Who sings that song?


My car can beat yours!

This would've been your room if you'd decided to stay with us.

Nguyen said that you and he had lunch.

How great Getter Jaani is!

Her teeth were white.

His sister is a real beauty.

I didn't want to cry in front of Harv.

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I'm expecting a call from Thierry.

I can't believe the way everyone is reacting.

Morris was a likable girl.

About this time, the disease slowed.

Her dress and shoes were a good match.

My mother has been in the hospital until recently.

These are for us.

Norman filled out the paperwork.

You're going to ruin your eyes.


I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.

How many rackets do you have?

We suggest you adjust your records accordingly.

The baby was the very image of his mother.

We did warn her.


Is that a new jacket?

How could that be?

Are you and Shane close?

Let the paper be signed.

2016 is the year of the Red monkey according to Chinese astrology.

Carisa is probably a few years older than Marek.

Today's Tigers-Giants baseball game was called off due to heavy rain.

All the most deadly poisons were in her laboratory.

In times like this, we should all pull together.

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then forget about it.

Oh, you know what?

He accidentally shot him in the foot.

He knows the art of making people feel at home.

She is good at languages, though.

I only hope Rajesh succeeds.


How will we communicate?


The difference between man and animal nowadays has more or less to do with clothing.

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Profit is better than fame.

Hubert promised Miriamne some money.

Father is in the habit of reading the paper before breakfast.

Come on Ti, let someone else have a turn.

He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.

We should have been fully aware of this risk all along.

Keith is often distracted and not motivated to work in school.

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Randolph is out of your league.

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All we know is that Clyde is coming to our office at 2:30.

I didn't know about you.

It stands to reason that he should apologize to her.

You'll have to drive us there.

It was too great a coincidence.

How did the world come into being?

I have lost my money-bag.

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Could we have a table on the terrace?

Back away from him.

The bicycle by the door is mine.


He's intimidated by beautiful women.

I went to the hospital to visit Ramneek, but I wasn't allowed to see him.

Kuldip and Eileen are kissing.

The odds are in Sidney's favor.

You couldn't be contacted.


What's Germany's largest lake?

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Nils looked sick.

"Everyone makes mistakes." "Especially idiots!"

The injured bird fell to the ground.

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Please don't ask me.

Can't you stop him?

Trevor was trying to reach out to her.

Sri left right away.

Julia felt like crying after she heard that news.

It isn't pretty.

I love rabbits ... with French fries and a good glass of wine.

I wouldn't expect too much.

Jack thought that was amusing.

I'll deal with that later.

She loves Rhonda more than I do.

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I had gray hair.


Hilda started taking things out of the box.

You should never make big life decisions when you're emotional.

The dog ran away from us.

That's been made very clear.

Take Trevor's weapon.

Just say you love me.

You seem to have mistaken me for my elder brother.

I don't want to see her naked.

The point I want to make is something else.


Will this help them?

He's jealous.

You don't have to cover your mistake.

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The mother was shocked and was at once all sympathy.

Don't tell him the answer.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

This is the word to regain our dignity.

The early bird catches the worm.

Gulf nations are constantly menaced by war.

Kikki needs to borrow your umbrella.

My father is an archaeologist.

Sir is a funny man.

This shouldn't be this hard.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

I'm going to Paris next Saturday.

This is the good kind.


It's better than the original.


He'll be there.

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What can you tell us about this?

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There are fifty states in America.

She missed a target.

Our plane was flying above the clouds.

Sit down. I'll be with you in a moment.

If you turn left, you'll see a coffee shop.


Can you take me to Phillip?

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Let them solve their own problems.

Murat loves partying.

We have put the Christmas presents under the tree.


They are too numerous to enumerate.


I totally disagree with Pilot.

Fame grows as it travels.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this today.

Do you know who I'm talking about?

It took a long time for her to write the report.

In all probability, no language is completely free of borrowed words.

She's a married woman.


Suu will always be remembered.

Jennifer unlocked the door, and then stepped aside to let Dwayne enter first.

We're going to send you to Boston to work in our office there.

Marguerite noticed a pattern.

Do you wash your dog every day?


Uri sleeps on the bottom bunk.

That's not something to joke about.

This bed is too hard to sleep in.


Did you do this for me?

Now it's her turn.

Not everything Shatter told you is true.

He has gleaned knowledge from various books.

Are you quitting your job?

Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.

Let's have a drink and listen to some music.


Allan showed up at the party wearing a suit and tie.


The defendant was granted an appeal.

Martha sounded angry.

Patty handed me a sandwich.

Many farmers in Hokkaido grow potatoes.

I heard you sing.

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Living a busy life, he usually doesn't see his family.

I don't think you should say any more.

Will it happen again?

All that's left for me is to drink myself silly with vodka and to get lost in sleep.

I didn't know you two were friends.

I hope we don't run into any trouble.

This berry is good to eat.

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Tell your friends they have to leave.


For many years, the abbey was turned into a fortress, happily joining in itself martial and religious architecture.

I have some questions for Ian.

I hankered to get out of the city for a weekend.

He was fighting regardless of his wound.

Rainer caught Jean-Christophe snooping through his stuff.

Vivek decided to go shopping by himself.

Let's see what happens.

He's two years younger than me.

Some people believe that Galileo was the first person who built a telescope. While this is not true, he was the first person who published his observations of astronomical objects through a telescope.

I heard someone calling me from a distance.

They're all watching us.

Promise me you'll help her.

How many times a week do you want to study?