I thought Lievaart liked riddles.

I still go there once a week.

If you don't study, you will fail the exam.

Many families eat dinner while watching TV.

They carried water in buckets.

Each student has to hand in a composition every week.

Christofer was recommended.

The trail was not clearly marked.


He isn't such a fool as to risk his life.


People need to enjoy themselves.


Where are our umbrellas?

When did you finish your studies?

We have a right to privacy.

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Pat didn't do any of the work he was supposed to do.

I'm still not sure Alexis believes us.

As the bath is too hot, I will run some cold water into it.

Milner didn't want to bother Geoff.

It's easier to make plans than to realise them.


Seeing me, they suddenly stopped talking.

Sarah ought to be allowed to talk.

Who's that little kid?

Thanks, but no thanks.

We've got to do this now.


I ate the meat.

I can't do without tobacco.

It was very delicious.

I thought I was Brett's best friend.

Can I ask why not?

Nick closed his eyes briefly.

I speak, you listen.

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I'll stay in Tokyo for eight days.

Valentin removed the key from the door.

He is shearing the sheep.


I'm just not sure.


Randal is a good carpenter.


I'm going to study.

You never gave them a chance.

Nobody showed up today.

How long will it take to get in to ride?

I'm making house repairs.

I like being with her.

Dustin couldn't decide who to assign the job to.

Gastroenteritis is often caused by the norovirus.

I thought we were finished with that.

I agree with the statement.

Neptune has thirteen known moons.

This is not a good sign.

He emphasized the importance of education.

The judge listened to him with great patience. A kind look shone in his eyes. He became very much interested in the story; he felt moved; he almost wept.

I own one German car.

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The detective questioned literally thousands of people about the incident.

Does this make sense?

Can we talk to you for a second?

I almost cried.

How is his surname pronounced?

I know I shouldn't feel this way.

He came to see me yesterday afternoon.

Kate made an apple pie.

I used to believe everything you said.

Edmund shivered involuntarily.

I don't mind a bit.

It's my only chance.

Can you stand on your head for more than three minutes?


Sometimes courage is more valuable than caution.

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I'll handle him.

Lies beget more lies.

I'm the winner.

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I am the happiest man in the world.

Nobody offered me help.

We don't need you to tell us what to do.

Shean didn't know just what to do.

We'll work hard.

Are the toes yours?

Hui has a big mouth.


I can eat.


I eat with the children every week.

Lisa says he can't walk another step.

I've been waiting for this for a year.

Are you mentally challenged?

She is always complaining about something or other.


This is a good result.

How often do you see Bud?

Who do you think is the smartest kid in your class?

Do you hear that?

The party was really fun.

Are you going to cooperate?

Pablo couldn't help but feel sad.

I'll help you look for him.

He paid double the usual fare.

Seth finished the job in three days.

Miss Kanda can swim well.

You are far from a careful driver.

But that's... downright disgusting. Why isn't anybody doing something against that?

They are threatening my life.

The town hall was built between 1895 and 1897.

I am peeling the celery and the potatoes.

We have to make savings.

Mott is lonely and has no one to talk to.

When did you ask Randell?

We saved you a seat.

She has perfected the art of handling difficult customers.

Are you trying to make a fool of me?

A yellow bee hovers in a single spot.

I'm sure you've heard about the fire.

Gill is very cunning.

He is always in company with beautiful women.

I didn't like doing that.

It is ridiculous as well as foolish to think of the superiority of man to woman or woman to man.

Jeffie has never ever been asked out on a date.

Al is supposed to be arriving today.

I knew what Briggs meant to say.

Are you doing well?

Is this about the other night?

If possible, I'd like to know the name of the author.

I bought a new ball point pen with an electronic watch especially for this test.

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Why don't we see if Sanand wants to go with us?


He hates spiders.


Face it, Edmond, Lynn was right.

It wasn't long before he came again.

Does Gill like your new haircut?

Liyuan had everything he wanted.

Accidents happen every day in this sport.

Some people behave as if the sentences they create are the most precious things they have.

I had an enlarged prostate.

Syun took out his phone and called Sri.

Our pupils eat at the school restaurant.

Edmond put his coffee mug on the picnic table.

Give the television remote control back to me.

You may find this useful.

It's our job to help Toerless.

She is five years junior to me.

I've been thinking about what you said the other day.

I went over to Syd's house.

I've told you that before, haven't I?


We stood talking for half an hour.

We are gaining a day.

Our exchange students are leaving Japan next week.


You can put five of them across the head of a match.

He was elected mayor again.

It was a very busy month last month.

We'll grow more food.

It has become common practise to employ foreigners working abroad from Asian countries as maids.


In all her pompous majesty, carried on the shoulders of the entire football team, stood the de facto queen of the school.

Maybe I was too hard on Irvin.

Her diaries formed the basis of the book she later wrote.


Today you learned more than the others and were well behaved. You may go home before the others.


I forgot.

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I was going to try and reason with Shel.


A company that stifles innovation can't hope to grow very much.

That's how it is.

Sanjib is the only one who would know the answer to that question.

She's a wonderful wife and mother.

Shai burped.

Can you give me some advice?

I can't tell you what I know.

He never goes out after dark.

I'm going to call an ambulance.

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I think I just heard someone.


He took it for granted that she was happy.

I can't be sure of anything anymore.

He didn't mean it.


Kimmo and Blaine are having an argument.

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Kuldip was here for a while.

Few students are interested in reading this novel.

Could you water my garden for me while I'm away?

Give me that phone back.

Where were you and Tor the night before last?

The rain laid the dust.

She picked up conjunctivitis at the swimming pool.