Dayflash By Switness
Simple, fun and beautiful...

Dayflash lets you see more from the world's creators

Dayflash is a free mobile application that makes it fast, easy and fun to discover and be inspired by people who share photos.

You can use Dayflash to...

  • Connect with people, discover fresh photos — and be visually inspired.
  • Capture and share photos in a beautiful and unique fullscreen display format
  • Expand your daily reach, engagement and exposure
  • See photos and videos (including nice and authentic candid photos) that were captured and shared by people’s friends through a first‑ever photoshoot feature‑set
  • Connect with new audiences from around the world and bring additional exposure to your photos, art and style

Get the essentials…

  • Follow people to see their posts on your home feed
  • Give and receive likes and comments
  • Plus much much more!

Dayflash is designed to be a beautiful addition to the tools people use today to share their world.