'm supposed to be in bed.

Cindie has dabbled in the magical arts.

That is our father.

She advises him on technical matters.

Kazuhiro listened.


Look, there's my mom.

We alternated with each other in driving the car.

Barry couldn't go anywhere without his dog.

I was with Stephanie this afternoon.

What do you think this could be?

I ate my lunch in the park.

He stopped smoking for his health.

What did that mean?

I've been told your name.

Despite the problems of excessive commercialization, etc. the Olympics will go forward into the new century.

Fire burns.


I told you not to go by yourself.


I've always been a romantic at heart.


The fish is hiding under the rocks.


Can you play well?


I don't think anyone could have stopped Jordan.


I am used to going to bed very late.

Hubert loosened his tie and poured himself a drink.

Let's discuss the problem.

My friend Sun shine on me now and ever.

We caught them by surprise.

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Don't go too near the fire.

I can see a ship on the horizon.

You must think I'm a creep.


Would you like another glass of wine?


Everyone always asks me that.

They pay him well.

The family ate dinner together.

Don't treat me like a child.

"Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home.

Is there an elevator?

Look at all the brush that has built up around the house. It needs to be cleared.

He is on the town.

We use "present tense" for this kind of case.


She's been living for the last five years under an assumed name.


She has been sick for a week.

I resolved that I would work harder.

We were just about to leave when she telephoned.


Jaime didn't drown.

Her house is enclosed with a white fence.

I'm just waiting for someone.

This suitcase is too heavy for you.

I spotted you in the crowd as soon as I saw your hat.


He is my boss.

What do you think? Does it suit me? It's what servants wear around here.

The girl wore yellow ribbons in her hair.

His eyes betrayed his fear.

A balloon was floating in the air.

I need a better dictionary.

Dating Ramon wasn't such a good idea.

There wasn't anyone in the room.

Take me with you.

Hal is just frightened.

How did you do?

I'll have to stay behind and help Kolkka clean up.

Celeste became desperate.

It goes without saying that health is most important.

Tor did it as you suggested.

Some company would be nice.

It's always sunny in Italy.

We cannot praise him highly enough for this.

Nordic combined is one of the winter sport events, a competition where you compete on the combination of two Nordic style ski events - cross country skiing and ski jumping.

He took out a piece of paper.

I said I would help.

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They did an unimaginable job.

What do you think they'll do?

This author is a prominent critic of the role of the United States as a superpower.


Micah asked a few pertinent questions.

He has corporal's stripes.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

"You know Cris, don't you?" "I can't say that I do."

During the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, the height of the tsunami waves reached up to 37.9 meters.

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The nurse gave me a flu shot.


How fast that dog runs!

Oh, It's cheap!

We're freezing.

You're not a teenager yet.

We were really tight.


When a man opens the door of a car for a woman, either the woman is new, or the car.

Something has happened to them.

He thought up an excuse.


Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

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I want to know if it's close.

The traffic was heavy so I was late for the meeting.

The curtains are fluttering in the wind.

Do not eat anything before you go to bed.

He is known to almost everybody throughout the world.


Will walked past.


Ask for her advice.

Be sure to take all your belongings with you.

Sanjeev opened the glove compartment and got out a pair of sunglasses.


I skipped my breakfast.