Ah, whatever.

Then why have you sold it?

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What's your girlfriend's name?

Why don't you talk to Al?

She only reads prose.

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He ran out of money.

I couldn't get that lucky.

Debi is angry at me, isn't he?


No one is allowed to go there.

I think Leung is in love.

Two-thirds of the students of this school are boys.

If you bring us some books, the time will seem shorter to us.

I live in your world.


Holding the Olympics where there's severe atmospheric pollution gives rise to a great risk for athletes.

Rest is sweet after the work is done.

I am from Tokyo, Japan.

Marlena seems resourceful.

I think it sounds lovely.

Some boys at school make fun of me.

It is said that Mr Jones is a good teacher.


We don't trust you.

The church does not have the mandate to change the world. But if it fulfills its mission, it will change the world.

Alastair felt fantastic.

Brandi flew to Boston last Monday.

Smart people can pretend to be dumb. The opposite is more difficult.


The pressure for tax reform is growing.

Betty sat in the chair with her legs crossed.

You are entitled to your opinion.

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Doctor-patient confidentiality should be respected at all times.

I hope everyone is OK.

Hume got off of his motorcycle.

Sometimes we forget to do things that need to be done.

I remember last night very well.

The interpreter has a double role.

Would you do that for me?

He finds strength in his religion.

He performed duty at last.

We cannot sleep well on summer nights.

Do you work at all?

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The outlook for our business isn't good.


I think I'm going to stay here.


Would you mind if I took a picture?

You're worse than I am.

Modern art means little to me.

Tigger is wearing earrings.

You've got a lot to learn about being nice.

I offered 30% less than the asking price.

This isn't the right way to do this.

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Hazel and Hohn both live in Boston.


It'll be crowded everywhere today.

It's a complicated transaction.

We still aren't the ones who make the decisions here.


That's so tragic.

I think we'd better start over again.

I'm not applauding you.

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Jack needs to chill.

All things come to those who wait.

Did you find the book you were looking for?

Japan's inflation-adjusted GNP growth rate was 5%.

Enjoy your evening.

Do you want to go with him?

What do you need today?

I am really tired of living.

Konstantinos didn't say whether he was planning to go or not.

My mobile phone is broken.

You can meet Galen there.


Anderson gave Jayesh a light kiss on the cheek.

Randal and Melinda have gone to Australia.

Come party with us.

Some kinds of food make us thirsty.

Tandy visited Marcos on October 20th.

Blood circulates through the body.

Please call me up tonight at my office.

I got used to working overtime.

They've been looking for the plane for eight days, without success.

Hurry! We don't have a lot of time.

I have work on Wednesday.

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My parents know my girlfriend.

How should you advertise on the Internet?

Marek found a few good deals at the flea market.

I don't expect you to understand.

None of this is rational.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1868.

Do you have any drinks?

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Danny had a back up plan in case something went wrong.

Ellen had to pay damages to the owner of the car.

I imagine that Tiefenthal will eventually learn to deal with the way people treat him.

Don't even talk to him.

Rafik thought Eva would come to his party.


Claude hadn't eaten since breakfast and was getting hungry.

How many people live in that house?

She was so curious that she opened the box.

For a girl of her age, Steen expresses very clever, remarkable thoughts.

She retorted against him.


The girl talked to her parents about her college life in Tokyo.

This additional work will take about two hours more.

Stop yelling in my ear.


It doesn't matter which way you go. If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

Have you been here the entire time?

They have what they want.

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I made him carry the suitcase.

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Painting is another thing that I can do relatively well.

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Kathleen listed Sekar as his next of kin on his travel insurance application.


Jack has found something interesting.

Was Olivier the one who did this?

Phill is charming.


Actually, there are many cases where 'have [object] done' is not causative.


We're still planning to go.

Oleg put his clothes on.

I want to go skiing with Eduardo.

I want you to treat me a little nicer from now on.

Rahul knows where my house is.

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The long wait at the airport was tedious.

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

Can't we wait a little bit longer?

Huey is very timid.

I pretended to be asleep.


Do you hear that sound?

The one resource more precious than any other was land.

The factory produced ten finished articles an hour.

Graham sat cross-legged in the dark.

Good news! There are four hundred and forty four sentences in Klingon.

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Harvey decided the best thing to do was to go to Boston.

Cut the cloth in a diagonal direction.

Whoever reads that is silly.

Wolf is turning blue.

Saul is very funny.

You're quite right to be concerned.

It isn't raining now.

Let's find out how much we owe Andre.

She is extremely competent.


The boat was sucked in.

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I'll marry you if you change the color of your hair.

Do you have the tickets?

There must be a better person for both of us.

Shawn has big plans.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I'm going to get married.

Rajarshi came to see me after you left.


What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

She smiled and said goodbye.

Do you think Curt really intends to do that?

We have four rabbits, one of them bites.

Shahid was sentenced to 13 months.


I didn't mean any harm.

The sanctity of this space is absolute.

The teacher gave out the test papers after the bell rang.

In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense.

Don't go so fast!

It's not me, I swear!

The protests have died down.


In this tree, there is an apple on every limb.

I made friends with a student from abroad.

There has been progress.

Merry Spring Festival!

He will never live up to his parent's expectations.

I won't cry.

She cheered him up because he was depressed.

We have to get you to a doctor.

I use an electric toothbrush.


I left in the morning.

Don't let schooling interfere with your education.

Lester can't be found.

The fat woman was holding a monkey.

I told Old on the phone I can't help him.