Shoes for design

Despite the fact that over the years of its existence, Oxfords have changed a lot, they are, strangely, still retaining all the same features – and a perforated pattern of classic cord in the middle.


As for the color, this kind of shoes in Most collections of contemporary designers are presented in classic colors and in bright and saturated colors. Not necessarily skin model, they can be made entirely of suede.

A rare collection

Designer shoes is giving up on classic lace shoes. What are the new trends for women to wear beautiful, stylish and practical shoes.Of course, every real lady would find in her wardrobe


Colorful dots

Interesting choices can be bright shoes. Such an Oxford (with what to wear, will make some rules) always look good. Bright shoes attract attention, so clothes must necessarily be different in color. It is possible to use accents in the tone of the shoes. For example, a necklace or bracelet of the same color is suitable. It is important that combined with the bright clothing of Oxford was such a simple cut.

What to wear shoes – high healing? They can safely combine them with long skirts and sarafans. In this way the clothes should not be shiny. Effectively look for shoes with wide shorts.

It is desirable for short girls to stop on their tight trousers and jeans. To visually increase the length of the leg, the ankle should be opened.

All truncated trousers or breeches – the best option for a set with Oxford. Shoes lose their charm if they are worn under long jeans, and legs will look short.

By the way, it’s interesting and fashionable to wear Oxford. But in this case, some rules can not be avoided. The socks must be short and combine them only with trousers. Such fashionable color blocking makes it possible to choose the color of the socks other than the tone of the shoes. But White wins, as always.
The impact-coated oxford, on the other hand, is only bare-legged. Modes that are ready to cause a slight shock to the public, you can advise to wear golf shoes.



Oxford shoes are easily recognizable among other shoe models. They look like classic leather shoes, have low current, wide, round or narrow nose and stitches. The Oxford prototype comes from the low boots that have been worn by students at Oxford University in the nineteenth century, hence the name of these shoes. The distinctive feature of Oxford is the round links and the sewn-in separate V-shaped front. This type of shoes appeared two centuries ago in England, but that does not prevent them from having their predecessors. Modern Oxford was then called Balmoral – the name of the Royal Castle Balmwalk, which is located in Scotland. They were worn in the 18th century. At first, the Oxfords were boots, but in the course of fashion they are gradually shortened, and now they have exactly the type of balmoral.

The lady’s version of Oxford 

The era of Oxford, namely, the so-called “female oxford”, began in the 20s of the twentieth century. Ladies leave the overall style and characteristics of Oxford, but slightly change them for themselves, making the patterns more elegant and feminine.

 Oxfords’ fashion 

Wearing Oxford footwear requires a great deal of responsibility. The basic rule of these shoes is that in any case, your ankles should not be covered by a garment. Also, it is not advisable to wear oxfords with over-cut pants.