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Welcome to The SALT Experiment, a chronicle of one couples desire to breakout from the everyday, and find adventure on the high seas.’

Sailing, Adventureing. Living, Traveling, is what it is all about for us. This our experminent to find another way of living, trading careers and security for adventure and the unkown. What we will find and where we will end up, who knows? Whatever happens its bound to be interesting.

The SALT Experiment website is to perform 5 main functions;

  1. A record for us of our adventures across the worlds oceans
  2. Share our travels with family, friends and whoever else is interested
  3. Provide a source of inspiration to like minded people, who are looking for their own unknowns.
  4. Share what we have learned, because without others sharing their knowledge our adventure would not be possible.
  5. A hub for all our content that is also in other areas such as social media.

With all that said, we hope that you find our site informative, inspirational, but most of all entertaining.

So kick back and enjoy, and maybe we will be fortunate enough to cross paths on the outside.





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