Costa Blanca and some of its landscape architecture masterpieces

Costa Blanca has a lot to offer including amazing examples of landscape architecture.

I flew to Alicante and spent few nights there. True- I was very lucky to have a room with immaculate view towards Castillo de Santa Barbara, but even if you don’t, the charm of the old streets and the city centre is remarkable. The city is also not devoid of modern landscape architecture in a typical Spanish style – I found out the amazing tram stop by Eduardo de Miguel Arbonés and José Mª Urzelai Fernández when travelling to the beautiful Altea and ‘Joyful town’ (Villajoyosa). It is an example of a very good landscape architecture: modern, simple forms, colours and materials that perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape revealing the beauty of a former quarry.

I haven’t however seen another good piece of landscape architecture by Subarquitectura who successfully changed existing roundabout into a public space with original shelters that have a form, shape and dimensions of a train. Empty boxes float above the public space becoming a real piece of art. After several days of sightseeing around Alicante, I decided to make a car trip to a famous City of Arts and Science in Valencia. Iconic buildings by Calatrava and Candela are definitely ‘a must see’. It was a truly unforgettable experience!..
…I really miss the Summer…

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Project plan sets out essential information on the project team structure, individuals, roles and responsibilities, describes the methodology for each phase of the project.

The key component of the project plan is the programme of works and associated project risk register.

Outline project plan is prepared during the tender stage, however detailed plan is being prepared after the project has been commissioned and covers RIBA Stages C-H:

  • data collection and desk analysis
  • site appraisals
  • outline proposals
  • detailed designs and specifications
  • planning
  • billing drawings
  • tender packages  representativity
  • P2C

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    Contract documents include:

    • Conditions of Contract (together with Agreement between parties + signatures of both parties)
    • Drawings
    • Specification
    • Bills of Quantities or Schedule of rates


    Conditions of Contract set out the legal relationship between the parties. Their purpose is to clearly describe obligations and rights of each party in order to decrease potential disputes and risks of the project. They help deliver the project at agreed timescale and costs. They need to be compliant with the construction legislation, (link to a valid contract?) therefore standard conditions of contract (link to types of contract) that are commonly being used in the industry are being regularly updated.

    Conditions of contract cover range of issues e.g. name of the parties, confirmation of the contract sum, working relationships between the parties, payments, dispute resolution procedures etc. Login to read more