Why are girls so complicated?

Walter hasn't paid the bill yet.

The roses out on the roof were in full bloom, and peeped in at the window; and there stood the little chairs, on which they had sat when children; and Kay and Gerda seated themselves each on their own chair, and held each other by the hand, while the cold empty grandeur of the Snow Queen's palace vanished from their memories like a painful dream.

As the door slid open, he almost fell onto the platform.

Teri doesn't feel like eating anything right now.

Jurevis wouldn't tell Becky why he had quit his job.

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Is this going to be a problem?

Darin is fading fast.

I'll phone Niall tonight.

Wait right here.

This web page can't be displayed.

He has nothing to contribute to a conversation.

Russell is definitely the person who should be doing this instead of me.

Stevan didn't seem pleased to see me.

You're my boss.

Write to them.

This was happening often in the summer.

I hope you're well rested.

She held on to me to prevent me from going.

I don't want to leave here.

I ran on and on and came in sight of a light.

The unhappy woman, drowned in tears, told her story.

This lake is the deepest lake in Japan.

Can you stop by tomorrow?

Let's see what we can do to help.

I am playing football now.

He stayed there some time.

Your effort is appreciated.

By and large, your idea is a good one.

I've got to get back in shape.

"I know," said Al-Sayib, getting a new bottle of Fanta. "This is serious business. So why'd you call?"

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I've already written my part of the report.

I like red wine better than white.

He wasn't jumping on the bed.


To hear is to obey.

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Please let me sleep.


Charles lived a life of debauchery when he was young.

It is dependent on you if we will buy it or not.

She treated each of us to an ice cream.

The story was very interesting.

This memory weighs, as a nightmare would, on my soul.

Granville slammed her bedroom door shut.

It was nice seeing you.

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Let me hear it.

We've had a great week.

That's what got him killed.

Come on, it's not that hard.

We caught sight of a ship in the distance.


I was full of curiosity about her past.


Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

The volunteer group provides war victims with food and medicine.

Anderson felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Lucy was brought up by her grandparents.

You didn't come into the office yesterday and I want to know why.

She advised him to take a long holiday, so he immediately quit work and took a trip around the world.

I'm not as slim as my older sister.

Your approval is not required.

One bad apple spoils the bunch.

You have to turn words into deeds.

Rob grimaced bravely.

My dear little cat disappeared a week ago.

They are watering the garden.

QA team has discovered a serious bug. In consequence, it is recommended that all works be reviewed from the beginning.

Why do these pills always have to have side effects?

I don't care what Knute tries to do.

Let me concentrate.

He refused to listen to our request for help.

The play was far from being a failure.

I'm going there even if you don't go.

How much would it be to rent this house?

Morris thinks that he's Donovan's boyfriend, but Sanand thinks that he's just a friend.

Christian won't be able to do what we want him to do.

Do you have any idea what time Donal will get here?

How do you propose we do that?

Where did you get that scratch on your cheek?

Can I get back to work?

Brad and Shakil are good friends, but they aren't dating.

Please draw a hundred thousand yen from the bank.


Everything went black.

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Bob ate the snail, then vomited.

Put your guns away.

I wish I could go with you.


The individual is the fundamental element of a community.

I have absolutely no intention of paying ten dollars.

You should set off as soon as possible.

Suddenly, a dog began to bark.

The prouder the individual, the harsher the punishment.


I share with him in the enterprise.

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This restaurant serves savoury meals.

This is a Japanese doll.

We've looked everywhere, haven't we?

The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain.

You can't say anything else.


Leaves grow on branches.


A good businessman knows how to make money.

Well, it's all come out in the wash.

I remember him saying something about that.

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Could you show me how to use that machine?

How did the new president deal with the problem?

Laurent found the key that he thought he'd lost.

It's hurting our children.

Help yourself to a drink.

Are you in the house?

Get an egg from the fridge.

Choose either of the two T-shirts.

I plan to do the same thing you do.


I want to sleep now.

Tareq realized that he might need more money.

Everyone thinks we're a couple.

Once we've killed, we enjoy killing.

Milo hopped in the backseat.

That's a dangerous curve. There've been many accidents there.

I thought I heard your voice.

I'm hoping to find them.

I live in Bucharest.


We will study the underlying molecular occurrences of fertilization.

That bottle is in the dirt.

Tell her that I am sick.

Let's make a phone call.

She isn't alone anymore.

I need to go shopping.

She tweezed her eyebrows.

I have brown eyes and black hair.

He rose from his chair to welcome me.

He sent for a doctor.

How are you going to help Olof?

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She had a narrow escape yesterday.

You may leave your seat at will.

Carter doesn't smoke, does he?

Do you have any idea what Lenora is talking about?

I guess I just wasn't thinking.


Don't call her a freak.

He had to part with his secretary when she got married.

Four times five is twenty.

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I asked him to do that.

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We didn't add pictures to our album.

The parking lot was located two buildings ahead.

I have to see them now.

If you want to come, I'll take you with me.

What kind of dog is this?

That woman knows where I live.

He made the best of the opportunity.

Which brother did you see?

This girl has special powers.

What's the delay?

I've got a lot on my mind.


Is this 223-1374?

I've been thinking about Cary.

Leigh jumped out of her seat.


Niels cooked dinner for us.


She called me very late last night.


Is she your sister?

It's quite a lot of work, actually.

Kris seconded the motion.


Delbert didn't do anything wrong.

Did you find your purse?

Someone's in the shower.

I thought I ought to offer Albert some help.

It is nothing less than an invasion.

If I were you, I would buy it.

If you make a mistake, just cross it out neatly.

OK, what kind of place do you live at?

I wonder if the weather will hold.

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The hotel was once a restaurant.


Stand back from the rope.


At night I lay awake waiting for the break of dawn.


The EU's unity is gradually becoming shakier.

Every day my dad leaves for work at eight o'clock.

We were here all night.