The work should be ready tomorrow.

We'll find her.

Mitchell just told me about the accident.

I was not drunk.

Is Louis jealous?

Hiroyuki started that.

My wife has just cleared the table.

Phiroze is very self-disciplined, isn't he?

The reporter rented an expensive room.

Cliff is an easy-going guy.

I've been doing this for a long time.

I'll be with her.


Have you ever needed help?

Tor came to see me the other day.

Do you want a few more minutes?

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I think you are mistaken.


Galen saw Tandy's name on the list, too.

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Did he tell you the truth?


My English teacher has advised me to read these books.

Marnix and I are newcomers.

"Are you sure it's a human bone?", said Douglas while putting his shoes back on.

I would like to see that.

You had to join that project.


I make it a rule to study English for 3 hours every day.

Is this service available?

Emily went nuts.

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Did you understand what he meant?

The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

I'm putting a band together. Would you like to join it?

We camped there through summer vacation.


We ate some apples.

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Edward said you were lonely.

She wrote a letter.

Have you gotten paid yet?


That is a fine excuse.

My parents are getting divorced.

Her voice faded with each word.

I think I just saw something.

I came here when I was a kid.

That was the worst.

Hughes went insane.

Sumitro knew Anatoly wasn't really paying attention.

What's the nature of your emergency?

Imogen of the Internet expresses genuine surprise that other people's favorite radio stations are not M3U streams from servers halfway across the world.

Taro Ito was found guilty.

Because of the bad weather, the plane was delayed three hours.

Do you want some pumpkin pie?

I haven't seen my sister for years.

Such a thing can't happen in Japan.

I haven't been in contact with Mr Smith recently.

The market tends to undermine the very values that gave rise to it.

She stopped to smoke.

I told you Deb would be here.

Juha walked Marty to the front door.

I forgot how sensitive Christopher is.


That's a contradiction.

Sandeep stole Lenny's car.

Seed pods keep dropping off the tree.

They intend to marry tomorrow.

Why won't anyone believe me?

What can I get for you?

I had my money stolen in the park.

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Shane is making soup on the stove.

I thought you said 2:30.

I am thinking of changing jobs.

In this respect, you're right.

All that I was looking for was somebody who looked like you.


Why should it be difficult?

I suppose an explanation is called for.

Saul and Gregory reached for the doorknob at the same time.


Fred told him not to waste her time.


It is not clear when and where she was born.

I'm resting my eyes.

He's the kind of guy who doesn't take women seriously.

That's not a good thing.

You'll never have my psychedelic pencil!

They're talking about you, Milner.

I live at 423 Midvale Drive.

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The process of artistic creation isn't necessarily akin to factory production.

He threatened to take everything I own.

The country demands social justice.

There's something else I want to show you.

Don't let them drink any more.

It seemed pretty quiet.

I only have toast and coffee in the morning.

I asked Louie to make sure that he didn't show up late.

We're going to take care of you.

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Martin removed the hacksaw from his toolbox and asked Barry if she wanted it.

I thought that I had lost my keys.

I was very tired.

There are a few shops next to my house.

I don't know how to draw a bird.


The box contains some old jewelry.


Nothing is darker than a black hole.

Are you going for a walk?

Due to Adam's behavior, the court is convinced that Rajendra's account is accurate.


Sho threw the dart.

Blake is cute.

I guess it's the only way to bear one of her concerts.


He's quick with girls.

It is conceivable that he knows the rumor.

Everybody calls me Sanity.

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I am very fond of lobsters, but they are very, very expensive.

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We'll miss you a lot.


I hate using adapters.

I deny his request.

When you're eighteen years old, you're an adult in the United States.

Socorrito wishes he could speak French as well as he speaks English.

They married on the third of this month.

Jeffrey will be OK.

We had a very good time at the party.


Boston is a dangerous city.


Is that the way it really is?

Let me pay.

Add two ounces of grated cheese.


Can I get you a coffee?

George ended up getting a good job.

Raja is the only person who can help me.

Friends and relatives are invited.

It's a boys' club.


I should probably help you.

What do we need to know?

Some people think Juha is schizophrenic.

I was having a very good time, when the sad news came.

I don't understand why she doesn't come.


Here comes the train!

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I heard the front doorbell ring.

Hearing a strange noise, he jumped out of bed.

Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.


I want you to help me find out who stole my car.


They sold out their whole stock of bicycles.

I already told my parents.

I don't like the idea, but we'll have to let him choose his team.

Marriage, in peace, is this world's paradise; in strife, this life's purgatory.

The operation was successful.

I prefer tea over coffee.

Claudio came to ask for help.

Where'd Gregge go?

It is a name.

Mehrdad isn't that different.

Everyone of us is responsible for their own conduct.


Marnix wouldn't stop badgering me.

We have had bad weather recently.

Masanobu asked too many questions.


Service economy is a useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity.

I think Shean is competent.

Jeffrey is called Jeff by his friends.

Did you bring yours?

They covered the table with a cloth.

The hall was filled to capacity.

We'll do that later when we're not so busy.

All of the students have to wear the same uniform.

Ro and Stephanie could make themselves understood in French.

I do hear something.

I'm tired of all the fighting.

He appealed to a higher court against the decision.

I'll never listen to him again.

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How close are you to him?

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My father has never been sick in his life.

In this horror movie, it is possible for the dead to come back to life.

My neighbour totally renovated his house.


There is a TV remote control under the couch.