Can this wait?

Don't you dare ask them that.

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The books were so valuable that they were handled with the greatest care.


The cops are searching for the missing documents.

My dad is teaching me how to cook.

Hui is pretty busy at the moment.

Pamela is babysitting tonight.

Is Guido that bad?

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Mann isn't our enemy.

To relax, breathe slowly.

Theodore wants to do something.


That was a secret, wasn't it?

Even if it's not true, it's a brilliant invention.

We need to win.

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The small company was taken over by a large organization.


We had bacon and eggs.

There has to be something else we can do.

We now have all the evidence we need to convict Liber Jackson.


Elric took up hang gliding.

I will never be your friend.

Jingbai needs us to help him.

It's a big country, Anne.

I'd like to report a theft.

We can all dream.

Brandon thought it was a stupid plan.


Rik looked like he was having a good time.

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I entrusted my property to the lawyer.


I think you've said enough.

No one asked your opinion.

Quit your bullying!

I do not like people staring at me.

Mayan pyramids and large temples were built elegantly using stone tools.

I'm pretty sure that Hamilton is bluffing.

I think I'm going to go see what Sandra is up to.

How about calling it a day?

My little sister always tries to get a rise out of me but never succeeds.

I am to pick him up at five.

Vladimir gave Trevor a diamond bracelet for their wedding anniversary.

Where do pine nuts come from?

I'm practicing judo.


We're mature.

What kind of mushrooms are they?

Isabelle has just come home.

What should I buy for Lori?

There is little, if any, hope of his being alive.


Does Jurevis talk to you in French?


Can you take notes for me during the professor's talk?


Do we really have to do that?


An Alagoano is someone who was born or who lives in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, whose capital is Maceio.

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If you agree to buy 3,000 of them, we'll give you a 3 percent discount.


Is Sir ready to go?

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I'm sure Alberto wouldn't do that.

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I'm fit.

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He is a student at a high school.

Reason is feminine in nature; it can only give after it has received. Of itself it has nothing but the empty forms of its operation.

Let's stay somewhere with easy airport access.

Cathy biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

The leaves have changed colours.

This is kind of interesting.

I need to go somewhere else for a little while.

I would like to have a glass of tea.

Bet without exaggerating.

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Women get penalized for being assertive at work.


I want a steak dinner.

This must be his umbrella.

I'm a fan of conservatism.

My luggage got lost.

I can't just sit here.

I take for granted that my answer is correct.

Walter went on a blind date.

How long have you been living in Boston?

The apartment was furnished in the Victorian style.


I don't know why you want me to do that.

Anatoly never talks about his job.

I hate it when she does that.

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Floyd is a jock.


It is too hot to work.

I was born in the month of October.

Too bad.


I'm trying to get used to driving on the left side of the road.

Roy doesn't appear to agree.

Mitch began to eat his breakfast.

When he gets overtaken by another car, he gets a shot of adrenaline.

Let's eat out for a change.

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Tarmi laid the book aside and looked up.

I'm very grateful to you for your help.

Can I sit beside you?

It looks like he died from asphyxiating himself.

Jones isn't at all stupid.

We're done.

Somehow it's been a rough day.

Warren could see nobody.

They're both smiling.

I'm trying to understand it.

Your dog seems to be very involved in the progress of that squirrel across the lawn. I hope she's not planning to attack it.

If I wanted to stop speaking to all the people I despise, I would have to take a vow of silence.

I can't deal with this place.


In 1854, Le Verrier became director of the Observatory of Paris. At the time, this observatory was in decay. Le Verrier reestablished the observatory as a place where good science was taking place.

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The Students' Union runs a bar on campus.

It was late at night when we got back.

The question permits of only one interpretation.


My son has read every book on that shelf.


Is that okay?

There was total silence.

The meeting was attended by many.


That was big.


It looks as if you're right.


She never really got over it.


The train station is very close to the hotel.


I saw it.

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The Crostolo torrent is full of coypus.

I thought we had that under control.

I called to thank her.

Some humorists do randomness right, and some are breaded and lightly fried with herbs.

You think I'm lying, don't you?

To succeed, you must believe.

Nicolo is grotesque.

Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.

The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.


Betty only wears a suit on special occasions.

He's incredibly talented.

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

That, however, tells you just about as much as you would know about water if you were told that it was wet.

How much is the dollar now?

You aren't smiling.

I just need to talk to them.

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She found it difficult to adapt herself to her new entourage.

What's your favorite language?

One is never too old to learn.

What should we do with them?

I wasn't willing to do what Mitch asked.

Don't you remember me?

During the discussion of the summary report of CC CPSU in the congress, it was noted that, under the guidance of the Communist party, in close cooperation with all the Socialist countries, the Soviet people have made great progress in the struggle for building a Communist society in the USSR and in that for world peace.


The game was canceled because of heavy rain.


They said they only wanted to be left alone.

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Carole's birthday is today.

Ellen used to be married to Irving.

For her first task at the TV station, Cristi had to report on a football game.

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We were late.

It's finally Friday.

If he dislikes the main course, he orders meat with rice and salad.

Did you read what I wrote?

Dan didn't even live with Linda.

She doesn't know how to ride a bike.

Willie came back home after dark.


When my father went into the hospital, I had to put everything on hold.


I found him to be a bright boy.

What would make you say that?

I've never won anything before.


I got the pears for nothing.


I'm controlling myself not to lose my head.


He has no friend to play with.