Dan knew nothing about the murders.

I'd like to know more about it.

I turned down the idea of going for a walk and stayed at home.

The countryside is beautiful in the spring.


Can this be all there is?

What do you think'll happen if you tell Harv the truth?

His effort contributed to my company's growth.

Johnnie enjoys what he does.

These are the facts. Think hard about them!

Saify is talking to us.

Young people like his books.


They weren't kidding.


That's easy enough for you to say.

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Why don't you think about it for a while before you make up your mind?

Someone is not respected by anyone.

Don't waste your time.

I want you to burn all of her pictures.

Tokyo is a huge city.


It wasn't on purpose.

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Christofer's part of the work isn't finished.


I've been worried sick.


Your time is up.

After receiving too many insults, Marcos finally got in a fight.

The pain came back last spring.

I've got something for Patricia.

In fact, there are countless, varied uses for the Internet.


Rupert drives some sort of little white convertible.

I can't take my eyes off of you.

You were a warden in a prison for ten years.

In general, she is an early riser.

They feel hungry.


I hate Klaudia.


I'm pretty sure that Nicolas has already forgotten what I told him yesterday.


We ought to take the teacher's advice.


Kit is going to buy a new computer.

I'm not messing around.

Shyam went out of his way to give you a hand.

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The baby has a cute face.

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Can somebody answer that?

My marriage cost me everything - my friends, my husband, my boys. I've lost it all.

His low salary prevents him from buying the house.

I-Is that OK? Calling you by your first name...

Dawson is a two-pot screamer and it's embarrassing going to the pub with him.


What more could a woman want?


He's very fast.


Let's not get distracted.

I've got to get used to doing this sooner or later.

We had no unexpected incidents during our trip.

I'm here for the meeting.

She knows what you did.


Valerie didn't know if he could do it or not.


The problem is too difficult to solve.


I know my room's a mess.

That's all we're offering.

In 1497, Zuan Caboto explored Canada.

The body was burned beyond recognition.

Rogue started to leave, but Moore stopped him.

Point your finger at your choice.

I bet that's not true.

Would you move your car, please?

Just keep it.

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The garden at Rob's house was heavily overgrown. For over a year no one had bothered to look after it anymore.

Keep in the shade.

Everyone respects Erkin.

Search every room.

Devon could be injured.

I found this movie very interesting.

I've given him the benefit of the doubt one too many times.

The next one's on me.

The decay of the shrine is due, in part, to acid rain.


Brendan didn't mind that Swamy had small breasts.

Have you checked this with Margaret?

Trent thinks it'll be fine.

The dog is looking at the cat.

Seldom have human beings experienced such a disaster.

I will die for you.

You'd better send for the doctor.

Frederic waited even longer than I did.

Keep up the good work, Starbuck.

Those were different times.

Show me again.

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Whose pen is this?

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Almost everyone I know has a bicycle.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

Erwin is no longer our prime suspect.

He made a dash for the bus.

Is it possible to repair the washing machine?

I highly recommend Joshua.

I felt a certain anxiety in my chest.


I'm not so sure about that.

Are you sure it's safe?

The speaker was ambiguous as to how much firewood we actually had to bring.

When she awoke, she felt terribly cold.

We're not going to stay here long.


He is sitting on the chair.

We really had a hell of a time getting up to the 20th floor of this building.

Isaac has just been arrested.

Rogue only speaks French.

Did you hear? She's going out with Hazel!

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He wants an iPad mini.

You have nothing to fear.

Members of the board will meet for a concluding session on March 27, 2013.


I got up at six this morning.


Let me ask a stupid question.

She has been to Hawaii several times.

I'm very sad to hear that.

It is true that he is young, but he is wise.

The confusion beggars belief.

He ate as many as ten eggs, no sweat.

On the 2nd of September 1792 when the general massacre of the prisoners took place at Paris, M. Sombreuil was on the point of being sacrificed when he was rescued from the hands of the assassins by the heroic conduct of his daughter, though on the dreadful condition that she would drink success to the republic in a goblet of blood!

We have a big game tomorrow.

He looked away at a dangerous juncture.

Everything is all right now.

Do you want to become a father?

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You have only to sign your name here.

There's not much time left.

He who is absent is always in the wrong.

Are these your things?

Extenuating circumstances led the judge to pass a more lenient sentence.


I guess that'll do.

Billie had to stay Boston for another week.

I'm learning Japanese.

This is the progress that we deserve!

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers in his life more than is necessary.

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I'll pass on this information to Franklin.

It keeps raining.

He whispered something in her ear.

Did you ever call them?

This boy is a genius at controlling RC vehicles!


Is this diamond real?

Walter can swim no more than a stone can.

Why did you keep that a secret?

We saw the Venus of Willendorf in Vienna.

I'm tired of waiting in line.

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The cat was sick last week.

Our political system was shaped by feudal traditions.

Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.

Blood flows through the veins.

Yelling about it won't help now. You should have done that when it counted.

If you had remained silent, you would have remained a philosopher.

Pat does not know the difference between reality and fantasy.


One hour until the event.

Moore can sing very well.

Morgan said he could swim well.


This machine is driven by electricity.

I think John might be mad at me.

I want to thank you for what you've done.

Your room gets more sun than mine.

I have a fever.

It was useful.

I think you're exaggerating.

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I know it's not what you were hoping for, but here's all the money I can give you.


You know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.

Norman bailed Herbert out of jail after he got into a fight at the bar.

I've not seen him often at school.

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Without you I am nothing.

I'd like to run a big stock farm.

Claudio and Daniel are playing darts.

She is able to translate immediately after he says something.

Griff saw it on the news.