The campaign seems to be going like a bomb.

He looked at historically famous locations.

We need heroes.

There's definitely something wrong here.

Teri was married, but he didn't wear a ring.

This is a very entertaining story.

That party was great, Dude.

He is the personification of selfishness.

You don't have to pretend with me.

Lila was as nervous as Lindsey.

Let's pick flowers from the garden.

How many people work there?

The dark clouds and swirling wind indicated that a storm was imminent.

I think about you often.

I helped her.

It looks like we're in for some nasty weather.

Leora is on the swim team at school.

I need another chance.

When you get there, wait for a while.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Harris was normally very reliable and his absence from the meeting was inexplicable.

I'm pleased to finally meet you.

Handsome is as handsome done.

I'm occupied right now.

Return to sender.

Our college is far from the station.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm busy.

I encrypt my emails.

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His present is a bottle of wine.

I believe him an American.

I am in favor of the proposition.

I'd never hire him.

It is unheard of in my company.

I cannot swim. My leg is broken.

I wish you all the best.


Somebody stole it from me.

Less noise, please.

His complacency won't make him many friends.


The room is furnished with two beds.


Is it raining?


The television isn't working.

Someone has to confront them.

Has anybody solved this mystery?

Where will all this end?

The street was in utter chaos.


He was surprised at the news.


The 1990's saw various incidents.

I think I should get right to work.

If it rains, take the washing in.

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The joint of my left shoulder aches.

Didn't they tell you who I was?

"Have you ever been told that you look like Lucius Cruise?" "Ah, people tell me that sometimes, but I don't think we look alike at all myself."

They're writing.

That doesn't scare me in the least.

Perhaps you should stop.

He is second to none in English in his class.

He earns his living by teaching.

I don't do that anymore.

I was able to grasp the main points of the speech.

He avoids all troublesome tasks.

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Barrett stormed out of the building.

Susan made Sylvan something to eat.

Why are they complaining?


I'm not having lunch with you.

He did not eat anything yesterday.

I've got to get home.


Don't be absurd.

I have work to do.

You seem upset.

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Murthy wanted to ask you a few questions.

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There is a one-year guarantee on this toaster.


She is late for work again and is not afraid to lose her job.

I will rescue you from these horrible circumstances.

I couldn't stop her.

I dug one.

We won't let that happen.

Kristian gave Nicolette a wave.

Let's try!

I'd like to ask a few more questions.

That was a phenomenal play.

I wonder how many people are still here.

She is no less beautiful than her sister.

Let's hold that problem in abeyance for a while.

Can you get her?

You're uninsured.

Who was in second place?

They've just left.

What do you want to talk about?

"Come home early, Guillaume." "Yes, mother."

We're asking for forgiveness.

Have you been listening to what Knut is saying?

Do you think this is normal?

Were they lying?

I swear, nothing happened.


I don't like beets.

When did that last happen?

In God's name, what's going on here?


She asked him to come into her house, but he refused.

Let others wage wars, you, fortunate Austria, marry.

She's the official spokesperson for Tatoeba.


The critics were unimpressed.


Have you got any baggage?

"Noo!" cried Charlie.

I wanted to hear from her.

I unfortunately drew a wrong conclusion.

Don't dwell on your past failures.


He has a beautiful tan.

That hotel will cost you much more during peak season than off-season.

Everybody tells themselves that.

Van is a really bad roommate.

I miss him as much as ever.


They did not notice minute differences.

Helen had a very good night.

Evan has a new pair of sunglasses.

Will you please go there?

The vase he broke is my aunt's.


How does this thing work?

We're following them.

You're cuter than Kenton.


I'll call you as soon as I get back from Boston.


I went to America last fall.


He had bought a dog.

Sheila is shaving his beard.

The teacher allowed him to go home.

What a tender heart she has.

You haven't seen anything yet.


He himself says he's completely hopeless, but as someone with an intermediate level skill, he will probably be fine.

He is carrying a parcel under his right arm.

Who are we talking about?

What use is a glass, if you don't have anything to pour into it?

Something like that wouldn't happen in Australia.

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Perry cares more than you think.


How old is this tree?

Please arrive a bit later next time.

We do not know her.


Elliott is a student at Harvard.


This is the finest picture I have ever seen.

Taxes on French perfumes have been increased in the United States.

I feel sorry for Josh's parents.

On a rainy morning he left his house early so as to be in time for school.

In old times the slope was very lonely.


I could see the rippling waves on my right.


I awoke to find everything had been a dream.

Can't we do anything to help?

I've already told Mott what he needs to do.


She accused him of stealing her car.


I slowly got down the Uyghur language.

Marcia has an incurable disease.

Malcolm said he couldn't remember his own phone number.

Thierry and Elsa want to buy a house with at least 3 bedrooms.

I would like to thank you for your collaboration.


A sincere opinion would interest me.

Bea heard a voice behind him.

Can I ride with you sometime?


You let him down.

Let me show you to the elevator.

Shai doesn't need to worry about Julius.

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Bradley found that difficult to believe.

We weren't given a chance.

You should do whatever you think is right.

She reads a newspaper every morning.

I'll see to all the arrangements.

You could have said something.

He was absorbed in a computer game.