They give presents to one another.

It was pretty huge.


Of all the ways of defining man, the worst is the one which makes him out to be a rational animal.

When it clears up tomorrow it is good.

Barton was not far behind.

He almost got away with it.

Is this what you wanted?

A second cousin is the granddaughter of the brother or sister of a grandparent.

Sri looks a bit like Denise Richards when she was young.

What was your impression?

When it comes to sports, John is very good.

I damaged one.

She was speechless.


Excuse me.


He is at once stern and tender.


Baseball is by far the most popular sport in Japan.

I want to buy my car back.

Could you take care of the baby for a while?

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I expect you to be there.


Boyd said he wasn't even there that night.

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That's very big.

He was ambitious of success in business.

Is there another word for synonym?


Can you supply me with all I need?

Joel found the problem.

Our farm isn't far away from here.

I don't feel very good about this.

I tried to make an inconspicuous exit from the party.

What do you have against those people?

The topic of a text isn't always in the first line.

He has a good acquaintance with Japanese theater.

Do you think he was only making believe that he was sick?


He just makes jokes all the time.


Actually, it's very easy to learn.


I'd like to know who leaked the story to the papers.

But for water, no living thing could survive.

My education has made me what I am.

Could you put this bag somewhere else?

Deb and Dennis's relationship became strained.

Nora says it's probably not going to rain until after midnight.

The soldiers forced the young men to join the army.


I'm just trying to keep busy.


I watched it on Dailymotion.


Of course you can trust me. Have I ever given you a bum steer before?


Will that ever change?


Tell her that I am tired.

The professor gave me a warning for being distracted.

I'm afraid something's come up.

She's in Mallorca, sunbathing on the beach.

Mike has a friend who lives in Chicago.

My sister and I have a very strong connection.

That box is better than this one.


When you drink water, do not forget those who dug the well.

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I thought about what Knudsen said.

We study English in the same class.

The girl let the bird loose.

The ATM swallowed the credit card.

You could have omitted that last phrase in your letter.


Let's hope times change.

What's it really about?

He will be here in half an hour.

Naomi was scared stiff.

Turkey is usually eaten on Thanksgiving.

He walked into the lion's den.

So you ate at your house?

Holding a conversation with her feels like walking across a minefield.

You almost killed me.

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Monica has even more books than I do.

Look, I don't want any trouble.

The man was jailed as spy.


What's wrong with you, Kyung?

No more need be said.

Can I see you a moment?

She has been mending since she entered the hospital.

That's the building where Dad works.


I love him who loves me, and hate him who hates me.

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Pack your gear.


Would you like to see my stamp collection?

Tahsin's my cousin.

Only the person who becomes an adult while staying a child is a human being.

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It resulted in great difficulties.

I'm not in love with her.

Do you want me to talk to Graham?

Dan lent Linda his apartment.

He doesn't have his medication.

In the past it was thought the world was flat.

He takes on himself to direct the Almighty what to do, even in the government of the universe.

The Roman football game was like the Greek game.

It really is difficult.

Francois doesn't have a gun.

Son does this all the time.

By the time we got there, it was already too late.

Why do you want to work for our company?

Can you lend me some money? I'm skint.

We have to follow them.

I have not seen much of him recently.

I received a letter from her.

His head was wagging, as he crossed the street, while gazing at the girl behind him.

Can you wait?

If you don't have other ideas, then accept this idea.

Theodore asked me the same question.


Edith has only one option left.

We've been expecting her.

Are they working at the moment?


The refugees suffered physically and emotionally.


I am not ashamed to be seen with them.

Do you know of a dish that has laurel leaves in it?

This suitcase is heavier than it looks.


Are you sure you locked the door?

The crowd cheered when he appeared.

I watched a ring of smoke that floated from his cigar into the air.


Is Shai more intelligent than her?

Don't you think Denis looks like an old man?

I'd like to study in Paris.

I need your number.

I wish I could show you the pretty ice on the trees.

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This is her book.

I'm thrilled.

If we hurry, we might make it to the midnight showing.

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We're going to keep working hard.

It was cool getting to know you, Nelken.

Please get these people out of here.

You can't ignore it.

Although he generally liked wine, he didn't care for the bottle Tai brought.

He's a singer that's loved by everyone.

What do you mean?


Let's try to come up with something.

I will quit smoking for good.

The supermarket hired many part-timers.

The linguist is fluent in several Chinese dialects.

Every problem has a solution, right?


June heard you.

Citizens are debating about health care at City Hall.

Such a philosophy seems reasonable on paper, but it never works out in the real world.

Tell me what happened to him.

Lewis didn't have to come if he didn't want to.

I am going to see him today.

This is the worst hotel in town.

We're short on time.

He climbed the tree without difficulty.

These flowers have a really nice fragrance.

Life is only a dream.


He lost hold of the rope and fell into the river.

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You need a haircut.


Your information was accurate.

I thought you and George were friends.

Hui went through all the files in the drawer.

My father is getting along very well.

What did you call me?


I went to the hotel by cab.

He will be back in a second.

I am far from the tree.

She made some brownies, but they had a strange taste.

She was none the better for the treatment.


Glynn didn't complain, did he?

I'm unable to say.

Are you really going to skip school tomorrow?

You can't just not say anything.

Avoid opening the window; I have no great desire to feel air currents on my back.


It might be worth a try.