I liked the book so much I ordered ten copies for friends.

The project has to be finished by the end of the week at the latest.

Gabriel is a very powerful swimmer, isn't he?

Simon carefully cut the fabric with a pair of scissors.

You can't sing and dance on Good Friday.

We've had a lot of chances.

My uncle was involved in the traffic accident.

I'd like to play a game of golf.

Everyone looks tired.

It is man's destiny to suffer.


It will get warmer soon.

I'm sure that Harry didn't mean to hurt you.

I need a partner.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.

I understand that Jef is leaving Boston tonight.

The little child was subjected to violence from his stepmother.

Do you really think we can do this without Olof's help?


The river is five feet deep.


The monthly staff meeting is never held on Monday.


She pawned her gold.

Don't make a fuss.

Per wanted to have dinner in bed.


I don't think that he's honest.

It's doable, but not easy.

Let's sit up front.

The CEO is trying to quash these unfounded rumors about a merger.

The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.

I think I'll get what I need.

Does it bark at her?

Where are they swimming?

I think I'll brown bag it this week.

How long were you married?

You should be a writer.

He put live bait on a hook.

Adam is still in Boston.

Ken stopped talking and began to eat.

It has already happened.

Do you really not remember me?

Juha has moved back to Boston.

I'm Marcos's boss.

Yo, check out this bling bling!


Can I take a selfie with you?


It would be better to stay home today.


She had no brother.


Walt was working for me.


The house burned down completely.

I didn't move anything.

I want this dog.


Do you resent my being here?


My opponent hates puppies.


Vic is just scared.


How many times are you going to bring that up?

We know Rand didn't do it.

Myrick decided to buy a used car instead of a new one.

I really need to catch the first train tomorrow morning.

I felt the house shake.


I wonder what has become of him.

This soup is very simple to make.

What was the last really difficult thing you had to do?

There's a full stop missing from the end of the sentence.

He has recovered little by little.


Did you see it on the news?

As I opened the door without knocking, she lost her temper.

Where do you get off telling me that?

I think we've found what we were looking for.

The cost of living is very high in Tokyo.

The doctor did everything he could.

I'm not going to do anything until I talk to Seenu.

His action frightened us.

I know you weren't planning to come.

I'm here to protect you.

That really made a difference.

There seemed to be several explanations of the case, but the police hit on the right one the first time.

She needed the entire afternoon for that job.

I help them almost every day.

Harmon's bleeding.


What was Shuvra's crime?

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This bicycle is mine.

I like to think of Brent as the brother I never had.

The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.


I don't want to go to the bank.


I don't think it's anything we need to worry about.

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He gave me what money he had with him.


I can't believe I believed Johan.

Sid said he didn't speak French.

Lawyers are all liars.


Morris lived alone in a small hut.


Partly because he could not receive enough information, Harper's description remains imperfect.

Few people live to be 100 years old.

Nathaniel threw a rock at the dog.

I took no note of the time.

The picture that you hung up yesterday afternoon fell down this morning.

The hunter went deep into the forest, never to return.

The elephant's skin is very tough.

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You're not real, no, you're not real!

Brooke didn't give me my money back.

Suyog played Glynn a love song.

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Elliot will be denied membership.

Even if he's busy, he'll come.

None of us will go to Boston with Max.

Allen loves country music.

I never harmed him.


"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"


There's a crop circle in the field.

Leave it in the refrigerator until it sets.

Cindy told me all about you.


This passage contains a lot of meaning.

No one deserves my vote.

Apart from the weather, it was a good picnic.


When I grow up, I'll be a pilot. And what will you be?

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My mother is always complaining about me.

Does the mid-autumn festival fall on Monday this year?

He addressed my full attention to the landscape outside.

Harvey says he comes here every year.

Look at the cute little baby sleeping in the cradle.


My daddy and mommy are getting a divorce.

Rome is the capital of the world.

I didn't have enough proof.

Everybody knows that Saumya likes Brender.

Sandip will go to Australia.

Sign at the bottom, please.

I was deeply impressed with the medieval music.

I really don't think that this is of any importance to us.

The police pursued the murderer.

Manavendra is the best singer I know.

This time, so I don't run out of things to talk about, I'll write a list on the palm of my hand.

Emmett doesn't know much either.

I'm sure someone will do it.


Hello and farewell, brother.

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Willie is a voracious reader, and has an extensive library at home.

We get paid on the third Friday of every month.

Won't you have some tea?

When she comes, we'll eat.

The shell of an egg is easily broken.


Paris is one of the largest cities in the world.

You don't look so busy.

He didn't look happy.

Even though he's old, he's still healthy.

I'll find you.

My blood pressure is quite high.

I slept the rest of the day.

It's no good making the same old products year after year.

I thought I'd make a little detour.


He succeeded to his father's estate.


How can you translate what you don't understand?


She's getting breakfast ready.

I was just talking with them.

That's what I asked.

I know what happened last Monday.

Guillermo hardly comes here anymore.

They probably saw our ship come into port.

I won the gold medal.


Keep paging Matthieu.


His code's readability drowned in a riptide of nested parentheses.

Get real!

I know that he keeps his promise.


We've made a stupid mistake.

Of course, you weren't wrong.

That's not what they're going to talk about.