Dylan wasn't thinking straight.

I wish my uncles were men of millions.

Which plan do you believe is better?


Ima tossed his sleeping bag into the tent.

I've made a lot of sacrifices.

We'll call them.

Kit was fascinated by everything he saw.

What you need to do next is fill out this application form.


I'm not finished with Starbuck.

I am not being guided

He, if anything, is a sensible man.

The question is what do we do now.

This is cute.


Alex has just walked in the door.

He is still fully active.

I really want to believe you.


How do I get to the beach?

Tell the taxi driver to drive faster.

I thought you'd be busy cleaning your house.


We can't go back to Boston.

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What have you done to your ear?

I could hardly sleep last night.

I just wanted to see if you could do it.

You'll get brownie points if you respond quickly.

That's all I can give you at this time.

The object of the journey was to visit Grandma.

I put you through to her.


Forecasting is the way of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't.

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I won't cry anymore.

Because all of the teams in the Premier League are really strong, the goal difference is usually small.

His thoughts are empty of idea.

Craig is acting on his own.

Sid hanged himself using the belt that Konstantinos had given him.

It's not ugly.

Tor will know what that means.

He's a dishonest salesperson.

Did they sign?

This hut is in danger of falling down.

Boyce twisted the knob and opened the door.

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Even though it's a bit cold, let's go swimming.

I saw Elwood kissing Joshua.

Sanjay lives across the street from us.


Sergio is too young for that.

They look very busy.

If you'd like to volunteer, please visit our website.

Let's just drop the subject, OK?

You don't want to push yourself too hard.

I like to look at the mountains from my window when I'm in my house.

Maybe I can talk Hohn into going camping with us.


Don't pat me on the head like I'm still a child!

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Fish live in the water.


I hate it when Himawan does that.

I, knowing something about medicine, can help.

I don't consider this safe.


The problem is everybody's too afraid to speak to Pierette.

Antony wasn't happy with how the painters painted his office.

Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.

Where does Dimetry stay?

She was in the right place at the right time.

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I think it's time for me to move into a smaller home.

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Don't talk to your mother like that!

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Hit up on the D-pad, and the background music will change as the background itself becomes the Demon King's castle....

That's the most immediate challenge.

I dream of seeing him there.

I'm taking a book.

Come on, you can do better than this!

Say hello to Brender.

I thought there was somebody in the meeting room.


Do you want to go and see a film this evening?


I'm writing a song in German.

Lack of sleep is bad for your health.

I don't quite understand what's going on.

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For every ten m.p.h of speed you should allow one car-length of space between you and the car in front.

Every now and then, we eat out.

She doesn't want him to go to Boston.


Leonard was a friend of yours, right?

This one's on me.

Do you want to go get something to eat?


Fill the flower vase with water.

I killed him.

Which is bigger, Japan or Britain?

I see him pretty often.

This book seems very important to me.

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The manager gave the precise answer which I was looking for.


I want to hear from her.

Again and again; you still haven't changed at all.

I'm looking for a room.

She couldn't keep from crying.

Leith performed his duties faithfully.


Give me the green book.


Skip found out what went wrong.

Then you will have money and you will be happy.

That haughty girl thinks she's better than everyone.

They looked forward to a time when they would no longer have to live from hand to mouth.

It was like that when I got it.

Swimming should help you lose weight.

That actor's quite a ham.

List doesn't know what to make of this.

Will that really make a difference?

I'm not going to die today.

Stay on the path.


I'm a poor carpenter.


He commanded me to leave the room immediately.

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You should still be in the hospital.

He looked up at the ceiling.

That's a very complicated problem.


Per will be so jealous.

As a rule, Japanese people are not good at foreign languages.

In the early part of my study, I allude to work that had already been done on the psychology of crowd-control.

She told me that she has something more urgent to do.

Will you mail this letter for me?

The future is closer than you think.

Nowadays, a safety zone is not always safe.

Look on their wall.

The steam shovels dug down three stories on one side and four stories on the other side.


Writing with chalk is trivial.

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The scandal robbed him of a chance to become President.

Let me carry your baggage. You must be tired from the trip and it must be heavy.

I no longer need them.

Would you care to bet?

An abortion can have various causes.

He reflected on his errors.

This is the gladdest I've seen him since his mother died. He'd been in a funk for so long and, God, I was so worried about him.


Valentin's not going to be happy.


He gave me a letter in his last moments of life.

I'm from France.

I'm not saying Ramiro is lying.

It's located in Boston.

Spyros took over his father's business.

You're not going to catch me.

The accident occurred before his very eyes.

Ed said that he didn't want to eat dinner tonight.

Kent told Louiqa what John wanted.

Everyone gathered around Anton.

"Arbeit macht frei", meaning "Work sets you free", is a slogan posted during the Holocaust on the entrance to the Dachau extermination camp.

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You're trying too hard.

Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

Could you clean your room, please?

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Her smile expressed joy.

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You are asked to produce your permit to get in this center.

Let's see if Wolfgang is staying at this hotel.

We still have a lot more work to do.


You should observe the speed limit.


What a pity! He was a good professor. May he rest in peace.


Would you please pass the potatoes?

Spacewalkers must wear pressurized spacesuits in order to work in space. These suits have pressures significantly lower than the ambient cabin pressure of a spacecraft.

Spudboy often skips school.

It's your own stupid fault.

I have a bench in my garden; I like to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon sun.

If you want to become ambidextrous, try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It'll be hard at first, but you'll get used to it in no time.

The car left a trail of dust.

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The severity of such marks can reveal whether or not any of these people were habitually engaged in hard labor.

I'd be delighted to join you.

He is willing to stand by you.


How many guests are you expecting?

Something tells me we're in the way.

I wish Juergen were here with us.