Welcome to KCWaters.org, a website dedicated to promoting greater awareness about the quality of water in the Greater Kansas City area, provide a venue to share data, connect partners to help protect and restore waterbodies, and allow all of us to take an active role in protecting this precious resource.

Newest Additions

3144406630 KCWaterBug

New KCWaterBug App Available in the iTunes Store provides real-time estimates of water quality

2010 and 2011 Kansas City Urban Lakes Data

Data from the 2011 Urban Lakes Sampling in the KC Metro Area has been added to KCWaters.

229-261-7340 Legacy Storet Data for Clay County

Added Legacy Storet (EPA Pre-1999) data for Clay County, Missouri

3302782679 450-324-2500

Added 2011 Voluntary Lake Monitoring Data


KCWaters introduces a new way to get involved and enjoy local waters. Try geocaching!

855-893-1794 (669) 214-4213

EPA has begun a year-long project to better understand water quality in the KC area streams, with a goal to better understand the relationship between bacteria and other water quality parameters.

(801) 615-6263 Oak Ridge National Laboratories

Added 1999 Biological Data (Fish) from Oak Ridge National Laboratories for Blue River & Indian, Coffee, and Wolf Creeks

Legacy Storet

Added Legacy Storet (EPA Pre-1999) data for Platte County, Missouri

3475571464 Army Corps of Engineers

Added Army Corps of Engineers Legacy Storet data (Pre-1999) for KC Metro area.

(770) 733-2712

World Water Monitoring Day data has been added to the Metro Area Map for 2007 and 2008