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Beavers can cut down trees with their teeth.


I am dead tired.

How often do you play golf?

The value of the dollar is going up.

Giles and Coleen spent the evening talking about John's problems.

I have not yet collected sufficient materials to write a book.

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Ralph was wearing a pretty dress.

Life is not convex.

You've got to help me! Every night I have the same horrible dream.

I can teach you how to fight.

I saw a house in the distance.


Avery is just getting the hang of it.


I really have to go now.

Do you have vaginal discharge?

For God's sake, Eliot, what the hell is it?

Why don't you tell us what happened last night?

Dan was a seasoned investigator.

Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night?

His theory is based on elaborate investigation.

He told me a long story.

Ravindran handed the empty bottle to Dori.


I wonder if Son knows that.


It will be snow tomorrow.

I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.

Adam has the right idea.

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Norbert will regret that sooner or later.


Tracey isn't really sick. She's just pretending to be sick.

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Andreas invited Hugh to go to a concert with him.

Spy satellites tracked the truck in real time.

I have always been very passionate about food.

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What does your spouse like to do that you don't like to do?


I'm tired of your everlasting grumbles.

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Trevor won't be able to come here tomorrow.

I will be all tied up tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you have a great time.

Howl all you want, I will not have pity!

I'm not so sure it was her who did it.

Rees sometimes sleeps in.

You were so cute.

I am more and more convinced that our happiness or our unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events themselves.

Hanako likes cake a lot.

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What is peculiar to Japan at mealtimes is that people eat rice out of little bowls.

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Rik burst into the kitchen.

We had a late lunch at two.

The teacher didn't give us any homework.

It will be sunrise soon.

How do you want this handled?


Rhonda continued to talk to Michiel.


How many pens do you have?

To my surprise, she could not answer the question.

What kind of nonsense is that?

That is our father.

"How far are you going?" "I'm heading for Chicago."

Let's take turns driving.

I hate being ill.

Are we sinking?

I read an interesting article this morning.


There are only 10 minutes left until the end of the lesson.


He was on the roof with his electric guitar.

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Sound familiar?


Are you asking me out?


Helen told me to stay.

The police have been following me.

After the concert, the crowd made for the nearest door.

They're not prepared for this.

I think Ralph deserves that.

He was named Robert after his father.

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Prakash Jackson.


I married them.

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I love Italian food.

Don't let him do that again.

"I pinched your national pride, I see." "You must have pinched it a long time ago, I can't even remember it."


Sassan doesn't like men who sound like Hillel.

I'm going back to Australia in October.

Did they say when?

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Do you know what Mehrdad wants?

Have you ever seen a bear in this area?

I don't understand the meaning of this phrase.

Every journey begins with a single step.

Tears began to spill down her cheeks.

I would very much like the place where I live to be less polluted.

I saw something on the other side of the room.

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It is the first time I have seen such a gorgeous room.


Edgar should go back home now.

Those feathers are mine.

This dress will look better on you.

The decision was unfavourable to us.

We arrived at the hotel an hour ago.

Our meeting room has no windows.

Eddie stayed up all night texting her friends.


Son admitted that he was a thief.


Were you able to buy everything you needed?


Since when do you care about your appearance?

I think he was speaking Latin.

Bruce broke both of his arms.

Do you want to stop her?

Could I speak with you, please?


I expect to be back by 2:30.

I slapped him.

They were at the bottom of the scheme.

I never got to do stuff like this in Boston.

Anything oral is fine by me.

I wonder if it will be fine tomorrow.

There's no way to please everyone in this industry.

Please laugh!

She activated the account.

I'll take you to the hospital.

Leonard suffers from a skin lesion on his back.


I want you to run the store for me.

You are crazy.

Joubert was caught in the rain and his new suit got ruined.

This man's wealth is big, but his madness is even bigger.

Last night's game was exciting.

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She opened her eyes.


I take it for granted that people are honest.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

Could you translate this sentence into English?


Why didn't you just pay them?

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The ancient Teutons celebrated the season by decking a fir tree, for they thought of the sun, riding higher and higher in the heavens, as the spreading and blossoming of a great tree.

Your refusal to help complicated matters.

Don't you think you're being a little hard on Jayant?

You'll have more fun if you do what I suggested.

Nobody wants to trust my country.


Everything is subject to the laws of nature.

Through what way could they understand each other? -They could understand each other through a common language.

Ted loaned me that DVD.

Jarl wanted to avoid Markus.

I'll have to tell Sonja about what we just discussed.

Is anybody ready for dessert?

What is your mother tongue?

We could see the helicopter hovering above the pond.

What time did you get up today?

Sharks are good swimmers.

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

Susan doesn't need to be there until 2:30.

Can I be honest?

I wonder if that restaurant accepts unfamiliar customers.

Even if you know the truth, you had better pretend otherwise at present.

If you're with me as a staff officer then I need you to bring a sense of danger with you to your work.

I read two books last week. I loved them both.

They're interrogating Angus.

Do not speak for others.

Are you guys talking about me?

I don't think Jock is as stupid as he used to be.

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Tell him that I want to see the telegram that he sent.

A square has four equal sides.

Does your country have nuclear weapons?

I ended up winning.

I can't even describe how much I've missed home, I've missed it so much.

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We're going to wait for Leads.

Lenora knew that Antonella was innocent.

It was a perfect moment.

Kee has fallen asleep.

An office machine is cranking out a stream of documents.


I had a right to privacy too.

What's Vassos's last name?

I rarely see him.


Joe's masculine smell made Louisa sick.