I did everything by myself.

Tanya will die without your help.


Let's eat now. I'm starving.

It doesn't look as if that's going to happen any time soon.

Did anybody see us leave?

The girl didn't like to wash dishes.

Why did you begin without me?

Avery is a dear friend of mine.

Eddie felt dazed for a moment.

Will that idea come off?

I bet Sho didn't know that.

That's just the way it's got to be.

I couldn't ask for a better holiday!

And he gave it for his opinion, that whosoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.

It was so hard, I tell you.

You don't know Anton like I do.

Don't talk about that.

Lui is dating a Chinese exchange student.

It is still fresh in my memory.

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I visited him only to find him absent.

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I never use my camera anymore. I just take pictures with my phone.

None of this would've happened if we'd been more careful.

I thought you told me you couldn't speak French.


I wasn't busy yesterday.

He saw the accident on his way to school.

I like meat, cheese and tomato sandwiches.

I'm laying you off.

"Where is her book?" "It's on the table."


He would die within a month.

Why don't people like me?

It's forbidden to carry arms.

Joachim is a great teammate.

Barrett wants to go to Australia.

Hohn isn't the only one who thinks so.

I wonder what Monty will do with that.

I believe him to get up early.

Florian agreed to stay in Boston.

Cows give us milk and chickens give us eggs.

Laugh and be fat.


I'm pretty sure that building was built in 1987.

The rookie breathed new life into the team.

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland.

It's a well-known fact that spiders aren't insects.

I didn't tell Lana that.

If there's anything urgent, you can get in touch with me.

Who made the decision?

Cut the quartered pak-choi into, slightly wide, strips.

We'll get right on it.

Lorry swims well.

She's in the bathroom.


Dani was here before sunrise.


Giles has just been let go from his job. Because he had signed the employer's non-competition contract, he must now choose among relocation, a significant career change, unemployment or litigation.


The king reigned over his people for forty years.

Patrick's eyes opened.

That's the best news I've heard in a long time.

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The girl let the bird loose.

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Unfortunately, I have bad news.

When did you come back from Germany?

Ask him when the next plane leaves.

Mott seems to be happy and excited.

It would be unfair if we treated him so badly.

Far from being bored, we had a very good time.

There can be no human society without conflict.

I just got a letter from someone I knew a long time ago.

Spike, say something.

I am accustomed to living alone.

I will get it back from Philippe.


Many people say that learning a foreign language requires mastery of vocabulary and grammar.

Joachim got a part-time job to help pay for his tuition.

Roman congratulated Travis.

The people he is living with in London are coming to see me.

That sounds like a good plan.


Without water, we can not survive.

Inge's mother was sitting on a stone to rest, with a faggot of sticks lying before her, which she had picked up in the wood.

I really need one of those.

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If we don't make a last ditch stand at winning that contract, we may very well go under.

The village was dead after sunset.

I love this company.

His mother died four years later.

I'll let him know you're here.

Someone is looking at me.

Only 20 percent of people over 55 in the European Union get by in English.

You've been waiting for this, haven't you?

I was frightened at the sight.

I can make it happen.

I am aware, and aware that I am aware, and aware that I am aware that I am aware ...


A man whose wife is dead is called a widower.

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We love coming here.


He came back last night around nine.

They live in a rundown tenement on 5th St.

She was a track star once.

He is a good violinist.

Jock lives on a busy street.


The richest man in the world cannot buy everything.


I'll protect you.


We missed you, too.


My instructions were clear.

The old man drew a large crowd around him by his music.

Have you got something to crack these nuts?

Don't fret too much, okay?

We can't make Sanity do something he doesn't want to do.

Dylan was wounded in a burglary.

Whether it rains or shines, it is my habit to take a walk around the Palais-Royal at five o'clock.

They were almost starving.

I prefer the white wine over the red.

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I took it for granted that you were on our side.

If you have something to complain about, then get out of here!

I'm not gelding your calves.

These things can happen.

It wasn't long before Mr. Yamazaki recovered.

We can't really be certain that Kevin will get on the baseball team.

Nobody trusted my country.

Why does the rag in your hand smell so good?

Don't go near Seth.


He said that he would have called at ten.

If you set out early, you'll be in time for the train.

We had fun with it.


Shane has already told me what I wanted to know.


When's that going to happen?

It happened before I met him.

Neither the sun nor death can be looked in the face.

I'm supposed to talk to them.

I know that doesn't look good.


They were attacked.

A big dog, sitting on its tail, was watching the fire.

It will be far better if there were some pretty girls.


It's hard to resist.


It's not just a minor problem.

Don't take any notice of those rude boys.

I guess I'm a little late.


I was smiling.

Don't ask me for money.

Dan invited Matt and Linda to dinner.


I want to write to Marian.

She doesn't speak three foreign languages.

In spite of our encouragement, he decided to throw in the towel.


Nici didn't buy everything we asked him to buy.


He did what he promised to do.

The has good communications skills.

Sitting in her panther hide chair, the young woman, clad in red lingerie, was reading aloud a book titled "The Black Princess".

I don't need reminding.

Edmund seems to be looking for trouble.


He stood agape for a moment in front of the painting, surprised at its realism.

My God, she has really bad breath.

He and a colleague who went to China later translated The New Testament into Chinese.

It seems that we're becoming more right-wing all over the world.

The skin of peaches bruises easily.


My uncle teaches English in a college.


I sent you a photo.


Are you going, too?

Will you pay cash?

You've made me very unhappy.

Ilya raised me.

Grant and Edmond both drew their guns.

"I've got a bit of interest in learning French, but isn't it hard?" "Not at all. It's 100 times easier than English!" "Really?" "Well, at least to me it is." "That's because you're native though"

You are a good customer.

Ralph is very quiet.

Who is your dance partner?

We weighed one opinion against the other.

You are young and healthy and you will surely live a long life.

I asked him to send us the book.

Answering that question is easy.

Elliot and Phill have nothing in common.

Dance with angels.