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The APA PARAGON rifle intro prior to destruction

APA RTG (Redesgined Trigger Guard)

APA Rings

APA Fat Bastard vs 338 Lapua

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Why American Precision Arms

The word custom is thrown around these days so much that very few even understand what having a custom gun is really about. We believe it is about delivering the customer exactly what they want in a firearm, and though it may be a painstaking process on our part, we take pride meeting the expectations of our customers by providing them with exactly what they desire. This is our mission.


Consistency achieves accuracy. Attention to detail achieves consistency. Jered has the rare ability to combine both world class craftsmanship and unrivaled attention to detail. There are few that have the talent… Even fewer that have the almost counterproductive level of attention to detail that we’re all looking for… And even fewer who are passionate enough to deliver EXACTLY what you want… every time. In my line of work I choose from the best of the best… I choose APA.

—Capt. Keith Bell, U.S. Army Sniper School