Prince here for UWA space race

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, will visit UWA next Friday to get an update on the bid to build the world’s biggest radio telescope. UWA said the Queen’s second son (58) was well known for his strong support of science, technology and engineering, and had shown particular interest in the university’s involvement with the Square Kilometre Array project, to build the world’s biggest radio telescope in WA and southern Africa. He will also get an overview of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, a joint venture between UWA and Curtin University.


An entrenched bloc of Subiaco councillors shocked onlookers when its members quickly shut down public debate on the long-term plan for the city’s streetscapes on Tuesday night. Instead, mayor Penny Taylor has held two secret meetings where participating councillors were apparently provided with butcher’s paper, Textas and coloured pencils to map Subiaco’s residential future.