Samir quit writing and put down his pen.

You people are no fun.

I need mosquito repellent.

Calvin is a proud warrior.

Joachim explained the circumstances to Pam.


Lorenzo doesn't have time to help us today.

Raj doesn't want to discuss it.

Let's do the math.

The dog chewed on the bone.

Maybe I am unhappy, but I don't intend to kill myself.

Ti found me a job.

Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg.

Marie hasn't heated up her Mercedes yet.

The passwords were easy to figure out.


I know somebody who's perfect for the job.

I didn't want you to read that.

The letter is inside the envelope.

The princess couldn't help laughing at him.

We started in no time.

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I never knew swimming could be this much fun.

The resolution to the problem was close at hand.

I lost my patience.


You'd have to expect that.

Are you allergic to anything else?

My sister never fails to write home once a month.

Where's the mistake?

Piercarlo and Fay both look down.

Rotten wood is not suitable for pillars, a vile person does not fit into superiors.

The sister of my father is my aunt.


In any case, you have to leave early, whether you like it or not.

So, what do you think of it?

I'd like to change my ticket.

I like reading.

Dan was attacked by a wolf.


Any act whatever of a man, which causes damage to another, obliges the one by whose fault it occurred to compensate it.

Since it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.

Did you love me?

The weather was getting worse and worse.

The hospital wants nurses to care for its patients.


I've been angry with Kenton.

I'd like you to leave now.

Are you surprised to see me here?

Who helped Dave?

I never would've done that.

We must continue.

I would rather stay at home than go out in this hot weather.

If you ever hurt Hughes, I'm going to hurt you.

Don't be so sensitive to criticism.

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Tell her what he told you.

There is no reason for being sorry.

When I look back on my life, I realize how much time I wasted.

Naim would do anything for his sister, Olaf.

Sofoklis appears to be telling the truth.


Do you want to go first?


Is this the girl you spoke well of the other day?

Jorge Luis Borges spoke English and Spanish since one of his grandmothers was an Englishwoman.

The show must go on.

I hope she will get well.

The moose bugles.


I've been out of town all week.

Changes in water availability, both episodic and long-lasting, will constrain different forms of energy production.

It was just 6 years ago that I visited New Zealand for the first time.


It looks like you've already been replaced.


I couldn't have done better myself.

I couldn't stand the cold.

They may be in danger.

A poet's verses do not have to reflect his character.

You don't want Lord to think you're poor.

They didn't argue much.

Oscar opened the glove compartment and noticed the registration was missing.

Just don't tell anybody.

Lindsay cut the vampire's arm off with a machete.

Milner's out of a job.

You will be missed by your friends.

Rand's fainted.

You can sleep in the spare bedroom.


Pitawas took Leung's hands and held them tightly.


He is always true to his friends.

Neville worked until late at night.

Dan and Linda decided to marry against the wishes of their parents.

He finally got his wish.

A balloon is ascending into the sky.


My appointment is at 2:30.


Though apparently healthy, he really has a delicate constitution.

They celebrated the completion of his high school years.

If only my thoughts were set into type and would come out of my mouth like a receipt.


Why aren't you wearing those earrings I gave you?

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Let's take your temperature first.


Reid used to dream about Nils.


That's probably what Saul did.

Everyone makes a mistake at times.

She joined us.

People in that country are pressed by hunger.

The operation was really touch and go there for awhile but the doctor thinks he'll pull through.

Manjeri used to drink.

I know how to win.

What the fuck is it with you?

I was miffed at her attitude.


He gave the same answer as before.

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That wasn't real.

He backed abruptly away.

Ernest offered to carry Joel's suitcase, but she told him she wanted to carry it herself.

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Any person whatever can tell the way to the temple.

"When did it happen?" "When did what happen?"

The tenor sang very well tonight.

Is there anyone called Josip here?

What difference does this make?

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I thought I told you not to come here.

Thanks for telling me the truth.

Clifford talked about Danny.


Vince isn't very lucky.


That she could fabricate writings is certain, because she could write.

I heard that story once.

He is able to play the guitar.

Just as it sometimes happens that deformed offspring are produced by deformed parents, and sometimes not, so the offspring produced by a female are sometimes female, sometimes not, but male, because the female is as it were a deformed male.

The bench used for a bench press is usually level.

It's even worse than it was before.

Our guide knows the history of all these places.

The prices are high.

Ken was nervous before the race.

Can we go home now?

Newspapers were laid out in the waiting room.

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I'm Hungarian.

I'd prefer to see it.

The student read the book the night before the exam.


Anything would be better than this.

This area was first settled by the Dutch more than two hundred years ago.

We probably won't have to go to Boston anymore.


She would often hear him grumbling to himself.


She takes sewing classes.

Real didn't want to go to his room.

The patient is in critical condition.


That's not what I had intended to do.


The bathtub needs to be cleaned.

Bud is laughing at you, Sharon.

I just thought I'd stretch my legs.


They created the unemployment.

Does my being here bother you?

You'll miss the train.

Many students like sports.

Heather snatched the doll away from Bryce.

Are you scared of me?

Did you see Tuna while you were in Boston?

The evidence left no room for uncertainty.

I was able to work again after a few months.

We liked Martha.

I like your dress so much I wish there was an 'I like' button I could press.

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I have visited the city of Karakorum yesterday.


You can get nothing without labor.


However, the duty of a student is to study. So if you neglect the end of term test, that's a "no!".

The scientist gave a lecture on the structure of the universe.

I'm sure there's a connection.

Don't worry about this. It's just a bad memory that will disolve with the first rays of sunlight.

It doesn't sound natural.


I was wondering if you were free tomorrow.


Why's Maltese absent from the languages list?


I wish they would spell my name correctly.


Marvin has lost his mind.