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The man lost his way in the woods.

You're completely out of control.

Reading this book was really worthwhile.

"How long did you stay in that house?" "I stayed there until my mother died."

When was the last time you squashed a spider?

I'm a bit busy.

Are you all out of your minds?


Takayuki has never been to Nate's home.

The women were so surprised as not to be able to speak.

Eddy closed his eyes quickly.

Clem says he'd prefer to talk about something else.

I've never trusted her and I never will.

She'll catch a cold yet.

Get to the point!


I saw how he fled from here.

Low temperatures kept summits frozen most of the spring.

Wawrinka got broken to love in the opening game of the third set.


Hubert needs help.


Oh God, oh God, what do I do?

Guess what I want to do now.

"Let me buy you lunch." "Sure. I'd like that."

Svante is a practitioner in the black arts.

There is no aspect of relaxation more important than breathing.

Isn't that wild?

While in London, he visited the British Museum.

You might as well just enjoy life.

Give me your wallet.

I have been waiting for your reply, but have not heard from you.

We're a mixed group and I never knew who was a Serb, a Croat or a Muslim.

Let's take Adrian with us.

Kory still loves Kristian.

I haven't spoken with her yet.

Hank is Shakil's friend.

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Huey eats the same food every day.

That's how it was.

Phiroze is totally nuts.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

She was proud that she had shaken hands with the President of the U.S.

He is something of a scholar.

Are you some kind of good luck charm?

Jane and I play the piano very well.

Everybody used to call him Tony.

Jerry offered Grant a job.

There are roses in front of the steel building.

Everyone talks about her.

I'll be in bed by the time you get home.

I congratulated him on the birth of his son.

Lila exposed Oskar as a fraud.

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Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.

Either Curt goes, or I go!

Adopting a low calorie diet will increase your lifespan.

To start with, I want to thank you all.

Put on the hat.

There's a possibility that Natraj is with his friends, but I don't think he is.

Erm, may I stay here?

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Lord is too stupid to understand your jokes.

Jane filled out an application.

He will come if he has a mind to.

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How much is Srivatsan worth?

I can't help but marvel at the extent of human stupidity.

Are you sure you're feeling OK?

It was almost too easy.

There being no taxis, I had to walk.

We're not fools.

The second part of the lesson is harder than the first one, but the third one is the most difficult.

Many of the world's greatest discoveries happened by pure chance.

Bring them here immediately.

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What used to be true may not still be true.

Not that much!

I don't want to go outside.

Pierre has a stress ball.

Some people try to gain advantage by exploiting their personal contacts.


We had a fun day.


He will certainly attend the meeting.


Eduardo tried to ease the tension.


I want to show you something very special.

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The event starts at 10am.

A nuclear war will bring about the destruction of mankind.

Stop, that you be not found foolish.

Dorothy ironed his clothes.

Conkling decided to resign in protest.


The farmer liked to keep them busy.

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Short skirts have already gone out.

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What am I going to eat with 20 pesos?

The trodden ground became a quagmire...

I wish you had told me that.

Roxana is a real estate agent.

You're the biggest.

I can usually tell when someone is hiding something.

The couple wants to purchase a home.


I hear that it has quite the reputation with coffee connoisseurs.

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I'm not as old as most people think I am.


Roland didn't admit anything.

He was working under the snow.

We agree with you.

When Qi follows the Way, there is life. When there is life, there is thought. When there is thought, there is knowledge. When there is knowledge, one stops. In all cases, the forms of the mind are such that transgressive knowledge leads to a loss of life.

Central to this issue is the problem of modernization.


These shoes are old, but I still like them.

He was awoken by the noise.

The crane was standing on one leg.

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The station is 100 meters from here.

I want you to put the room in order quickly.

I'm going to turn him in.

How many bowls of soup did you eat?

They developed a treatment for this disease.

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There are more practical choices.

That's my signature.

I always got up early in my childhood.


It is unlikely that she succeeded.

That was an illusion.

Morgan attacked John with a fork in the prison yard.

I've been writing letters all morning. I've written ten and still haven't finished.

You are my happiness.


He kept talking.


I know a lot of French words, but it's difficult for me to combine them into sentences.


Rents will go up next month.

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Hwa handed a glass of wine to Vaughn.

This film is a masterpiece.

I'd like to make a call.

I really love him.

Frederick has been putting on weight recently.

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I have half a mind to marry her.

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

Substituting textbooks and handouts with hand-held computers could save actually save money in the long run.

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She is weaving a carpet.

Do you feel like going to the theater?

Everybody wished he had been elected governor.

The situation was becoming dangerous. We got the hell out.

Supposing war broke out, what would you do?

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When Einstein said, "Things should be as simple as possible--but no simpler," he meant "Simpler is better--but only to the edge of simplistic."

I just want to see if Hy plans to come to our party.

Are you going to take the bus home?

We will learn the parts of the body in French.

Micky didn't give me what I asked him for.

What exactly do you intend to do?

Nobody has deleted this sentence.

Both of Oscar's parents died when he was just a baby, so he doesn't remember either one of them.

It was a long war because neither side would give in.


Happiness does not consist only in having many things.

Molly listened to the announcement.

I want it tapered in the back.


Sonja cut the pie into six pieces.

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In England they have much rain at this time of the year.

Do you want to go run around the track with me?

I missed the last train.


Something terrible is about to happen.

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Suzanne applied for a job with our company.

I think Pim should see this.

He was excluded from the club.

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I can't understand how can you imitate him so exactly.

You've been doing a good job.

Olof was right, wasn't he?

My dad works all day.

That took a lot of guts.

To my knowledge, she hasn't married yet.

I was sure I had never seen her before.

Rajendra has no idea who Lynne is.

Your mother is very beautiful!

He earns over 500 dollars a month with that job.

I was in the hallway on the second floor of the hospital.

Shai likes taking pictures.

Put an icepack on your cheek.