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Dwight Loken  Delaware Co. Central Committee

Loken Out for Ohio

As a committed and involved resident of Delaware County, Ohio, Dwight Loken deeply cares about the future of our community and state. His wife Kathy, his two children, his son-in-law, and Dwight himself take pride in both residing and working in Delaware County. As a future candidate and political representative, Dwight will ensure that Ohio is fiscally responsible, continuing its reputation as a great state for economic development. And as your neighbor and friend, he will make decisions that are ultimately in your best interest.



Dwight’s Story.

Growing up on a farm with four younger siblings, the importance of hard work, leadership, and responsibility became an integral part of Dwight Loken’s culture. He continues to carry these traits today as he leads and serves others through his church, family and friendships, and our community. Dwight’s compassion for people calls him to serve in a greater capacity every day and in the near future as your political representative. histophysiology

Dwight Loken is a conservative Ohioan with a

Servant’s Mindset

Let’s Create Jobs for Ohio

Small Business & Jobs

Small business is the backbone of Ohio and this great nation. Dwight will make Ohio business-friendly and job-friendly whether businesses employ 5,000 or only a handful of people.

His 30-year background as an entrepreneur provides him the knowledge of the amount of effort and determination it takes to make it in today’s economy. His previous experience in the corporate world gives him insight into how big business works and how to bring jobs back to Ohioans instead of outsourcing.

Keeping businesses free from over-regulation opens more jobs. More jobs raises wages and improves benefits for all workers.

Fiscal Responsibility, Lower Taxes & Smaller Govt.

Lower Taxes & Smaller Govt.

American families and businesses pay some of the highest taxes in the world. How can we pay off debt, maintain a savings account, and plan for the future when taxes are through the roof?

We work hard for our money, and a lot of us are being forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck just to make ends meet. We need to lower taxes and let our earnings be our earnings and not the government’s. The best way to reduce taxes is to eliminate wasteful spending, and Dwight will help fix that issue.

Our Students Deserve the Best

Educational Excellence

Education is key to obtain high-paying jobs and further pursue bigger career opportunities. We need to ensure that all Ohioans have the resources they need to attend and graduate from career/vocational training as well as college and university.

It’s important that we strive to put money into schools and extended scholastic/vocational programs and provide for students an environment in which they can thrive and be successful later in life.

Standing Up for Our Constitutional Rights

The Second Amendment

In the wake of the recent Texas church shooting and Las Vegas mass shooting, anti-gun activists are out in full force and are determined to strip away our civil liberties. Dwight fully supports our right to bear arms and protect ourselves, and he will always defend the U.S. Constitution.

Violent people make up a very extreme minority of gun owners today and will find a way to obtain weapons one way or another, and the only way of reducing the likelihood of a mass genocide is to take a deeper dive into the mental health programs that are available to those who are violent-natured.

Our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment to protect our God-given right to bear arms, a right which has existed for centuries, and Dwight will also protect this right.

A Biblical Background & Christian Beliefs

Pro-Life Stance

Dwight Loken is pro-life and believes in the sanctity of life.

Psalm 139 says, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth."

That scripture alone provides enough reasoning to justify the sanctity of life and to show us when life begins... upon conception. Dwight is a Christian conservative family man who protects all life and forms his views on the foundation of the Rock.

Legislating Recovery & Prevention Programs

The Opioid Crisis

A happy life without drugs is what every parent wants for his/her kids. We need to jump to the front lines of the opioid crisis in Ohio, and Dwight will fight alongside anyone who is involved or whose life or community has been affected.

This is a "mass fatality crisis" and now a national health emergency. Ohio has been hit hardest by the crisis, with 86% of overdose deaths in the state in 2016 involving an opioid.

Dwight Loken personally worked with the Franklin County Coroner’s Office at the Opiate Crisis Summit in March 2017 to help create awareness and propose solutions, such as recovery and prevention programs and opioid-free medication prescriptions from health care providers. Dwight will work with the 19th District in fighting this battle.

1954, Humble Beginnings

Dwight, age 4, on his farm growing up

1956, Small-town Boy

Dwight, age 6, growing up fast
in a small farming community

Christian Faith Background

Dwight singing at church with his siblings
Larry, Wayne, Bruce, and Sherri

1974, His Parents

Dwight at his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary

Gala, August 2009

Dwight and his lovely wife Kathy attend a gala together

Wedding, May 2011

Dwight, his wife Kathy, and baby grandson Ford
smiling and laughing at a wedding

Dwight’s Family

Dwight, his wife Kathy, his children Tarah & Trevor,
his son-in-law Derek, and his grandson Ford...
oh... and we can’t forget the Easter Bunny!

Wonderful Husband

Dwight and his lovely wife Kathy on vacation

Easter 2017

Dwight with his wife Kathy after church at Easter Brunch

America’s Favorite Pasttime

Dwight at a Kansas City Royals baseball game
with his handsome grandson Ford

4th of July 2017

Dwight, his wife Kathy, and his newest grandson Beckham

Family Man

Dwight with his favorite baseball player,
his grandson Ford

Pancake Breakfasts

Dwight’s grandson Ford at the
Olentangy High School Jazz Ensemble
Pancake Breakfast

Celebrates Veterans

Dwight with Edwin Leibbrand, his "Uncle Eddie,"
World War II veteran and POW

"No one can stop-pa our Papa!"

Dwight’s adorable grandsons Ford & Beckham
implore you to vote for their "Papa."

Farmers’ Market

Dwight and his wife Kathy, DCRWC Secretary,
at the Delaware County Farmers' Market

As a committed and involved resident of Delaware County, I deeply care about the future of our community and state.

Dwight Loken

Republican Candidate

Dwight is a man of impeccable morals, great work ethic, sincere compassion, high energy, community involvement and a drive to succeed...

Michael S. Farris

Accountant & Tax Preparer from Galena, Ohio

In my numerous interactions with [Dwight Loken], I consistently have found him to be thoughtful, conscientious, honest and loyal.

Pat King

Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Ronald Reagan

40th President of the United States

Our greatest strength is not only within us as individuals but when we work together.

Dwight Loken

Republican Candidate

Dwight would be a real asset... I can’t think of a better man to represent a constituency in the Ohio Senate.

Paul J. Breen, CPA

CPA & Tax Professional from Columbus, Ohio

I have found Dwight’s leadership and the ability to examine a situation and reach a consensus on the best possible course of action to be invaluable.

Patrick Mauger

Executive Minister, Beechwold Christian Church

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.

Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States

LOKEN out for Ohio!

Dwight Loken
Delaware County
Central Committee

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