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Michelle and Romain took turns standing guard.

People are always saying that.

No one can control him.

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Is Maria ready to go?


Nobody seemed to notice that.

Give me a toothpick.

Many of you don't travel much and don't travel too far.

She advised her not to go.

That's not all I learned.

It's great to see Jeannette having fun again.

The idea of happiness is extremely abstract.

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Rajesh thinks he can trust Steen.

I was thinking of going to visit Will.

His courage began to shake when he saw the sight.


I find it difficult to put up with him as he's such an overbearing control freak!


For Markku Liisa's comment was a slap in the face.

When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

I forgot to turn off the gas!

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Nguyen wanted one, but he had no idea where he could get one.

Hans doesn't come here that much.

We didn't find anything unusual.

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He did justice to his talent.

Hatsumoude means New Year's visits to shrines.

Is there any problem with feeding my dog ice cream?

The student ordered the book from New York.

Where is the boarding gate for UA 111?

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He said he feared his speech had been a failure.


Damon and Barrett never took their eyes off each other.

Fly, thought, on wings of gold; // go settle upon the slopes and the hills, // where, soft and mild, the sweet airs // of our native land smell fragrant!

I saw my sister tear up the letter.


I don't want to talk about that today.


My grandfather suffers from hypertension.

Stop eating high-calorie foods and swap them for a healthy, balanced alternative.

We took a shower together.

It takes an hour to walk to the station.

I've never told anyone.

He met Sammy Davis, Jr. on his way home.

Isidore and I both didn't go to today's meeting.


All things must pass.

The girl burst into tears.

It wasn't always like this.

I guess that'll be OK.

Let's go to the exchange to exchange some dollars for francs.

That's chicken.

These quotations were effective in sending complex messages to his friends, because, in his day, people could quote from such authors with every expectation of being understood.


What did you tell her about us?

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It began to sprinkle.

Lievaart told his wife he had to work late.

We really can make this happen.

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How should I say this to her?

You don't understand anything.

He was never to see his parents again.

What is she dancing to?

Would you rather speak English?


I don't see her often.

I owe what I am solely to both my parents.

I know the history of Europe very well.


I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.

Dan accused Linda of stealing rations.

You should've begun an hour and a half ago.

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He left early in order not to be late.


Rathnakumar is in bed with the flu.

You're wrong not to trust Saul.

A fashion model must have a good carriage.

Not knowing what to do, I asked the teacher for advice.

That man is in love with my sister.

Do you need help doing this?

Can I give you a lift?

I had an argument with them.

Her story brings back memories of my parents.

A bunch of people thrust their way toward the rear exit.

It was the increase in population that caused the poverty.

You're creepy.

Carlos seemed calm.


The police officer on duty sensed an elderly man coming up behind him.

I hope you'll get better soon.

I don't like your friends. They're always complaining.

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The victim died at a hospital in Boston.

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What happened after that?


When can you come to my house?

It's not like I'm completely happy right now.

You cannot do it tomorrow.

It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to make the choice.

Illness kept me from going there.


This building has 5 floors and 20 apartments.

I hadn't realized what was going on.

Your hair is different today.

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Spy got happy.

It's a book on animals.

I went to Nagasaki.


Marci's different.

Dennis didn't want to help me.

Even the strongest man can't stop a typhoon.

I'll catch up with you soon.

Frances made thirty thousand dollars last month.

Don't fret about it.

I saw somebody kiss him.

Doctor, can I drink beer?

Maurice believed that what Stanly told him was true.

We borrow German dictionaries from Pfirsichbaeumchen.

Hector just got kicked out of Australia.

I've been worried about you.

We have different views on life.

I'm impressed you've done so well.

Did you go to Boston with Doug?

Martin is as tall as Francesca.

I'm a bit rusty.

Riches amount to little without happiness.

I have something I have to do in the evening.

I am too confused!

Clarissa makes fun of everybody.

I live with my mother, brother and my grandparents.

Dan participated in a marathon.

We've got lots of time.

"How many times have you eaten at that restaurant?" "Too many to remember!"

From the terrace there was the magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

I met with her again.


Let's get him to bed.

Liz offered me a very old bottle of wine.

A map helps us study geography.

I banged on the door, but nobody answered.

My mother being ill, I looked after her.

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A friend of mine called me up last night.

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I was late to school.


Mistletoe is commonly used as a Christmas decoration.

Your voice sounds different today.

What's for supper?

She is a shining example of absolutely nothing.

I didn't even consider that.

What a loser!

How did you learn French?

Why didn't Konstantinos tell his own wife?

Happy is he that is happy in his children.


Where do you want it?

She said to me, "Who arrived first?"

It won't be done.

I speak English.

It seems unlikely that any society could completely dispense with myths.

All of the players jogged onto the field.

You can get a car license after you turn eighteen.


We were examined in English.

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Without his pants, the general looks less impressive.

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I'm sure Wendell is grateful for your help.

That's a risky thing to do.

We hope this never happens again.

The milkman came around at six every morning.

We have to learn the whole poem by heart.

They've lost their umbrellas.

It is apparently fine to think that I might occupy the throne.


Hillary sent Tharen away.

Our guests should be here within an hour.

I spent the whole evening trying to find my keys.

Elias doesn't know where to look for Bob.

Denis wouldn't let me in his room.

A point is a little point.

I can bring in some more sophisticated equipment if you think we need it.


Mrs. Parker greeted him with a smile.

Malcolm seems to be anxious to get going.

I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

I had to start from the beginning, and I didn't like that at all.

I think about this a lot.

"Your Majesty, you are evil!" "I'm evil to the people who spend all my money on junk like faulty maps!"

He is acquainted with the mayor.