Dragon Hex – In Development

Dragon Hex – In Development

Unlock the mysteries of an arcane labyrinth – battle all manner of creatures from slimy critters to abominations and powerful dragons, overcome puzzles and traps in Dragon Hex!

Dragon Hex is a dungeon crawler rogue-like with hexagon tile movement and RPG elements under development. The game will be released on PC, with a slightly lighter version for Android and iOS.

Thrown into a pocket dimension by a powerful wizard, you must explore, survive and fight your way through a brutal sprawling other-worldly dungeon in order to escape. Dragon Hex is all about making choices. Every step and every action in Dragon Hex is an important strategic decision. Dice rolls are the exception not the rule here.

Caution: Gnomes Working
Note: This project is a work in progress nearing alpha. All screenshots here are not entirely reflective of the final game and are unpolished. Thanks for checking it out! Please stop back for more updates or follow @skullwizardmn on twitter


Emergent World

No play-through of Dragon Hex is the same. Each time a new game is started, the entire world is created anew. The paths in the world that lead to your objectives as well as the rooms, treasures, enemies and traps are different for each game. Specific rooms or sections of rooms may be hand-crafted for bosses and special scenic rooms.

Showing a tiny map’s basic procedural generation.


The game will allow a player to choose their character’s class, name, and customize their skill selection. Each class has a unique set of abilities to unlock and master over the course of the game. With many abilities to choose from over the course of a game, not every character will have the same strengths and weaknesses even being the same class.

The classes currently under development:

  • Knight
  • Monk
  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Barbarian

The game world is not a linear path. There are multiple environments to explore, with different enemies, traps, secrets and puzzles to solve. The path to your objective is not always forward, and some paths are optional or are intended to be a death trap. You will have to rely on exploration, investigation, your map, and other clues to find your way around and make the right decisions to stay alive.


Tactical, Turn-Based Combat

Make an informed decision given the world around you, and choose your actions wisely. Use the world to your advantage, turn the tide in your favor.

Senses, Stealth, and Smarts

Creatures rely on sight, sound, and other clues to detect objects and other creatures around them, this goes the same for the heroes. You will often find yourself heading down a dark corridor not knowing what is around the corner. In some cases, you might be able to get the jump on a creature, in others it may be better to slip by unnoticed altogether. Do you keep your torch lit or take your chances with the traps in the dark hoping to land a sneak attack?

Every monster has unique behaviors. Some may be awakened by or attracted to loud noises, like the clanking metal of a Knight’s plate armor, the light of their torch, or the bloody footprints picked up from a recently slain monster. Some may be fearful, only approaching when they can take advantage of their victim.

Objects in the game world can be inspected for clues and other information about the surroundings. You may reveal a nearby trap or hidden cache of treasure.

Status Effects

Status Effects like poison, stun, sleep, magic shield, etc.  can pose considerable threats and opportunities. Small vermin may not be much to worry about normally, but once bitten the situation changes quickly. A good player will keep an eye on their status effects and use their abilities and items to their advantage.

Currently in development:

  • Tutorial and Storyboard
  • Additional character abilities for Knight and Monk
  • Abilities and Animations Barbarian, Rogue, Wizard
  • Additional Enemies
  • Additional Items and Equipment
  • Sound and Music
  • Achievements


  • Map System and Map Editor for development
  • World, Solution Path and Room generation
  • Stealth System (Sight & Sound)
  • Event System
  • Ability System
  • Game Saves
  • Inventory System
  • Health & Damage System
  • Status Effects (stunned, poisoned, sleep, hunger, haste, slow, etc.)
  • Basic UI
  • Stamina / Mana System

We love the 8 and 16-bit games we grew up with, and are embracing that style in Dragon Hex. For that reason, we are using a limited color palette and attempting to keep our graphics rendering pixel-perfect for as many devices as we can. We are also using older MOD and function-generator type audio production tools so our audio can be as authentic as possible. We hope our passion translates directly to pleasure and gaming nostalgia for fans of retro gaming!

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