"It was very tough, very rough" said the rugby player immediately after the match.

She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

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How do you know that belongs to Nicolette?

He knows how to circumcise children.

Why did you put the chicken in such a difficult place to get when you knew that I wanted to use it right away?

Ah, you're a true friend.

Something horrible has happened.

It's nearly midnight in Boston.

My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

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Poetry is an exploration, a revelation, and an invitation for dialogue.

I forgot to tell Raanan about Piet.

What keeps you up at night?

Collin never goes out in his canoe alone.

If you live at a higher altitude, water boils at a lower temperature.


I tried to warn Allen.

I've no idea what's happening.

Why were you being so evasive?

We know you're still there.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of moving to another country if I get a good job offer.

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Since you're going to the room, can you tell Erkin to come over here?

I've read a lot of books.

How can I know for sure?

The next morning, Link woke up at seven o'clock, refreshed and brimming with anticipation. "Gee!" he stretched luxuriously and pressed the button on top of the Kingface alarm clock. "Oh boy, the day has finally come! I can't wait!" he mused on his way to the dining hall. "Morning, Link," the King gave him his typical greeting. "Munf-Munf? We ran outta Linky-O's. Gwonam has eaten them all." "Problem, guys?" said Gwonam with a smirk, but neither paid any attention to it. "Wow, thanks!" Link dug in enthusiastically, disregarding the strong taste that nearly made his eyes bulge. It was his own fault he let Gwonam beat him to it, after all.

When she awoke, she felt terribly cold.

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A puppy followed me wagging its tail.

Please hand me the dictionary.

You're ugly.

Axel had his car stolen last month.

To win, and we will win!

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We need to get this one right.


Juri said that he wanted to forget about what happened.

Child, why are you crying? Tell me.

She said she was happy.

When choosing mineral water, we should prefer that is rich in calcium and magnesium, but low in sodium.

Why wasn't I told that?

Everyone was totally shocked.

It is related to the fact that ...

Could you take a picture of us?

Peggy can't afford to take it easy.

I dried the sink with a dishrag and now it's dry.

I'll miss my teammates.

I doubt Judy will be here tomorrow.

Laura doesn't know it yet, but Russell plans to ask him for a divorce.

Did you get the loan?

So what do you want with me?

You can start right now.

Her behavior really got on my nerves.


She was an actress.

Compared to Snoopy, Charlie Brown is not well known at all in Japan.

Lowell lived next door to us until three months ago.


Kenneth Starr abused his power again and took away my right to get on-line.


I've got nothing.


I don't think any of this is important.

The room was in total disorder.

They got Wolfgang.


People who bring personal details into arguments don't know how to argue.

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I want Ethan to continue doing things just the way he's been doing them.


Don't tell him where you live.

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The impacts from sea level rise and storm surge, extreme weather events, higher temperatures and heat waves, precipitation changes, Arctic warming, and other climatic conditions are affecting the reliability and capacity of the U.S. transportation system in many ways.

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Even after being approved, difficulties might arise in the actual construction of the line.

Did Saiid find them?

My neighbour's daughter is an aerospace engineer.


Look! There's a cat in the kitchen!

2. Sew together the shoulder of the garment body.

The research institute was established in the late 1960s.

I thought so!

I don't have time to make you a sandwich.

Swimming in this lake is not permitted.

I found a place to live.

Why would anyone not like us?

Nobody is going to tear down this house.


They say Coca-Cola dissolves teeth.

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I'm no longer angry at you.

Hui failed his driving test, as we expected.

If two people are in agreement, one of them is unnecessary.

In which car of the train is the seat you reserved?

I wish I had listened to Edmund.

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Because we reject the same thing that people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children. And it is my first duty as President to protect the American people.

I'd better warn him.

The sight of his mother Instantly enlivened the child.

Don't complain of your food.

Who threw the bottle?

Where did you blind them?

No, you don't.

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Have you ever called Taninna?

I need to know when to show up.

Something smells good in here.


The prisoners were trying to escape.

We'll all work together.

I'll eat a preserved egg.

This is the first time I've ever taken a picture of the Queen.

I am pleased to tell you that your work has now been accepted for publication in SM.


I'm sure there won't be any problem.

He has a massive comic book collection, with an estimated combined value of over a thousand dollars.

In any case, it's troublesome, isn't it?


Now it happened that the prince of that country was hunting with his dogs in the forest.


There's nothing left to talk about.

Lindsay didn't commit the crimes he's been accused of.

You can call a cat a small tiger, and a tiger a big cat.

Has Sanford figured it out yet?

Did you let Blake drive your car?


Gregge and I aren't fools.

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She wants to travel to Antarctica, of all places.

I don't exist to you.

Rudy was secretly very excited.


That would be great!

Vilhelm seems to be working on a plan.

Are they big?

She died of tuberculosis.

Love is hard to define.


Vikings 1 and 2 became the first space probes to successfully land on the surface of Mars.

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Raanan was going to sign it, but decided not to.

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Let's be smart.

The journey, as I recall it, was long and tedious.

Do you have a preference?


The team waited.


This was how he entered the university.

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The boys in the village laughed at me.


The whole country was covered in snow.


Old people don't like new ideas; they like to think that the world has lost something, rather than improved, since they were young.

They hugged us.

I know the president of that club very well.


He studied the scientists considered to be the most significant of the 19th century.


I am sneezing.

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You shouldn't go outside.

Toerless made it clear that he didn't want Clyde at his party.

In which folder did you put the photos from the sports event?

The butter spreads easily.

Teruyuki was always mean to Win.


It's a reasonable price.

I have eyestrain.

I tried to raise Evan alone.

The boy talks as if he were a great scholar.

Nobody waits for me.

That doesn't help me.

I do not know what you want from me.


It's not likely Elvis will be there tonight.

Why are you doing all this for us?

Was Felix on your team?

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I'm looking for a gym suit for my sister.


School starts April 8th.

I have been to London before.

Christophe usually doesn't eat as much as Dorian does.

I have no choice but to do that.

Is love frightening to anyone you know?

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I don't like the city in which he lives.


Be careful not to fail.


You never told me that you didn't know how to speak French.


Are you having any chest pain?

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Sriram, who are you going to spend Christmas with?

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Can you talk to Barbara?