Rudy would never say that.

Next week I have things to do except on Monday and Wednesday, I am free on all the other days though.

Mechael was chosen from among 500 applicants.

The school bus could not run.

I'm sure Hwa has plans to do that.

That painting has started to grow on me.

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He's always looking at you.

How long did you know her?

This we can do.

You'd better get back to work.

Maybe you should go home.

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Her business was incorporated.

The small car boom is ending.

I don't know exactly what Pierette wants to do.

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It's not funny anymore.

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You can't escape.


I still can't believe that you forged her signature.


She gets up the earliest in my family.

This is a story written in English.

Lanny declined Naren's offer.


The flowers withered for want of water.

Are you really the one who donated all that money?

She kept him to his word.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Roderick loved Walt and Francis loved him.

They lived in Norway for a while.

Armenians and Jews sum up to more than 7 million deaths simply because they are different.


Malcolm couldn't speak French when I first met him.

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Why do I have to do this alone?


I'd like to have a glass of wine.


French is their mother tongue.


I want to be paid in cash.

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I wonder why Jim wants to buy one of those.

Egg tarts, when freshly baked, are a real delicacy.

I opened my account with the bank.

This year's fashions are different from those of last year.

The trees by the road were chopped down.


Do you want to take a look at it?

There sure are a lot of people at Sensouji.

I don't think Earle will like this.

I overpowered them.

Stop, you're breaking my heart.

She advised him not to eat between meals.

Grow up a little.

I wrote down his phone number on a scrap of paper.

What have you got so far?

Save money for a rainy day.

I don't get what you mean.


I had nothing to do with her.

I can get you in.

We still have a lot of things to do.

Will you be staying up and working all night to finish the job?

I looked after him for a period of time.

This car uses more gas than these other two cars.

If we don't make the utmost effort to protect the rainforests, many of the rare species in them will become extinct.


Andreas weighs as least 70 kilograms.

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As the men walked up and down the rows of people, they shouted, "Get your dachshund sausages!"

There was a snowstorm is North Dakota.

Sorry, what was your name again?

Being young, he can work all day long.

The tactic worked.

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You'll get used to living here in no time.

As soon as he arrives, tell him to meet me in the living room.

The sun shines brighter after the storm.

Your intelligence is as vast as the distance between Bombay and Mumbai.

When did you arrive?

Can we talk after class?

Juliane's eyes are powerful.

The pain is here, right? That's a stomach ache.

There are many familiar words.

I don't think anybody has ever done such a thing before.

You can speak out freely here.

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If you use this modern equipment, it will save a lot of manpower.

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I visited him on a warm May afternoon.

Bernard didn't ask for our opinions.

He is going to call you because he cannot get the machine to work.

He soon got used to the new surroundings.

Bill left the house with his briefcase.

Albert is the owner of a very big house.

What do you know about Germany?

I really like riding.

Monday is a hard day.

You came out of the room.

Cindy looked like a volcano about to erupt.

I can remember it.

I hate people like you.


No, I'm not going to take it back.

I'll run your idea by the boss, see if he's interested.

Don't haggle over a small sum of money.


It's not the first time that Jeanne has dated two girls at the same time.

When was the last time you saw her?

What are you washing?

Stagger really likes Clarissa, doesn't he?

I have no siblings.

Shrieking, and all on fire, little Sekar bounded into the open air and on towards the ditch in which the young ducks were playing.

Bonnie has a lot to do before he can go home.

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Don't leave valuables in your vehicle.


I wanna marry a gamer girl.

They have decided to put aside old wounds.

Did you forget to lock the door last night?

The sky is clear and the sun is bright.

He is the tallest boy.


There are some aircraft, called gliders that have no engines at all, but fly just fine.


It's clear that Lois isn't yet persuaded.

The man suddenly started shooting his gun.

I did not have sex with him.


Should we send peacekeepers into the United States, where gun use is out of control?

It's a good movie.

I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't come to help me.

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Ramadoss doesn't know all the facts.

I'll just sit here and wait for Isabelle.

Graeme was lucky to find a job.

Why do people commit suicide?

I found Damone.

You have to account for your absence.

Justin wishes he could speak French as well as Paul does.

The scar on his forehead really stands out.

Let's go early, shall we?

You're competent but you're slacking.

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.


The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

I think it'll turn out fine.

In this season we often suffer from an excess of rain.

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You're a valuable asset to me.

Elric fixed a watch.

English is a language spoken all over the world.


You're the worst.

I had already heard that song once.

The union and the company have agreed upon a new contract.

She's a songwriter.

How are we going to do this without Kaj's help?

Norman Finkelstein's parents were survivors of the Holocaust.

I met Panzer at the airport.

How dare you marry my daughter without my consent!

Do you really believe ghosts exist?

Giant pandas live only in China.

Was that all you wanted to say to me?

Tony is a very good tennis player.

Have they told you anything yet?

I saw a bright red Ferrari parked at the campus gates and my jaw just dropped.

Frances was sitting alone at a private table eating the most expensive meal that the restaurant served.

We'll miss you when you're not here.

I haven't forgotten you.


What harm would it do if I were to go into the garden for a short time and enjoy myself among the trees and flowers, and the singing birds and fluttering butterflies and humming insects, and look at the dew-drops hiding from the sunbeams in the hearts of the roses and lilies, and wander about in the sunshine, instead of remaining all day in this room?

Barrio is volunteering to help.

I'll never doubt you again.

The Southeast is a major energy producer of coal, crude oil, and natural gas.

Kyoto gets thousands of visitors from all over the world each year.


Relations between Greece and Germany are tense.

Wait until you receive the letter.

Bernard had an attack of nerves.

I never thought about that.

"This is my fault." "No, it isn't."

It's pretty clear what's going on here.

We're not going to help them.

Christophe said that no words could adequately describe his feelings of devastation and grief on losing his best friend.

They signed a three-year contract with a major record company.


You're so rude that I want to punch you.


I don't know whether or not I should bring an umbrella with me to university with me today. The weather forecast has been misleading for the past few days.

He is beginning to pick up his health again.

What should I do in the meantime?


We have our hands full right now.

I'd like to wring her neck.

Let me have a cigarette.