Joe is a very quiet neighbor.

I don't want Douglas to miss the bus.


He surmounted the obstacles with great effort.

I want to talk to you for a minute about Johnny.

Many archeological sites are at risk due to poor maintenance.

He has not come yet. Something may have happened to him.

It's naive of you to believe that.

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I know it's her.

There's going to be a press conference tonight.

How is that pronounced?

You can read the program of the festival on the brochure.

Saiid shot her.

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Guido is better at chess than I am.

If you want your sentences to be translated, your best option is to write them in English.

Chrysanthemums smell sweet.

Why are the police here?

I can give you my personal assurance of that.

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Hold still a moment while I fix your tie.

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Is Brigitte your friend?

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No matter where you go, the sky will always be the same color.


Pilar and I have both done that.


Everything was going great.


I know you're on vacation.

Then the wild beasts start wanting to go crazy.

He seems to have been ill.


She is watering the garden.

I just saw Jack driving away.

A software engineer writes computer programs.


He got through with his work.


I'll wait until you finish the work.

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I'm busy with work.

They took everything I had.

Come here. I want to show you something.

Billie is a very good French speaker.

He heartlessly deserted his wife.


"By the way, the joke really was not funny." "Thanks for rubbing it in."


Sit on the sofa and feel at ease.

We have ways of making women speak; we have none for shutting them up.

The girl has to match me in skill.

The robber tried to plunge the knife into the boy.

This sentence is in Spanish when you're not looking.

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Jones didn't want me to sell my old truck.

He walked along the river.

Suicide is an act of desperation.

Let's make a night of it.

You were right about him.

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"Oh" can give emphasis to the statement.


I'm going to go change my clothes.

You're either with me or against me.

Vicki's missed at work. Without him it just isn't any fun.

Don't look up my skirt, you pervert!

Phiroze couldn't get Win to tell him what was wrong.

The situation is such that I am never again able to see you here.

I cannot see it.


He intended to marry her.

Shannon sat down behind his desk.

I am glad to see you have apologized for voicing the untrue allegations, but you might need to apologize to the people this has actually affected.

I want to talk with my lawyer.

That evening I left my tip under a coffee cup, which I left upside down on the table.

What are you two arguing about now?

Hi, my name is Bradford.

Danny made a number of mistakes on her test.

My life is a lie.

She tried to kill herself last night.

The virus can easily infect a healthy person.

I hardly remember Henry.

Tell me the news, Hubert.

Barrett was sure you'd like that.

You like classical music, don't you?

I want to be happy.

The human hand has five fingers with nails.

Does he have what it takes?

Walter drives a bus and Bart is a tour guide.

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The classmates felt for him deeply.

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There are still some problems.


I will never forget their warm hands.

I looked all over for him.

I gave my old coat to them.


University is a waste of time.

Most computers these days are based on the von Neumann architecture.

I thought you loved it.

We all know that people leave more in the summer.

We see the same side of the moon at all times.

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Six-thirty, it's possible.


I think I was the one who suggested that.

Guido wants two of us to go to Boston with him on Monday.

To tell the truth, I am not your father.

Together, everything is possible!

Alfred is unreal.

I need to get my nails done.

You have changed quite a lot.

Bob is a cool guy.

Don't forget her.

The people in this town, generally speaking, are kind to visitors.

I hate this uniform.

We're married to each other.

I always watch the Tatoeba channel.

The typhoon accounted for the closing of school.

It may have been Bradley that wrote this note.

Kent is always in a good mood.

I'm going to call at his house tomorrow.

I can't let myself have any more setbacks.

What in the world are you doing here?

Finland eliminated Russia from the Winter Olympics hockey tournament.

Collin is talking on the phone.

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The cat is not mine.

When was the last time you answered the phone?

He's in the yard.

I know a place that is very pleasant.

I'm sure you'll recover.


Is Jinny going, too?

Marcia glanced away.

He came to school even though he was unwell.


I think I'm becoming a vegetarian.


I never did anything like that for Jeffie.

Three beers and a tequila please!

Go across the river!


It was from them.


I've asked the boss for some time off.

My coach eats 6,000 calories a day.

They left early.

I'm thrilled the Giants won.

The self does not preexist its structural determination.

I am hot.

What would it be if I painted it green?

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She laid the paper out on the table.

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More than 40 percent of the students go on to university.

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You're out of milk.

I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.

Free democracy now!

Radek was too tired to do anything.

What months are in the calendar?


She couldn't have said that.

I love reading books.

Tommy came three hours early.


I am afraid that neither from them nor from books have I learnt much that greatly profited me.

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I think they were right.

Rees doesn't see any reason why he has to go.

Liyuan is mentally unbalanced.

If Gilles could speak French, I'd hire him right away.

He didn't so much as greet us whenever he met us.

He knows how to switch off this machine.

List had to sleep on the floor.

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For you to come out and say that kind of thing now would just be pouring oil on the fire.

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I can still hear your voice.

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Do you think it'll work?


Ravindranath looked really uncomfortable.

Heidi and Mason were angry at each other.

Please get me a pillow.


I did what was required.

Let's see what's on TV.

I can't work for you anymore.


They'll never agree to that.


The police say that Rodger's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

Language creates awareness.

There's no question about that.